Registrations 2023 to 2011

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'Aztécký Poklad' 'Berliner Amethyst' 'Black Belt' 'Boisterous Blend'
'Centenary Stardust' 'Circling The Moon' 'Fools In Love' 'Frau Holle'
'Ginto' 'Himmelsfalter' 'Hint Of Romance' 'Lapislazuli'
'Lemon Quartz' 'Little By Little' 'Mae Strachan' 'Melody In Motion'
'Rounding Third' 'Sandra Jackson' ‘Sweet Spot’ 'Topaz Ruffles'
'Twenty Thousand Leagues' 'Veins All Over' 'Voll Des Weins'


‘Albina’ ‘Amethyst Frost’ ‘Artistic Endeavor’ ‘Beespeckled’
'Chasing Fireflies' ‘Darenka’ 'Dumped Pot' ‘Eiforiia’
‘Glazet’ ‘Hraf De Lia Fer’ ‘Moya Otrada’ ‘Must Be Dreaming’
‘Orchid Fashion’ ‘Ruby Peacock’ 'So Delicious' ‘Vitosha’
‘Vodopad Korbu’ ‘Zariana’


‘All Gothed Up’ ‘Floral Notes’ ‘Frajer’ ‘Humboldtblau’
‘Lincolnshire Grace’ ‘Midnight Tide’ ‘Poustevnik’ ‘Prstenec’
‘Rainbow Mixer’ ‘Raven’s Claw’ ‘Ruby Riches’ ‘Sapphire Starburst’
‘Shoot The Breeze’ ‘Silliousness’ ‘Turtle On Vacation’


‘Am I Amethyst’ ‘Cream Of The Crop’ ‘Darkness Comes’ ‘Follow The Honey’
‘Glowing Reviews’ ‘Golden Hearted’ ‘If Swans Were Blue’ ‘It’s A Date’
‘Jane’s Star’ ‘Juniper Leigh’ ‘Lincolnshire Orpheus’ ‘Lincolnshire Yellowbelly’
‘Maclan Patrick’ ‘Nefu-A’ ‘Professor Dorofeev’ ‘Pure Flattery’
‘Rusalachyn Son’ ‘Saalewein’ ‘Spivaly Yashchury’ ‘Sun Princess’


‘Bubblegum Bonbon’ ‘Carlisle Caper’ ‘Clear The Way’ ‘Earning Your Stripes’
‘Festive Coquette’ ‘Flower Angel’ ‘Lagad Du’ ‘Lemon Bonbon’
‘Penelope Anne’ ‘Radost’ ‘Rubies On Tap’ ‘Strawberry Bonbon’


‘Annychka’ ‘Ay Caramba’ ‘Balei Nv’ ‘Blencathra’
‘Chun Xin’ ‘Dream Of The Butterfly’ ‘Dreiquellentochter’ ‘Dusky Dawn’
‘Fiddles On Fire’ ‘Forest Fairy’ ‘Hamstone’ ‘Han Xu’
‘Hrozovyi Pereval’ ‘Katie Bear’ ‘King’ ‘Lavendelturm’
‘Like Lavender’ ‘Lilie Von Darmstadt’ ‘Maura’ ‘Mi Lian’
‘Miss Margaret’ ‘Moorland Mists’ ‘Petalicious’ ‘Purring Tiger’
‘Qian Wu’ ‘Raspberry Shortcake’ ‘Sarah Littlefield’ ‘Schoolhouse Find’
‘Silesian Roses’ ‘Step Lightly’ ‘Vánek’ ‘Werderwein’
‘White Skirt’ ‘Zi Meiren’


‘Art In Bloom’ ‘Bandie’ ‘Beautiful Lotus’ ‘Count The Ways’
‘Deep In My Heart’ ‘Fashion-Forward’ ‘Hey Good Lookin'’ ‘Honeycomb Rock’
‘Moonstone Marvel’ ‘Pacific Sea Hawk’ ‘Simply Brilliant’ ‘Summer Velvet’
‘Svítání’ ‘Tingdie’ ‘Too Cute’ ‘Tutu Blue’
‘Wish Me Luck’


‘Carnivalito’ ‘Golubaya Chasha’ ‘Hot Hot Hot’ ‘Joyous Ruffles’
‘Kent Pilgrim’ ‘Lowland’ ‘Olive Emerson’ ‘Purple Flow’
‘Spread Butter’ ‘Strawberry Jelly’ ‘Sugar Sprite’ ‘Theme And Variation’
‘Thirty Fathoms’ ‘Vilno’ ‘Wealden Delight’ ‘Wynne Magnolia’
‘Zlaté Vlasy’ ‘Záblesk’


‘Bluebird Kisses’ ‘Dash Of Sunlight’ ‘Drink Your Tea’ ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’
‘Evening Comes’ ‘Fisherman’s Twilight’ ‘Glanzstück’ ‘Jennasee’
‘Lebedinoye Ozero’ ‘Lime Street Blues’ ‘Lylah Constance’ ‘Margaret Gillian’
‘Peace Of Sky’ ‘Sibirischer Frühling’ ‘Solar Energy’ ‘Super White Swirl’


‘Bat Wings’ ‘Big Heart’ ‘Black Joker’ ‘Burgundy Fireworks’
‘Butterscotch Fizz’ ‘Cherry Fling’ ‘Colonel Mustard’ ‘Dancing Mood’
‘First Frost’ ‘Jolly Young Man’ ‘Karmaniola’ ‘Królowa Nocy’
‘Longfields Pink Parfait’ ‘Mad Hat’ ‘Neptune’s Gold’ ‘Nowy Styl’
‘Old Vine Zin’ ‘Romantyczność’ ‘Simply Delightful’ ‘Something Shocking’


'Bramble Smoothie’ ‘Bright And Easy’ ‘Colorflash’ ‘Colours Of Ostrava’
‘Crimson Fireworks’ ‘Dirigo Handy Andy’ ‘Earthstar’ ‘Fancy Me This’
'Gabriel Augustus’ ‘Hail To The Chief’ ‘Honey Chic’ ‘Lemon Mousse’
‘Mica Blue’ ‘On Mulberry Street’ ‘Orchid Veil’ ‘Paprikash’
‘Petite Purple’ ‘Saucy Sailor’ ‘Sibirisches Gold’ ‘Silver Girl’


‘Cream Of Tomato’ ‘Dance All Night’ ‘Fisherman’s Fancy’ ‘Gone Plummin'’
‘Grace And Glory’ ‘Head Start’ ‘In This Moment’ ‘Miss Violet’
‘Mists Of Morning’ ‘Moonlight Fair’ ‘Natsu No Torai’ ‘Purple Web’
‘Sandy River Belle’ ‘Seeing Red Star’ ‘Seneca Cobalt Delight’ ‘Seneca Confederate Soldier’
‘Seneca Gold Braided’ ‘Seneca Lightning Strike’ ‘Seneca Neon Lites’ ‘Seneca Spider Web’
‘Seneca Viola’s Dream’ ‘Sweeter Still’ Unbuttoned Zippers’ ‘Vanilla Ballerina’
‘Wealden Spires’ ‘Wynandina Perkins’ ‘Yellow Carpet’ ‘Zdes I Seychas’

Registrations by Decade


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