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Standard Dwarf Bearded By Year (under construction)

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'As If!' 'Assorted Colors' 'Bee Bright' 'Bishop' 'Catch A Clue' 'Cheers To You' 'Chilly Morn' 'Eio' 'Enchanting Pixie' 'Everlasting Moon' 'Glacial Grape' 'Heat Index' 'Hey Babe' 'Island Fever' 'Jolly Mon' 'Luck Of The Irish' 'Olive It' 'Raining Rainbows' 'Run Amok' 'Smirk' 'Sunny Nature' 'Sunset Cove' 'Vague Clue' 'Yuppie'


'Alice's Eyes' 'Apricot Plum' ‘Aragog’s Web’ 'Artemida' 'Aunt Bee' 'Baby Blush' 'Bacon And Eggs' 'Bajaderka' 'Bamm Bamm' 'Barb N Berry Pie' 'Berry Bunny' 'Better Scotch' 'Bill Williams' 'Bird Of Fashion' 'Boom' 'Burnt Bronze' 'Candlelit Evening' 'Captivating One' ‘Celtic Mist’ 'Ceylon Gem' 'Cheesy' 'Cinemagic' 'Clear View' ‘Cloudbuster’ 'Cold Case' 'Cookie Crumbles' 'Coven' 'Curds And Whey' 'Cute Marlene' ‘Dancing With The Dawn’ 'Demur Princess' 'Detail Oriented' 'Dew To Impress' 'Djamila' ‘Dovetail’ 'Dream Of Dreams' 'Drevo' 'Easy Banter' 'Enjoliveur' 'Enter The Dream' 'Evonik' 'Fairy Mischief' 'Feeling Pretty' 'Full Monty' 'Futuristic' 'Genie Of The Lamp' 'Gigi Italiano' 'Glitterama' 'Golden Miracle' 'Goth' 'Happy Place' 'Hashtag' 'Hey Y'all' 'Hillybilly Hoedown' 'Hungover' 'Jan Masaryk' 'Jewel Heist' 'Just Shocking' 'Kragina V Mlze' 'Kurzawka' 'Lava Burst' 'Lelechyi Krai' 'Let Loose' ‘Lil Inkpot’ 'Lisa Dagli Occi Blu' 'Little Bit In Love' 'Little Bit Vein' 'Little Faun' 'Look At You' 'Machoke' 'Magic In The Air' 'Magická Hlubina' 'Magmer' 'Mała Syrenka' 'Mamyni Slova' 'Maźoretka' ‘Mccrae’ 'Might Explode' 'Minor Love' 'Mitenka' 'Mushu Flare' 'Neon Dream' 'New Girl In Town' 'Nidoking' 'Niziołek' 'Nobilis' 'Off With The Fairies' 'Olive Master' 'O Morina' 'Osmoloda' 'Pasians' 'Perfect Pick' ‘Pinkie Pie’ 'Piotrus' 'Pixie Peacock 'Plakala Vesna' 'Pralinka' 'Precious Soul' 'Pumpkin Tart' 'Quemando' 'Ragtop' 'Ralph Demolka' 'Rather Snazzy' 'Raw Mustard' 'Red Hot Blues' 'Riddler' 'Road Rage' 'Robust Claret' 'Rosy Eos' 'Rupallina' 'Rushlight' 'Satin Baby' 'Scorching Hot' 'Sea Dart' 'Serenity Now' 'She's A Beauty' 'She Shed' 'Shrek' 'Smooth One' 'Sparkling Bee' 'Spinarak' 'Starchaser' 'Stone Ground' 'Super Mario' 'Sweet Baby Jane' 'Sweet Verse' 'Tanzanite Drop' 'Tension Lines' 'Thunderbaby' 'Touched By Magic' 'Touch Of Turquoise' 'Tourmaline Swirl' 'Triple Smiles' ‘Twitch’ 'Umytyi Rosoiu' 'Unruly Surprise' 'Uraqt' 'Vesna Charlie' 'Vezuvian' 'Vital Signs' 'Worlds Collide' 'Yampilchanka' 'You've Got This' 'Zaa Zaa Zing' 'Zafira' 'Zuzu's Petals'


'Affidavit' 'Alfama' 'Algorithm' 'All Natural' 'All Of Me' 'As Time Goes By' 'Astral Projection' 'Atomic' 'Baby Charger' 'Baiyueguang' 'Berry Band It' 'Berry Latte' 'Blackberry Cordial' 'Born To Boogie' 'Bright Point' 'Bursting Flames' 'Busy As A Bee' 'Cass' 'Catch My Eye' 'Child' 'Conquest Of Paradise' 'Contemplate' 'Cool Jerk' 'Criss Cross' 'Curly Fries' 'Cutie Patootie' 'Czeresienka' 'Dare You' 'Decoupage Artistry' 'Deszczyk' 'Disoriented' 'Easter Chick' 'Elron’s Cloak' 'Endiablé' 'Esperluette' 'Finding Peace' 'Five And Dime' 'Get Inked' 'Gilt Talk' 'Girl Power' 'Glitter Bomb' 'Golden Ringlets' 'Ginny’s Chocolate' 'Gopher' 'Grandma’s Joy' 'Grape Moon' 'Green Jeans' 'Gunny Sack' 'Hana' 'Happy Feet' 'Hasta Pronto' 'Heidrolepp' 'Hold On Tight' 'Hoochie Coochie' 'I’m In Love' 'Irish Crown' 'Jan Jessenius' 'Josef Suk' 'Keromasin' 'Kitty Cat' 'Kohlabrink' 'Landrynka' 'Lavendina' 'Life Lesson' 'Lightning Burst' 'Lilac Blush' 'Lilly Dilly' 'Little Peacock' 'Little Piggy' 'Living Dangerously' 'Looking So Fine' 'Master The Flame' 'Mi-milena' 'Mister Sparky' 'Mixed Nuts' 'Modraszka' 'Monster’s Peach' 'Morning Person' 'Mulberry Whip' 'My Guy' 'My Heart’s Desire' 'My Sweetness' 'Nordynka' 'Oibò' 'On A Lark' 'Or En Barre' 'Party On' 'Pin Prick' 'Pipi Lotta' 'Purple Pop' 'Quicksmart' 'Quigley' 'Radagast’s Loving Rabbit' 'Red Norma' 'Roman Numerals' 'Rosy Lassie' 'Rupallina' 'Rush To Glory' 'Sapphire Spark' 'Sassy Salsa' 'Say Boo' 'Secret Password' 'Sharp Dressed Boy' 'She Sells Sea Shells' 'Siostra Alina' 'Siostra Balladyna' 'Sissy Pants' 'Slightly Confused' 'Small Town Gal' 'Spiked Lemon' 'Story Of Love' 'Such A Delight' 'Sweet And Simple' 'Sweet Magenta' 'Tender Loving Care' 'Together Forever' 'Try Me' 'Two Hearts' 'Umm' 'Vaniliana' 'Where’s The Beard' 'Whoa!' 'Wide Eyed' 'Wise Guy' 'You See Me' 'You’re Annoying' 'You’re Early' 'Yumsome Wonder' 'Ziserongyao' 'Zonk'


‘A La Tienne!’ ‘Acromion’ ‘Along The Lines’ ‘Alstublief’ ‘Amicizia’ ‘Antonovka’ | 'Arafatka’ ‘Arôme Naturel’ ‘Ashland’ ‘Atom Smasher’ ‘Authentique’ ‘Baby Babushka’ ‘Baby Bruin’ ‘Bajaja’ ‘Barbidur’ ‘Barvyste Sviato’ ‘Bathyscaphe’ ‘Beetroot Boy’ ‘Believe’ ‘Benson’ ‘Bien Aise’ ‘Boo To You’ ‘Boscoreale’ ‘Brooklyn’ ‘Budgie’ ‘By The Sea’ ‘Chumatskyi Shliakh’ ‘Corny Castle’ ‘Cosmic Journey’ ‘Croquembouche’ ‘Dudaryk’ ‘Dzwoneczek’ ‘Envious Me’ ‘Extreme’ ‘Famous’ ‘Farb Spektakel’ ‘Flirty Dancing’ ‘Flying Monkey’ ‘Fozzie’ ‘Franky’ ‘Freken Bok’ ‘Frosted Dawn’ ‘Furry Puppy In Grass’ ‘Good Feeling’ ‘Here And There’ ‘Hey Look At Me’ ‘Hit The Jackpot’ ‘Irisfool’ ‘Irish Gaelic’ ‘I’m Groot’ ‘I’m So Envious’ ‘Jabdah’ ‘Joy In Bangkok’ ‘Joyous One’ ‘János’ ‘Koleźka’ ‘Lemon Kitty’ ‘Let’s Talk’ ‘Lichen Sous La Neige’ ‘Lidiia’ ‘Lost My Mind’ ‘Mamyna Vyshnia’ ‘Mapet’ ‘Marionberry Blush’ ‘Mars Eruption’ ‘Mały Filozof’ ‘Mink River’ ‘Missing You’ ‘Mister Frog’ ‘Momo Marmalade’ ‘Mouse That Roared’ ‘Mucky Chick’ ‘Narechena’ ‘Nibble’ ‘Nicolina’ ‘Orange Kitty’ ‘Orange Peel’ ‘Outrageous Vision’ ‘Pastylka’ ‘Peach Medley’ ‘Penny For Your Thoughts’ ‘Peppa’ ‘Pervotsvit’ ‘Petite Woman’ ‘Poetic Spring’ ‘Pracuś’ ‘Purplexity’ ‘Rally Cat’ ‘Rhum Arrangé’ ‘Rosokhan’ ‘Selfik’ ‘Slaphappy’ ‘Smerfetka’ ‘Spicy Hot’ ‘Splash’ ‘Sunbeams Forever’ ‘Sweet Baby Girl’ ‘Take Your Pick’ ‘Taliesin’ ‘Thüringer Schönheit’ ‘Tula’ ‘Tymofiia Smikh’ ‘Uncommon Art’ ‘Vernal Sunrise’ ‘Vesniana Symfoniia’ ‘Vesniana Usmishka’ ‘Virginia Burgundy’ ‘Wow Gee Whiz’ ‘Zig Zag’ ‘Łasuch’


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