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Region 21 Hybridizer's Irises Needing Photos

Allan Ensminger -

Border Bearded: 'Blue Too', 'Bly Cox', 'Calorific', 'Donnay', 'He', 'Lumina', 'Opals Opalescence', 'Peace On Earth', 'Shazam' - now has photo, 'Shirley's Golden Wedding Gift', 'Wild N' Wayward',

Intermediate Bearded: 'Cum Laude', 'Florenzia',

Minature Dwarf Bearded: 'Kitty Kumquat',

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Blue Mascara', 'Doodle Dandy', 'Irish Lass', 'Limpid Pools', 'Llana', 'Miss Region Twenty-One', 'Missoula', 'Pert', 'Pied Pretty', 'Rain Child', 'Seventy Seven', 'Shilly Shally', 'Sno Jo', 'Solar Song', 'Sweet n' Neat', 'Winsome Lose Some',

Tall Bearded: 'Burning Ember', 'Our Flag', 'Pay Dirt', 'Shirley Bevans', 'True Heart', 'Virgie',

Agnes Whiting - TBs are currently all registrations. They need to be edited to only include those needing photos. The TB "A"s have been done.

Arilbred: 'Sinan Agha',

Border Bearded: 'Floretta', Gay Companion', 'Pepperpot'. 'Pink Ruffles', 'Priscilla'.

Intermediate Bearded: 'Dainty Bess', 'Priscilla', 'Princess Marygold'.

Tall Bearded (A-L): 'Agate'. 'Amaranth' 'Annabel', 'Appleblossom Time', 'Araby Rose', 'Aurora Dawn', 'Autumn Glory', 'Baghdad', 'Blue Mood', 'Blue Quadrille', 'Blue Rhythm', 'Blue Symphony', 'Blue Zenith', 'Bold Courtier', 'Brass Band', 'Burmese Gold', 'Burning Brand', 'Cadet Blue'. 'Campfire Glow', 'Cedar Rose', 'Clair De Lune', 'Claro', 'Cloth of Gold', 'Cock Pheasant', 'Cognac', 'Concordia', 'Congo Princess', 'Copper Frills', 'Copper Kettle', 'Cornflower', 'Crepe Suzette', 'Crevette', 'Cynthia Ann Parker', 'Dal Tex', 'Dawn Rays', 'Daydawn', 'Dusky Night', 'Etude', 'Flame Thrower', 'Flight Leader', 'Flora Whiting', 'Floral Wine', 'Forever Amber', 'Frivol', 'Frost Glint', 'Frosty Blue', 'Fugue', 'Gallant Lady', 'Gallantry', 'Garden Glory', 'Gay Greeting', 'Gilt Edge', 'Glace', 'Glad Tidings', 'Goldcraft', 'Golden Cockerel', 'Golden Spike', 'Gold Nugget', 'Gold Sovereign', 'Good Measure', 'Gypsy Rose', 'Harvest Moon., 'Heath Crest', 'Iowa Maid', 'Ivory Charm', 'Ivory Princess', 'Jane Oppel', 'Jewel', 'Jonquil', 'Karen', 'Kettledrum', 'King High', 'Korea', 'La Concha', 'Lady Moon', 'Lavender And Gold Lace', 'Lilac Lane', 'Lodestone', 'Lovely Linda',

Tall Bearded (M-Z): 'Majolica', 'Maple Flame', 'Maple Sugar', 'Marathon', 'Mauve Queen', 'May Bloom', 'May Charm', 'Maytime', 'MeadowSweet', 'Mellowglow', 'Mexia', 'Mexican Magic', 'Midcontinent', 'Mirabelle', 'Monona', 'Moon Lantern', 'Nankeen', 'Nylon', 'Opera Pink', 'Orient Pink', 'Pale Primrose', 'Paprika', 'Pastel Medley', 'Pastel Portrait', 'Pathfinder', 'Peach Pique', 'Pepperpot', 'Petunia', 'Pink Choice', 'Pink Clover', 'Pink Coral', 'Pirate King', 'Raejean', 'Rocket', 'Rose Amber', 'Rosemary'. 'Rose of Picardy', 'Rouge Bouquet', 'Rubient', 'Rumba Rose', 'Samite', 'Satana', 'Sass Souvenir', 'Sea Blue', 'Serenity Sue', 'Showboat', 'Silver Cloud', 'Silver Wings', 'Sinan Agha', 'Sioux City Sue', 'Sky High', 'So Big Dallas', 'Spring Cheer', 'Sunset Lane', 'Sunstone', 'Sweetbriar', 'Ta-Ming', 'Tangier', 'Tea Rose', 'Technicolor', 'The Raven', 'Thistle Bloom', 'Three Oaks', 'Tone Poem', 'Tribute', 'Tropical Dusk', 'Tudor Rose', 'Two Jewels', 'Vatican Purple', 'Veishea', 'Victoria', 'Violet Rhythm', 'Wax Candles', 'Wild Honey', 'Wings of Song', 'Woodbury', 'Wood Opal'.

Opal Wulf -

Border Bearded: 'Dragon Tears', 'Fiery Sparks', 'Whipped Topping', 'Wine Is Fine',

Miniature Tall Bearded: 'Eye Winkers', 'Happy Little Flower', 'Just A Smidgen', 'Just A Snippet', 'Little Honey Bunny', 'Oh So Cute', 'Speck So Blue',

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Misty Moisty Morning',

Tall Bearded: 'Cool Music', 'Faint of Heart', 'Gaily Gaily', 'Pomegranite Blush', 'Porcelain Lady',

Additional Region 21 Hybridizers

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