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-- BobPries - 01 Jan 2022

Topic views, 2021 2020
December 47247 39846
Total, 510,435 414,085
November 55780 38261
October 62107 43831
September 36944 46318
August 54811 32998
July 36050 48510
June 33549 40280
May 49324 62610
April 36645 11033
March 29918 19955
February 31323 10597
January 36737 19846

In 2021 there were 510,435 pages viewed in the Library. That is up roughly 25% from the 414,005 pages viewed in 2020. Of the total pages (3,791,779) viewed in the Encyclopedia in 2021, 13% were in the Library (history web). There are 6,033 items in The Iris library and an additional 541 in the Irid Library. Of these 3512 are catalogs In comparison The Daffodil Societies Library (DaffLibrary) contains 4,000 items. Daffodils are a smaller topic than Irises so in some respects they are doing better than AIS at preserving their past. I is worth taking a look at what their library is doing at

A problem that should be addressed for both the Online part and Physical part of the AIS library is what to do about Current and recent catalogs. There are several considerations:
  • In the past Registrars were supposed to validate introductions by recieving a catalog. In theory these catalogs would be stored in the library. Today many nurseries do not have a physical catalog but elaborate online shopping carts. How are these to be archived?
  • In theory online offers for sale can be printed out. But this does not seem to be a very professional way of archiving this material
  • When catalogs are in pdfs it is easy to archive them as files on a computer and in the Online Library. But today catalogs are not pdfs but websites themselves and how does one archive a website. The Internet Archive only works in some ways and its problems could be discussed. I have found it possible to save a website on to my computer with Microsoft Edge but I can not save it to the Library in the Encyclopedia. Currently we are not saving or documenting catalog
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