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Sino-Siberian hybrids (40 chromosome Siberians)

Botanically there are two series of Siberian Irises Sibericaea and Subseries Chrysographes. Hybrids of species in the latter are known as Sino-Siberian Hybrids. Since species in this group cross easily some have questioned whether populations can remain distinct if two or more Sino-Siberian species are close together.

Sino-Siberian Crosses of George Yeld

'Lady Annot', 'Mirza'

Sino-Siberian Crosses of Amos Perry

'Chrysofor' 'Bullegraphes' 'Jrnkinsii 'Chrysofor Bronze Queen' 'Chrysofor Canary' 'Chrysofor Delicata' 'Chrysofor Gloriosa' 'Chrysofor Maggie' 'Chrysofor Marion' 'Chrysofor Nancy' 'Chrysofor Peggy' 'Chrysofor Primrose Queen' 'Chrysofor Purpurea' ChrysoforSunrise' 'Chrysofor Thelma' 'Chrysogana' 'Chrysogana Purpurea' 'Delfor'

Sino-Siberian Crosses of Lorena Reid

'Anticipation Orange' 1997 'Black Garnet' 1996 'Blue Eyed Princess' 2001
'Boop Eyes', 'Bronzy Marvel', 'Butterfly Mode',
'Cascade Buttercup', 'Cascade Creme', 'Delbino',
'Dimity Butterfly', 'Dotted Line', 'Enbee Deeaych',
'Fluorescence', 'Idson', 'McKenzie Bruiser'McKenzie Bruiser,
'McKenzie Violet'McKenzie Viuolet, 'Nurse's Apron', 'Pacific Dark Eyes',
'Pastel Dancer', 'Piquant Fancy', 'Plum Gorgeous',
'Rainbow Island', 'Stately Elegance', 'Sunlight Bay',

Sino-Siberian Crosses of Carla Lankow

'Miss Margaret', 'Raspberry Shortcake'.

Sino-Siberian Crosses of Jean Witt

'Camouflage', 'Echo Two', 'Lilac Rain',

Sino-Siberian Crosses of Jennifer Hewitt

'Cleeton Buff', 'Cleeton Cross', 'Cleeton Double Chance',
'Cleeton Fancy', 'Cleeton Mirzella', 'Cleeton Moon',
'Cleeton Starburst', 'Cleeton Tiger' 'Cleeton Watercolour',

Sino-Siberian Crosses of Tomas Tamberg


'Berliner Riesen' 'Beautiful Forty' 'Berlin Dark Mantle'
'Berliner Riesen', 'Feathered Giant'


'Begin the Beguine' 'Berlin Lance'  
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