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Press Place: An Iris Home for Garden Writers

Welcome to Press Place a home in the Iris Encyclopedia for Garden Writers to find press releases and research materials.

Orientation: The Iris Encyclopedia is an information resource on all types of Iris and Iris related information. This page is just one of the 63,000+ pages. To see what visitors see when they come to the Encyclopedia go to the main page. The Encyclopedia has 20 webs; one general web and each of the others for a major group of Iris. Because there are so many tall-bearded irises that group is further broken into 5 alphabetical webs.

There are several tools for finding information:
  • Using a search box may only search the web you are in or
  • A complete search of all webs occurs only if you check the box labeled "search all public webs"
  • A traditional index found on the left sidebar labeled Index to General Iris topics
  • Alphabetical listing of page names in each web; note these use WikiWords
  • E-mail Questions to
Identification: Our resident botanists can help you identify Iris species and rarely cultivars

Prize Winning Irises:
2017 Dykes Medal
2016 Dykes Medal
'Swans In Flight'
2015 Dykes Medal
'Gypsy Lord'
2014 Dykes Medal
'Dividing Line'
2013 Dykes Medal
'That's All Folks'
Irises compete for a number of awards based on the votes of judges viewing them in gardens. This multi-year competition requires winning the medal in their class of iris to advance to the Dykes Medal level, the highest award available. You can learn more about the competition here and see a list of the awards available.

Press Releases: latest listed first. Construction and development: You can share your stories on the Encyclopedia; We can link to Iris features on your website, and feel free to link to the Encyclopedia Or you can add comments to existing pages. To add comments or images to existing pages you must register as a user to reduce spam. If you wish to add a page or edit existing pages please contact the administrator.

Thoughts about Iris: With 300+ species the genus Iris always has plants in bloom in the North Temperate regions, from the dead of winter to the steamy summer. Plants are found growing in every type of habitat from desert to swamp and ponds to forests and meadows. there is an Iris suitable for every conceivable garden use. Species range from the arctic to the tropics, from mountain tops to seashores. It is one of the largest genera and the diversity of cultivars expands its value even more. Known as the poor man's orchid, the name reflects how easy and durable most types are for the average gardener.

History of Irises: The Iris Encyclopedia contains both references and articles to the early history of irises and information about historic irises. Searches of the Iris Encyclopedia will help you locate them. You can also go to the Library for articles, books, and catalogs. An introduction to the History and Historic Irises can be found here.


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