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Public Relations and Marketing received 11-5-2015

  • In accordance with Article II, Section 2 of the Bylaws of The American Iris Society, which outline the purpose of the AIS, the Public Relations and Marketing Committee helps develop interest in horticulture, conservation and protection of the genus Iris, and education of the public about the Iris. The Committee is also responsible for creating and maintaining good relationships with the public on behalf of AIS, and with other plant societies.

  • He/she is appointed by the President of The American Iris Society, and reports to the Board of the AIS.

  • He/she is a member of the Board of Directors and participates with other Directors in the responsibility for establishing and implementing basic Society policies.

  • To attend and participate in the spring and fall meetings of the Board of Directors, and to report the activities of the committee, bringing any action items before the Board.

  • To work with all members of the AIS Board in the best interests of The American Iris Society.

  • To complete a special project when requested by the AIS President.


  • Outreach to AIS members through News & Notes, surveys and polls.

  • Outreach to the public through publications, print and other advertising; membership campaign; the Iris Encyclopedia; social media (Facebook, Blog, Twitter, YouTube, others); the Voucher Program; creating an entry for Wikipedia; creating promotional materials (T-shirts, buttons, etc.); interactions with Garden Writers, interaction with professional and trade organization APGA and with other plant societies (CAPS).

  • Promotion of and tools for Iris Shows, international and regional flower shows; virtual flower show.

  • Long term event planning (in conjunction with the Conventions Committee), 100th Anniversary Celebration, Symposia, Webinars, other special events.

  • Regular communication among the PR and Marketing Committee subgroups to ensure efforts are coordinated.

  • Communication and cooperation with any other AIS Board Committees to plan and implement projects.

  • Prepare and submit a budget annually to the AIS Board for expected expenses.

POSITION TITLE: Public Relations and Marketing Chairman

  • To generate, implement and coordinate programs to promote all aspects of The American Iris Society to the AIS membership and the general gardening public.

  • He/she is appointed by the AIS President and responsible to the Board
    of Directors.

  1. To solicit and coordinate the publication of articles in support of all aspects of the Genus iris.
  2. To encourage the use of the AIS display screen at local chapter/affiliate shows.
  3. To encourage the use of the AIS banners at local chapter/affiliate shows.
  4. To encourage local chapters/affiliates to construct and maintain a booth promoting iris and iris culture at large (regional and national) flower shows and exhibitions.
  5. To communicate with other plant societies, botanical gardens and other parts of the overall horticultural community.
  6. To provide a report to the Board of Directors at its regularly scheduled meetings.



Public Exhibits Toolbox

You can help! And AIS can help you! The Public Relations Committee of AIS has created a relatively new resource for your use: a "toolbox."

It is clear that many of our affiliates do wonderful things in order to make their sales, exhibits and shows a success. Many clubs for example hand out a flyer at their sales with directions on how to plant an Iris. A useful tool! What if the PR Chair collected together a diverse array of tools that could be downloaded from the website or easily ordered? This idea-collecting resource would be able to provide Irisarians with good (and sometimes new/different) tools that didn't have to be repeated or recreated every time their group held a sale or a show.

Voila! The Public Exhibits Toolbox was born!

I think when you see what is offered on the AIS website you will find something of use. And importantly if you have a tool that has been very useful, please share. Be a contributer!

For new clubs (or those that have not had a show in a while), The Tool Box will have a sample, downloadable, show schedule. One will need only to fill in the blanks (Date, Time, Place. Etc.) and e-mail it to the current AIS Exhibition Schedules Chair for approval.

The Tool Box will offer Show Schedule-Covers and suggested show design classes that will satisfy the requirements of garden club judges.

The Tool Box will provide directions for obtaining free insurance certificates that are required by some venues, and offer ideas for youth projects and posters and display units.

The Tool Box offers 3 large posters that can brighten the backdrop of a show or sale. These were done in PowerPoint and discs are available allowing you to have them printed at your local office supply store. (If you would like to create your own directions can be sent as to how to make a PowerPoint poster.) The posters can be attached, and so assembled, they create a 4ft by 6ft tri-fold screen, producing a large display.

We welcome hearing and seeing your ideas. The more resources we can provide the more resources will be available from which every club could choose.

Hopefully The Tool Box will make it easier for you to create a great Iris show.

The Public Exhibit Toolbox is not a static site; contribute your ideas; watch it evolve and develop!
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