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Number Of Iris Names April 25/2016

How Many Irises Are there?

Since there is a page for each Iris name The Table below provides a good estimate of all irises named.
All types of Iris 63,223 64,769
Total Beardless, and all species 10,156 10,600
Aril 419 429
Arilbred 1808 1825
Aril + Arilbred 2227 2254
Border Bearded 1667 1695
Intermediates (IB) 2754 2796
Miniatures (MTB) 727 759
Standards (SDB) 5145 5307
Total Medians 10,293 10,557
(MDB) 1565 1591
Tall Bearded 38,982 39,767
All Bearded 53,067 54,169
Japanese 2052 2204
Louisianas 2345 2440
Pacific Coast 1145 1167
Siberians 1609 1642
Spurias 916 928
Species Cross 664 733
Species 1425 1486

How accurate are these numbers?
These numbers are compiled by counting the pages for each in the Encyclopedia for each category:
  • This means the numbers are smaller than expected for these reasons: *Some iris are still in the process of being registered for this year *There are irises named in commerce that have never been registered and may not have been found *Some Irises that were recorded early in Iris history were considered obsolete and had disappeared from commerce. These are still in the process of being added to the wiki.
Surprisingly a few are still alive and well in gardens and even have images attacged.
  • This means the numbers could be larger than expected for these reasons: *All Iris that appeared in Iris literature, catalogs and articles are included in the wiki whether they were officially registered or not *Some Irises were well known under two names and a few have separate pages for the synonyms and so mat be counted twice.
So what is the bottom line? As the wiki becomes more and more developed The numbers will probably be slightly greater than actual based on the number of pages, but for now the numbers probably balance out and provide a good estimate.

-- BobPries - 2016-04-25
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