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Iris With Laced Flowers.

Grand Waltz

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When the protuberances on the edge of flowers were first noticed by hybridizers they were considered deformities and the stock destroyed. When some first started calling it lace the attitude changed and soon the idea of a laced flower became popular and mainstream and perhaps should no longer be classes as a novelty iris. We are attempting to develop a list below of Irises with this trait. 'Grand Waltz' to the right has especially fine lacing, while others in the list note lace in their descriptions but in some cases may be barely discernable. Please add any that have been missed by commenting in the comment box. When we have assembled more images we can create a wonderful image gallery.


Arilbred: 'Benazir', 'Dusky Billabong', 'Mendocino', 'Panshiri Charm', 'Pashtun Grace', 'Pashtun Princess', 'Saracen Dusk', 'Sleazy', 'Sunset Craze', 'Twilight Craze'.

Border Bearded (A-J): 'Abilene', 'Alegre', 'Allison Elizabeth', 'Amber Lynn', 'Anaconda Love', 'Annie Mc', 'Apricot Lace', 'Apricot Topping', 'Arizona Border', 'Artesian Lady', 'Aunt Martha', 'Baboon Bottom', 'Baby Doll', 'Baby Lace', 'Baby Ribbon Pink', 'Baroque Melody', 'Bayadere', 'Be Perfect', 'Below Radar', 'Blue Jean Lady', 'Bochamp', 'Bonbonierre', 'Bonne Fille', 'Border Belle', 'Border Frills', 'Border Girl', 'Border Jewel', 'Border Rose', 'Border Velvet', 'Bosigh', 'Bride's Pearls', 'Brief Encounter', 'Bronzora', 'Buckskin Finale', 'Buffy's Baby', 'Butter Girl', 'Cabana Fire', 'Carol's Crush', 'Cascading Rainbow', 'Color Curls', 'Color Surge', 'Colorado Ambrosia', 'Constant Love', 'Copper Glaze', 'Country Lace', 'Cupid Danced', 'Dance Card', 'Dear Diary', 'Digitizer', 'Doll Dress', 'Don Herzberg', 'EmuZiong', 'Face Color', 'Fairy Cloud', 'Fall Patterns', 'Florrie', 'Flowerful Peach', 'Frosted Lime', 'Gazebo', 'Gem Trophy', 'Gemini', 'Giselle', 'GlenZula', 'Glissando', 'GoldenCoin', Golden Curls', 'Goluboye Kruzhevo', 'Grace Kelly', 'Haunting Refrain', 'Hillbilly Heaven', 'Honey Spice', 'Imbroglio', 'Inty Greyshun', 'Ipanema', 'Irish Crochet', 'Jane Ann', 'Justine Margaret'.

Border Beaarded (K-Z): 'Laced Handkerchief', 'Lacy Doll', 'Lacy Lasso', 'Lacycot', 'Lady Cream', 'Lavender N Lace', 'Lemon Smoothie', 'Liege Lord', 'Little Rosie', 'Luna Rossa', 'Lusty Liza', 'Maggie Belford', 'Making Small Talk', 'Mem To Mom', 'Michelle Stadler', 'Midas Gold', 'Minneola', 'Missy Lu', 'Moon Halo', 'My Cher Of Happiness', 'My Inspiration', 'Nautical Flag', 'New Fashioned', 'October Splendor', 'On Wings', 'Orchid Tutu', 'Overcoming Love', 'Parquet Lady', 'Patti Love', 'Peace On Earth', 'Peach Frappe', 'Peach Queen', 'Peach Reprise', 'Peggy Angel', 'Persian Harem', 'Petite Model', 'Petite Siren', 'Piccolo Pete', 'Pink Cadillac', 'Pink Returns', 'Pink Swirl', 'Prairial', 'Prime Time', 'Quiet Fire', 'Radiant Gem', 'Raspberry Lace', 'Raspberry Rascal', 'Rielle', 'Rings And Things', 'Rose Ballet', 'Sara Marley', 'Senior Prom', 'Shannon', 'Shirley's Golden Wedding Gift', 'Show Me', 'Southwest Rustic Desert', 'Spring Twilight', 'Stand By Me', 'Subtle Nutmeg', 'Sweet Camille', 'Sweet Love', 'Sweetie Girl', 'Swing Low', 'Teryn Leigh', 'Tessie Petite', 'Tiny Bubbles', 'Tiramisu', 'Twilight Mooonrise', 'Up Tempo', 'Wheatheart Princess', 'Wooing', 'Yellow Angel', 'Zinc Pink', 'Zinger'.

Intermediate: 'Arctic Mood', 'Bright Ruffles', 'Coral Chimes', 'Eclaircie', 'Forged In Fire', 'Golden Gusto', 'Golden Mantilla', 'Honey Gem', 'Karate', 'Laced Buffo', 'Little Debbie', 'Little Gem', 'Magic Bubbles', 'Moony', 'Pink Pride', 'Poetic Art', 'Prankster', 'Salvatore', 'Shimla', 'Simona', 'Sunychne Lito', 'Violet Eyes', 'Work Of Art', 'Zinedine', 'Zowo'.

Japanese: 'Dreams Unfold', 'Triumf Flory'.

Louisiana: 'Bayou Mystique', 'Cute As', 'Deirdre Kay', 'Fait Accompli', 'Iron Triangle', 'Justin's Dixie Pride', 'King's Dream', 'Longue Vue', 'Marie Amiee', 'Mount Bold', 'Navajo Princess', 'Prix D'Amour', 'Ruffle Of Spring', 'Sea Of Lavender', 'Trucking Gary', 'We Are Sailing', 'Yavana'.

Miniature Dwarf: 'Flakes', 'Maya Makita', 'Princess Pele', 'Shy'.

Miniature Tall: 'Wistful Wisteria',

Pacific Coast Native: 'Frilly Fancy', 'Hinemoa', 'Lacylady', 'Lady Doubleloon', 'Leongatha', 'Tinkle'.

Siberian: 'Glanusk', 'Glaslyn', 'Nottingham Lace', 'Smiley Face', 'Stately Elegance'.

Species: 'Echo Of Pearls'.

Species Hybrid: ['Laced Lavender', 'Tengchong Lace',

Spuria: 'Candle Lace', 'Laced Butterfly', 'Laced Coffee', 'Laced Sunshine', 'Lacy Lucy', 'Overwhelmed', Proud Moment', 'Sonoran Cutie'.

Standard Dwarf: 'Blaupunkt', 'Catcatcher', 'Cure The Blues', 'Elsa Denkewitz', 'Eye Opener', 'Fly Butterfly', 'Grass Is Greener', 'Hot Pants', 'Il Nono', 'Isla Negra', 'Java Girl', 'Kaukliar', 'Lookout Sunshine','Lovin Spoonful', 'Men Only', 'Mon Natali', 'My Baby Blues'. 'Negro Blues', 'Nobby', 'Ocean Pearl', 'Plum Topping', 'Pretty Priscilla', 'Smile A Mile', 'Smiling Gem', 'Spechio Bruno', 'Sugared Ice', 'Summer Fruit', 'Sunlit Trail', 'Tortuga', 'Xanana'.

Tall Bearded (Aa-Am): 'A La Rouge','A Myracle', 'Aachen', 'Aah Soo','Aaron'e Angel', 'Aardvark Lark', 'Abadiyat', 'Abiding Love', 'Abigail Ann', 'About Town', 'Abrikos', 'Absolute Zero', 'Access Code', 'Ace Of Lace', 'Acole', 'Addicted To Love', 'Addison's Halo', 'Adelina', 'Adena', 'Adobe Campfire', 'Advanced Degree', 'Adventuress', 'Aelita', 'Aerialist', 'Aesthetica', 'Affair To Remember', 'Affection', 'Affectionately', 'Aficionado', 'After All', 'After Romance', 'After The Ball', 'Afternoon Delight', 'Age Of Miracles', Agrodolce', 'Ah Ca Ira', 'Air Fare', 'Air Of Mystery', 'Alabaster Lace', 'Alabaster Princess', 'Albatro', 'Alessandra', 'Alexander The Great', 'Ali Says Yes', 'Alice Gee', 'Alice Davis', 'Alice Lemen', 'Alice Remembered', 'Alice Ruth', 'Alice's Dream', 'Alissone', 'All About Me', 'All Day Smile', 'All Eternity', 'All My Dreams', 'All Serrated Mulberry', 'Allegheny Rose', 'Allison', 'Allison Roderique', 'Allura', 'Almost Autumn', 'Almost Eden', 'Almost Paradise', 'Almost Provocative', 'Along Came Fame', 'Aloha Spirit', 'Alpine Centennial', 'Alpine Lace', 'Alpine Song', 'Alpine Twilight', 'Alta B', 'Alta Marea', 'Altered Images', 'Always A Bridesmaid', 'Always Beside Me', 'Alyssa Marie's Doll', 'Amanda Louise', 'Amarillo Frills', 'Ambrossiana', 'Amelia's Smile', 'Amenhotep', 'American Style', 'Amethyst Jewel', 'Amethyst Smile', 'Amorous Embrace', 'Amphora Vase', 'Amy Marie'

Tall Bearded (An-Az:) 'Andante Con Brio', 'Angel Among Us', 'Angel My Love', 'Angela's Fudge', 'Angelic Whispers', 'Angel's Gift', 'Angel's Robes', 'Angel's Snow', 'Angel's Touch', 'Ann Hutson McLarty', 'Anna Beth', 'Anna Hahn', 'Anne Boleyn', 'Anne's Choice', 'Annorah Lynn', 'Annuity', 'Anon Pride', 'Another Woman', 'Antique Lace', 'Antique Tapestry', 'Antoinette', 'Antonin Dvorak', 'Any Sundae', 'Apache Ruffles', 'Apogey', 'Apollodorus', 'Apollo's Gift', 'Appleblossom Days', 'Approach Me', 'Approach Shot', 'Apricot Candy', 'Apricot Dancer', 'Apricot Lady', 'Apricota', 'April In Paris', 'April Jewel', 'April Sunbeam', 'April Vision', 'Aquilla's Delight', 'Arabesque Charm', 'Arabian Tapestry', 'Arapahoe Autumn', 'Arctic Blond', 'Arctic Princess', 'Arctic Unicorn', 'Aristocracy', 'Arizona Moon', 'Arkansas Girl', 'Arkansas Cowgirl', 'Arlene's Portrait', 'Aromat Roskoshi', 'Arriba', 'Art Design', 'Art Song', 'Artist's Palette', 'Arts And Letters', 'As You Were', 'Ashlee Noel', 'Asian Plum', 'Attensun', 'Ask And Receive', 'Askiya', 'Asteroid Zone', 'Astro Flights', 'Athene's Lace', 'Atlantic Sky', 'Attractive Lady', 'Au Contraire', 'Au Pair', 'Aubergine', 'Augustana Bell Tower', 'Augustine', 'Aunt Hank', 'Aureoles', 'Aurora Bright Crystal', 'Aurora Chiffon Beauty', 'Aurora Heavenly Fringe', 'Autumn Blush', 'Autumn Echo', 'Autumn Garnet', 'Autumn Heiress', 'Autumn Red', 'Autumn Rose', 'Autumn Sky', 'Autumn Song', 'Ava Leigh Tatum', 'Avalon Beckons', 'Avtohraf Na Zemli', 'Aw Shucks', 'Awesome Possum', 'Awestruck', 'Ayla', 'Aza', 'Azhurnaya Viazka', 'Aziat', 'Aziatskaya Shchedrost', 'Aztec Lace'.

Tall Bearded (Ba-Bl): 'Baanape', 'Bab Babbili', 'Bab El Mandeb', 'Babiye Leto', 'Baby Boomer', 'Bad Bob's Judy', 'Bagrovaya Reka', 'Baja Boys', 'Bal Maskarad', 'Balanchine', 'Balantine', 'Baldaquin', 'Balet Rossii', 'Ballet Lace', 'Ballet Ruffles', 'Ballroom', 'Banana Margarita', 'Banker Dave', 'Barbara's Lace', 'Barefoot Contessa', 'Barney's Gal', 'Baroness', 'Bartered Bride', 'Bashful Ballerina', 'Battle Star', 'Bazilevs', 'Balzilio', 'Be Good To Me', 'Be Mine', 'Beacon Beam', 'Beaky Wit', 'Beautiful Dreamer', 'Beautiful Song', 'Beautiful Surprise', 'Beautiful Vision', 'Beauty Becomes Her', 'Beauty Circle', 'Beauty Is', 'Beauty Pageant', 'Beauty's Gown', 'Bedroom Romance', 'Bedtime Lore', 'Bee Dancer', 'Belaia Gvardiia', 'Belgian Lace', 'Bell Ringer', 'Bella Isabella', 'Bella Yella', 'Belle Du Jour', 'Bellarosella', 'Belle Of Harding', 'Belovezhskaya Pushcha', 'Beloye Solntse Pustyni', 'Bely Iney', 'Bely Kupidon', 'Beregynya', 'Berendey', 'Bering Lagoon', 'Beriozka', 'Berry Smoothie', 'Bertie Jeffries', 'Bess Streeter Aldrich', 'Best Of Luck', 'Beth Marie', 'Bethany Joy', 'Betty Cunningham', 'Betty Jane Bryant', 'Betty June', 'Beverly In White', 'Beverly Sills', 'Bevie's Delight', 'Bewilderbeast', 'Bicentennial', 'Big Band Dancing', 'Big Melt', 'Big Shot', 'Big Squeeza', 'Billowing Robes', 'Birthday Bash', 'Birthday Gift', 'Birthday Song', 'Bishop Of Rome', 'Bishop's Cloak', 'Black Cat', 'Blackhills Jewelry', 'Blaze The Trail', 'Blazing Memory', 'Blekitne Niebo', 'Blended Splendid', 'Blestiashchiy Kavaler', 'Bliki', 'Blind Faith', 'Bliss Bomb', 'Blonde At The Bar', 'Blonde Beauty', 'Blossom Of Snow', 'Bludnitsa', 'Blue Candle', 'Blue Debut', 'Blue For John', 'Blue Frosting', 'Blue Ghost', 'Blue Heiress', 'Blue Lace'. 'Blue Lavender Fluff', 'Blue Skippers', 'Blue Tiara', 'Bluebeard's Castle', 'Blueberry Nights', 'Bluebird Revenge', 'Bluebirds Fly', 'Blueblood Yellow', 'Bluelight Special', 'Blush Hour', 'Blushing Bashful', 'Blushing Clouds', 'Blushing Diana', 'Blushing Lady'.

Tall Bearded (Bo-Bz): 'Bobby', 'Bob's Legacy', Bold Encounter', 'Bold Heiress', 'Bolshaya Peremena', 'Bolshi Gonki', 'Bolshoi', 'Bolshoy Kanion', 'Bombay Gold', 'Bombshell Betty', 'Bonbon', 'Bonneville Surf', 'Bonnie Belle', 'Bonnie Elizabeth', 'Boogie Woogie', 'Bond Girl', 'Border Ruffian', 'Born Beautiful', 'Born Rich', 'Born To Dance', 'Botsman', 'Boundless Love', 'Boy Howdy', 'Brannercrest Summer', 'Brassy Bugler', 'Brassy Chap', 'Braveheart', 'Brazen Beauty', 'Brazen Hussy', 'Breath Of Winter', 'Breathing Of Desert', 'Brestskaya Krepost', 'Bridal Crown', 'Bridal Finary', 'Bridal Icing', 'Bridal Party', 'Bride's Blush', 'Bride's Eyes', 'Bride's Halo', 'Bride's Lace', 'Bride's Manor', 'Bridesmaid In Pink', 'Bridesmaid's Lace', 'Bridget's Diary', 'Brigadier', 'Bright Butterfly', 'Bright Morning', 'Bright Promise', 'Bright Spirit', 'Brightside', 'Brilliance', 'Bring It', 'British Blush', 'Brocaded Gown', 'Broken Dreams', 'Broken Silence', 'Bronze Lace', 'Bronze Lantern', 'Bronze Masterpiece', 'Bronze Sculpture', 'Brother Ed', 'Brown Sugar Spice', 'Bruiser', 'Bubblicious', 'Bubbling Champagne', 'Bubbling Lace', 'Bubbling Springs', 'Buckskin Babe', 'Buckskin Cowgirl', 'Buffy', 'Burning Desire', 'Buenos Aires', 'Buongiorno Aprile', 'Burgundy Fizz', 'Burgundy Lace', 'Burning Candle', 'Burning Desire', 'Burnt Crisp', 'Burseeno Graphic', 'Burshtynove Namysto', 'Bury Medved', 'Bushwhacked', 'Buttermilk Blush', 'Butterscotch Frosting', 'Butterscotch Kiss', 'Butterscotch Trim', 'Buzki Porohy', 'By Golly', 'By Popular Demand', 'By Surprise'.

Tall Bearded (Ca-Ce): 'Cabbage Patch Kid', 'Cabriole', 'Calicoball', 'Calitrix', 'Call Me Reba', 'Calling Cadence', 'Calliope's Dream', 'Calm Before A Storm', 'Camdyn', 'Cameo Appearance', 'Cameo Minx', 'Cameo Pink', 'Cameo Rose', 'Camino Royale', 'Canadian Streaker', 'Canary Cadence', 'Canary Frills', 'Canary Music', 'Canary Ruffles', 'Candace', 'Canto Di Gioia', 'Cape Perpetua', 'Cappuccino Lace', 'Captain Jack', 'Caramel And Spice', 'Caramel Dream', 'Carmela', 'Caramelized', 'Careless Whisper', 'Caret Chateau', 'Caribbean Fairy Tale', 'Caribbean Gold', 'Carl A. Quadros', 'Carl And Sissy', 'Carmel Valley', 'Carnival Carousel', 'Carnival In Rio', 'Carnival Of Color', 'Carole Joanne', 'Carolina Doll', 'Carolina Peach', 'Carolina Sunlight', 'Carolyn Elizabeth', 'Carrara Lace', 'Carrie Rebekah', 'Carrie Winter', 'Carte Blanche', 'Carved Crystal', 'Casting Crowns', 'Cat Call', 'Catch A Star', 'Catch My Breath', 'Catwalk', 'Catwalk Queen', 'Cause For Pause', 'Caution Light', 'Cease Fire', 'Cedarcrest', 'Celebration', 'Celeste Aida', 'Celestial Happiness', 'Celestial Horizon', 'Celestial Orchid', 'Celestial Sunshine', 'Celtic Fire', 'Centennial State', 'Center Fold', 'Century Twenty One', 'Cerise Glory', 'Certain Magic', 'Certainly Cea', 'Ceylon's Isle',

Tall Bearded (Ch-Cl): 'Cha Ching', 'Chaifa', 'Champagne Lady', 'Champagne Party', 'Chance Encounter', 'Chanteuse', 'Chantilly', 'Chantilly Bride', 'Chantilly Lace', 'Charlean', 'Charlene's Decree','Charles Thomas', 'Charleston', 'Charm School', 'Charming Betsy', 'Charming Chandra', 'Chartreuse Ruffles', 'Chary Molfara', 'Chasing Moonbeams', 'Chaudron', 'Cheap Frills', 'Cheerful Greeting', 'Chegemskiye Vodopady', 'Chenie', 'Chenille', 'Cherie Haeger', 'Cherokee Nation', 'Cherokee Princess', 'Cherry Blossom Special', 'Cherry Cheeks', 'Cherry Chocolate', 'Cherry Class', 'Cherry Lime Fizz', 'Cherryl's Reflection', 'Cherub Choir', 'Chestnuts Roasting', 'Cheyenne Summer', 'Chic Choix', 'Chicago's LeRoy', 'Chicanery', 'Chiffon Bonnet', 'Chiffon Gown', 'Chill Out', 'Chim Cham', 'China Dream', 'China Dream', 'Chinook Arch', 'Chinook Winds', 'Chiortte Chto', 'Chippewa Maiden', 'Chirac In White', 'Chiricahua Canyon', 'Chistyye Prudy', 'Chocaholic', 'Choirmaster', 'Chorus Line', 'Christening P arty', 'Christmas Eve', 'Christmas Ice', 'ChristmasTime', 'Christopher's Curtain Call', 'Chronicles Of Cynthiana', 'Chuang Che', 'Chumak', 'Churaivna', 'Church Key', 'Cindy Ellen', 'Cindy O', 'Cinnamon', 'Cirrocumulus Clouds', 'Citrine Charm', 'Citrus Medley', 'City Of Gold', 'Claramino', 'Classic Grace', 'Classic Hues', 'Clearance Sale', 'Clearly Dearly Done', 'Clip Art', 'Close Encounters', 'Close Shave', 'Cloud Ballet', 'Cloud Carnival', 'Cloud Crest', 'Cloud Lace', 'Cloudia',

Tall Bearded (Co-Cz): 'Coat Of Colors', 'Coco De Bunny', 'Cocorico', 'Coded Message', 'Coffee Song', 'Colby's Choice', 'Cold Cold Heart', 'Colette', 'Colleen's Dreamsicle', 'Color Me pink', 'Color Of Love', 'Color Splash', 'Coloradoan', 'Columbia The Gem', 'Comanche Gold', 'Comanche Tribunal', 'Comanche Warrior', 'Comangetit', 'Come Clean', 'Come What May', 'Comet Connie', 'Comfort Zone', 'Comforting Thought', 'Coming Up Roses', 'Competitive Edge', 'Compassionate', Con Fuoco', 'Confectionery', 'Confederate Cavalier','Conjuring Cat', 'Connie Sue', 'Constant Comment', 'Constantino', 'Consuming Fire', 'Contender', 'Continental Divide', 'Contribution', 'Contrite', 'Cool Chemistry', 'Cool Jazz', 'Cool Lady', 'Copper Bubble Bath', 'Copper Capers', 'Copper Classic', 'Copper Clouds', 'Copper Lace', 'Coraband', 'Coral Baker', 'Coral Clouds', 'Coral Comments', 'Coral Dawn', 'Coral Flush', 'Coral Frost', 'Coral Lace', 'Coral Passion', 'Coral Point', 'Coral Splendor', 'Coralina', 'Coralline Charm', 'Corduroy And Lace', 'Corn Dance', 'Cornerstone', 'Corsair Fighter', 'Corso', 'Cosmic Lullaby', 'Cosmic Punch', 'Cosmic Sun', 'Count Valentine', 'Countdown', 'Country Bride', 'Country Diary', 'Country Girl', 'Country Ruffles', 'Coup De Chance', 'Coup De Foudre', 'Courtney Nicole', 'Courtship', 'Cowboy Cool', 'Cranberries', 'Crazy', 'Cream Gem', 'Cream Lace', 'Creamish Storm', 'Creamy French', 'Creation Twilight', 'Cree Lady', 'Cregrina', 'Crepe Paper Artistry', 'Creped Gold', 'Crimson Lace', 'Crinkled Flake', 'Crinkled Gem', 'Crinkled Glory', 'Crinkled Joy', 'Crinkled Sunset', 'Crinkly Cerise Pink', 'Crystal Chandelier', 'Crystal Dawn', 'Crystal Dreams', 'Crystal Gazer', 'Crystal Glow', 'Crystal Lace', 'Crystal Pattern', 'Crystal Prism', 'Cuivre', 'Cultured Pearl', 'Cumel', 'Curly Blue', 'Current Events', 'Current Image', 'Curvaceous Coral', 'Curvy Course', 'Custom Made', 'Cyberspace, 'Cuz Ur Myon'.

Tall Bearded (D -): 'Da Lus', 'Dachny Domik', 'Dad Gum Nice', 'Dainty Doll', 'Dainty Ingalee', 'Dairyland Deb', 'Daisy's Daisies', 'Dakota Treasure', 'Daleamite', 'Dama Dworu', 'Damascus Gate', 'Damon's Palette', 'Damskii Kapriz', 'Damy I Gospoda', 'Dance Hall Dolly', 'Dance Of Clouds', 'Dancing Blue Koi', 'Dancing Fawn', 'Dancing In Ruffles', 'Dancing In The Street', 'Dancing In The Sun', 'Dancing River', 'Dancing Sand', 'Danny's Smile', 'Danse Ballerine', 'Dar Nadezhdy', 'Dark Tapestry', 'Darnella', 'Daughter Of Darkness', 'David Adrian', 'Dawn Delight', 'Dawn Greetings', 'Dawn's Music','Dawn Poetry', 'Dawnbreaker', 'Day Dreaming', 'Day Light Moon', 'Days Of Summer', 'Dazzling Lora', 'Dazzling Sara', 'Deal Or No Deal', 'Dear Hedley', 'Dear Lady', 'Dear Margaret', 'Dear One', 'Dearly Loved', 'Debbennie Kaylyn','Debbie Reynolds', 'Debra Jean', 'Debra Kathleen', 'Debra LaRae', 'Debutante's Lace', 'Decadence', 'Deep Dreamer', 'Deep Fried Clown', 'DelMonte', 'Delicate Creation', 'Delicate Touch', 'Deliciously Different','Delirious', 'Demure Deb', 'Demure lady', 'Demure Miss', 'Denim And Lace', 'Desert Flame', 'Desert Halo', 'Desert Lilac', 'Desert Mystery', 'Desert Rainbow', 'Desert Thistle', 'Desert Umber', 'Desertnaya Sliva', 'Desiris', 'Devil's Riot', 'Devita Marie', 'Dewuc Whatic', 'Diamond Bracelet', 'Diamond Lil', 'Diamond ring', 'Diamond Necklace', 'Diana Joy', 'Diddler', 'Different World', 'Dikiy Sad', 'Dikiy Selezen', 'Dipped In Gold', 'Discovered Treasure', 'Diskobar', 'Distant Star', 'Diuna', 'Diva', 'Diva Do', 'Divine Design', 'Divinely Kissed', 'Dixie Moon', 'Dixie Road', 'Dniprovski Zori', 'Dodo', 'Doktor Novikova', 'Dolceforte', 'Dolciana', 'Doll Lace', 'Don Epifano''Donna Hackman', 'Donna Roza'. 'Donna's Peach Tart', 'Donskoy Yantar', 'Don't Be Blue', 'Don't Stop Believing', 'Doric Column', 'Doris Marie', 'Dorothy Beatty', 'Dorothy Davis', 'Dorothy Palmer', 'Dothela', 'Double Exposure', 'Double Hue', 'Double Trouble', 'Down To Earth', 'Downtown Man', 'Dragon Flight', 'Dragon King', 'Drama Rama', 'Dream A Little', 'Dream Fantasy', 'Dream Maiden', 'Dream Scene', 'Dreaming Clown', 'Dreamsicle Soda', 'Dresden Dancer', 'Dresden Dream', 'Dress Code', 'Drop Dead Diva', 'Druzhok Frantishka', 'Du Toit', 'Dubious Honor', 'Duded Up', 'Dusineya Tambovskaya', 'Duraglow', 'Dusky Jewel', 'Dvorianskoe Gnezdo', 'Dzhentlmen Udachi', 'Dzhigit'.

Tall Bearded (E): 'Eagle Control', 'Early Morning', 'Early Wish', 'Earth Girl', 'Earth's Dark Angel', 'East Indian Spice', 'Easter Finery', 'Easter Lace', 'Easter Song', 'Easter Valley', 'Easy Grace', 'Easy Way', 'Ecre Dreams', 'Ecru Lace', 'Edith Bubbles', 'Edith Mae', 'EeDahHow', 'Effervesent', 'El Gato', 'Elaine's Angel', 'Elanita', 'Eleanor Kirkpatrick', 'Elect Lady', 'Electric Candy', 'Elegaball', 'Elegant Impressions', 'Elegant Pink', 'Elephant Tusks','Elizabeth De Witz', 'Elizabeth Gabriel', 'Elizabeth Hess', 'Elizabeth Parkhill Leitson', 'Elizabeth Shue', 'Ellen Alexander', 'Ellen Ware', 'Elmer's Web', 'Elmer's Wild Rose', 'Emanations', 'Embellishment', 'EmbraceableYou', 'Emerald Dragon', 'Emerald Fountain', 'Emerald Skies', 'Emigrantka', 'Emilie Dolge', 'Emily Kay', 'Emma Rose', 'Emotaxilit', 'Enchanted Lace', 'Enchanted Memory', 'Enchanter', 'End Of summer', 'Engaging Views', 'Enid Middleton', 'Entertainer', 'Envy', 'Epiphany. Eric Tillman', 'Eskimo Ice', 'Eternal Embrace', 'Ethel Hope', 'Etty', 'Eugenia King', 'Eva Marie', 'Evanna', 'Evelyn Kuykendall', 'Even Flow', 'Exotic', 'Exotic Buff', 'Extravagant', 'Eye For Fashion', 'Eyjaf Jalia Jokull Glacier'.

Tall Bearded (Fa-Fi): 'Fabulous Frills', 'Faculty Party', 'Faience', 'Faint Of Heart', 'Fairlight', 'Fairy Frostbite', 'Fairy Goddess', 'Fairy Steps', 'Fairy's Prom Dress', 'Faithfully Yours', 'Falbala', 'Fall Fashion', 'Fall Patterns', 'Fallalery', 'Fallen Love', 'Fanagoriya', 'Fanciful Vision', 'Fanion', 'Fancy Biscuit', 'Fancy Dog', 'Fancy Filigree', 'Fancy Gal', 'Fancy Halo', 'Fancy Lace', 'Fancy Lady', 'Fancy Stuff', 'Fangnificent', 'Fantaghiro', 'Fantastic Lace','Fantastreaks', 'FantasyFaire', 'Fantasy In Pink', 'Fantasy Lace', 'Farforovoye Kruzhevo', 'Farr's Fortune', 'Fartovy', 'Fashion Designer', 'Fashionable Pink', 'Fashionably Late', 'Father Christmas', 'Faultless', 'Faydy Girl', 'Fear Dem Beards', 'Feast Your Eues', 'Feather Boa', 'Feathers And Flounces', 'Feature Attraction', 'Feature Presentation', 'Feeling Spicy Tonite', 'Feminine Charm', 'Femme Fatale', 'Fern Maw', 'Fervid', Fiddlesticks’, ‘Fiery Springs’, ‘Fiesta Orange’, Fiesta Rays’, ‘Fifth Avenue’, ‘Filin’, ‘Filippika’, ‘Final Call’, ‘Fine Arts’, ‘Fine Fixins’, ‘Fine Plumage’, 'Fine Romance', ‘Finian’s Rainbow’, ‘Finishing Touch’, ‘Fire On Ice’, ‘Firebeard’, ‘Fireworks Tonight’, ‘First Curtain’, ‘First Endeavor’, ‘First Prize’, ‘First Reunion’, ‘First Wives Club’, ‘Fizzing’.

Tall Bearded (Fl-Fz): 'Flamboyant Dance', 'Dream', 'Flameburst','Flaming Arrow', 'Flamingo Lace', 'Flash Bang', 'Flash Lightning', 'Flashed Tips', 'Flashy Show Girl', 'Fledermaus', 'Flight Of Fairies', 'Flirtation', 'Floral Fantasy', 'Floral Lace', 'Flounces Talk', 'Flower Fever', 'Flower Note', 'Flowerfield', 'Flutterina', 'Fly Your Colors', 'Flyaway', 'Foggy Bottom', 'Follow That Dream', 'Follow Your Dream', 'Fond Wish', 'Fontaine', 'Fontana Di Trevi', 'Fontanka', 'Foolish Fancy', 'Foolishness', 'Footmitts', 'For A Dancer', 'For Eileen', 'For Gabrielle', 'For Hugo Rhys', 'For Lovers Only', 'For Tina', 'Forever', 'Forever April', 'Forever Night', 'Formal Dress', 'Fort Boyard', 'Fortune Wheel', 'Forward Flash', 'Foxy Lady', 'Foxymoron', 'Frances Gaulter', 'Frances Sylvia', 'Franjelica', 'Frazzle Dazzle', 'Fred And Ginger', 'Freda's Gift', 'Free And Easy', 'French Gown', 'French Lace', 'French Lavender', 'Freska', 'Frieda J', 'Friffles', 'Fright Night', 'Frill Of It All', 'Frilled Sensatiion', 'Frills An' Candleglow', 'Frills And Flutes', 'Frilly Fringes', 'Fringe Benefits', 'Fringed Apricot', 'Fringed Lace', 'Frisco Follies', 'Frisounette', 'Frivolous Idea', 'Frolic Tempest', 'Frontline','Frost Design', 'Frosted Heather', 'Frosted Julep', 'Frosted Lace', 'Frosted Lavender', 'Frosted Pearls', 'Frosted Sunbeam', 'Frosty Blush', 'Frosty Frills', 'Frosty Jewels', 'Frosty Tetons', 'Frozen Flame', 'Fruit Sherbet', 'Fruit Smoothie', 'Fruitsation', 'Fuego', 'Full Compliment', 'Full Moon Rising', 'Full Tilt', 'Funny Bird', 'Funny Girl', 'Furgittin Time', Furor', 'Future Hope', 'Fuzzy Wuzzy Rocket'.

Tall Bearded (Ga-Gol): 'G. Percy Brown', 'Gala Louise', 'Galactic Dancer', 'Galactic Gold', 'Galactic Warrior', 'Gallant Beauty', 'Ganna Shekekra', 'Garden Escort', 'Garden Frock', 'Garden Lantern', 'Garden Princess', 'Gardenlite', 'Garnet Lace', 'Gaucho Serenade', 'Gawkin Mateereul', 'Gay Apparel', 'Gay Brindy', 'Gay Bouquet', 'Gaze', 'Gemstone Walls', 'Genesis', 'Geniality', 'Gentle Embrace', 'Gentle Orchid', 'Georgette Silk', 'Georgia Maesar', 'Ghost Whisper', 'Ghost Writer', 'Giacatollo', 'Gift Of Dreams', 'Gil Y Gil', 'Gilded Angel', 'Gilded Edge', 'Gilded Style', 'Gilmer', 'Ginny G', 'Ginny's Cream', 'Gioia Alta', 'Giperborey', 'Girly Girl', 'Glacier Blush', 'Glacier Sky', 'Gladys Clarke', 'Gladys Kelly', 'Glamor Girl Curls', 'Glamourous Life', 'Glazed Gold', 'Gleam O Sunset', 'Glendale', 'Glittering Amber', 'Global Warmer', 'Glorioso', 'Glorious Sunshine', 'Glory Bound', 'Glory Thunder', 'Glowing Charm', 'Glowing Clouds', 'Glowing Grace', 'Go For The Gold', 'God's Fingerprint', 'Goddess Of Love', 'Gogo Yveline', 'Gold Class', 'Gold Exchange', 'Gold Retriever', 'Golda', 'Golden Act', 'Goldlen Angel', 'Golden Buckeye', 'Golden Charmer', 'Golden Crescendo', 'Golden Delight', 'Golden Diadem', 'Golden Dress', 'Golden Fasan', 'Golden Filigree', 'Golden Flounce', 'Golden Frolic', 'Golden Garland', 'Golden Idol', 'Golden Knight', 'Golden Odyssey', 'Golden Scroll', 'Golden Shower', 'Golden Wedding Lace', 'Golden Wizard', 'Goldfinger', 'Goluboye Izumleniye',

Tall Bearded (Goo-Gz): 'GoodDeed', 'Good Intent', 'Good On Ya', 'Good Point', 'Goodbye Heart', 'Gordan Rules', 'Gospozha Metelitsa', 'Gossett's Gamble', 'Gostinets', 'Gothic', 'Gothic Romance', 'Gotta Git It', 'Gracelle', 'Gracious Helen', 'Graduation', 'Graduation Day', 'Graduation Gift', 'Graffiti', 'Graft', 'Grain Exchange', 'Granada', 'Great Divide', 'Granatovaia Druza', 'Grand Delusiions', 'Grand Jewel', 'Grand Panjandrum', 'Grand View', 'Grand Waltz', 'Grande Ouche', 'Grandma Austell', 'Grandma's Lace', 'Grandma's Pajamas', 'Granny Murphy', 'Grant Gordon', 'Grape Ice', 'Grape Festival', 'Grape Jelly', 'Grateful Heart', 'Graustark', 'Gray Lace', 'Grazka', 'Great Divide', 'Great Lady', 'Great Mountain', 'Green Echos', 'Green Mittens', 'Green Touch', 'Griffin', 'Gringo Honeymoon', 'Groznyi Monarkh', 'Guardian Angel', 'Guiding Light', 'Gus Hrustalny', 'Gussie', 'Gustaya Pelena', 'Guy's Gold', 'Gwen', 'Gypsy Caravan', 'Gypsy Senorita', 'Gyro'.

Tall Bearded (H): 'Hah Wah Ya', 'Hallowed Thought', 'Handsome Lass', 'Hannah Denette', 'Happenstance', 'Happy Bells', 'Happy Bride', 'Happy Childhood', 'Happy Face', 'Happy Halo', 'Happy Harmony', 'Happy Laughter', 'Happy Mother's Day', 'Happy Trails', 'Hardly Harley', 'Harem Lady', 'Harmonious', 'Harry The Flower', 'Harvet King', 'Hatico', 'Haunted Heart', 'Haute Couture', 'Hawaii Bound', 'Hawaiian Love Call', 'Hawaiian Moonlight', 'He Can Dance', 'Heady Perfume', 'Heart Mountain', 'Heart Of Glass', 'Heart Warmer', 'Heartbreak Hotel', 'Heartfelt Beauty', 'Heart's Delight', 'Heather Marie', 'Heatheridge', 'Heathermist', 'Heaven Can Wait', 'Heavenly Bliss', 'Heavenly Frost', 'Heavenly Horns', 'Heavenly Pink', 'Heavenly Presence', 'Heaven's Shore', 'Heavenward', 'Hee Bee Gee Bee', 'Heidi Alaina', 'Heidi's Dream', 'Helen Bonfils', 'Helen Rusk', 'Henna Accent', 'Hidden Glow', 'Hidden World', 'High Beam', 'High Flying Flamingo', 'High Kicking Rockettes', 'High Tea', 'Hint Of Danger', 'Hippoz Tutu', 'Hollywood Nights', 'Holy Lace', 'Holly Kay', 'Homebody', 'Homolano', 'Honey Hush', 'Honey Lace', 'Honey Mocha', 'Honey Mustard', 'Honey Nectar', 'Honey Pie', 'Honey Scoop., 'Honeybubbles', 'Honk Your Horn', 'Honor Bound', 'Honoured Queen', 'Hooked On Pink', 'Hoopskirts', 'Hope Is Everything', 'Horned Lace', 'Horned Tangerine', 'Hoss', 'Hot Ginger', 'Hot Summer Night', 'Hot Ziggedy', 'Howdy Clouds', 'Huascaran', 'Hubba Hubba Hubba', 'Huerhuero', 'Hurley Burley', 'Hurricane Lamp', 'Hyperspace'.

Tall Bearded (I ): 'I Feel Lucky', 'I Like Pretty Things', 'I Love A Parade', 'I Love Lace', 'I Must Have It', 'I See Stars', 'I Shall Return', 'Ice Adams', 'Ice Ballet', 'Ice Capades', 'Ice Cream Sundae', 'Ice Goddess', 'Ice Storm', 'Iced', 'Ida Emily', 'Idaho Belle', 'Igra Volny', 'Illiuziya', 'Illulisat', 'Illusion In Lace', 'I'm Pretty', 'I'm The Decider', 'I'm Tickled Pink', 'I'm Your Lady', 'Imaginarium', 'Impulsive Elation', 'In A Kiss', 'In Camelot', 'In Person', 'In Style', 'In The Morning', 'In The Spotlight', 'Inchoation', 'Indeyskaya Piroga', 'Indian Maize', 'Indulge', 'Indy Edith', 'Inga Ivey', 'Inland Princess', 'Inland Queen', 'Inner Delight', 'Inner Vision', 'Innocent Blush', 'Innocent Pink', 'Insurrection', 'Intarzis', 'Intense Yellow Jacket', 'Interstellar Travel', 'Into Temptation', 'Invocazione', 'Irene's Song', 'Iris Irene', 'Irish Lullaby', 'Irish Whim' 'Irmina', 'Ironiya Sudby', 'Isabel Mynott', 'Isadora Belle', 'Island Coral', 'Isotope', 'Ispoved', 'Italian Master', 'It's Friday', 'Ivory Flute', 'Ivory Lace', 'Izvilistaya Reka'.

Tall Bearded (J): 'J. Findley', 'Jacaranda', 'Jael's Conquest', 'Jailhouse Rock', 'Jaime Delgado', 'Jamaica Skies', 'Jan Elizabeth', 'Jan Maree', 'Janet Diane', 'Janet Lemon', 'Janet Marie', 'Janet Sue', 'Janice Ruth', 'Janni', 'Jeff's Choice', 'Jeff's Guardian Angel', 'Jennifer Rebecca', 'Jenny Lynn', 'Jersey Maid', 'Jessica In Pink', 'Jessica Susanne', 'Jewel Drop', 'Jeweled Empress', 'Jeweled Flight', 'Jewelry Everywhere', 'Jill's Frills', 'Jingle Bells', 'Jo Anne North', 'Jo Vallery', 'Joann', 'Joann Austell', 'Joann's Dream', 'John Glad', 'Jon Ellen', 'Jordan Alexis Thomas', 'Joy Of Springtime', 'Joyce Ragle', 'Joyce Thrift', 'Joyful Moment', 'Joyful Sound', 'Joyous Melody', 'Joyous Morn', 'Juan Valdez', 'Jubil Heart', 'Juin Lorelei', 'June Krausse', 'June Symphony', 'Jungle Cat', 'Jungle Dancer', 'Jungle Out There', 'Jupiter's Joy', 'Juris Prudence', 'Just A Kiss Away', 'Just An Elusion', 'Just Before Dawn', 'Just For Fun', 'Just Fer Her', 'Just Witchery', 'Justice', 'Justifiably Proud', 'Justified'.

Tall Bearded (K): 'Kaelin's Lipstick', 'Kafel', 'Kali Julia', 'Kali's Kalico', 'Kalkutta', 'Kalmytskie Stepi', 'Kamiakin', 'Kansas City Star', 'Kaprikon', 'Kapriznaya Printsessa', 'Karamelka', 'Karen Ann', 'Karen Joyce', 'Karen Lynette', 'Karen Lynn', 'Karmen Dance', 'Karpaty', 'Kareglazka', 'KartynaZPudry', 'Kashmir Lace', 'Kashtan', 'Kashtanovyye Svechi', 'Katharine Steele', 'Katherine J', 'Katie Girl', 'Katie Pie', 'Katriel Leigh', 'Kavkazskaya Plennitsa', 'Kaw', 'Kayla', 'Kazkove Korolivstvo', 'Keith's Gift', 'Kelly Lynne', 'Kenny's Toga', 'Kentucky Derby', 'Kentucky Woman', 'Khokhotushka', 'Khranitel Snov', 'Khutorianka', 'Kickapoo Spears', 'Kilt Lilt', 'Kimberly Barry', 'Kind Candace', 'Kind Karen', 'Kindness', 'Kinfolk', 'King Emperor', 'King Of Fire', 'King's Courtesan', 'Kirsten Marriott', 'Kiss From Above', 'Kiss From Above', 'Kiss Goodbye', 'Kiss Me All Over', 'Kiss The Dawn', 'Kissed At Dawn', 'Kisses Like Wine', 'Kitayskaya Shkatulka', 'Kitchen Sink Too', 'Klejnot', 'Kloun', 'Kniaz Golitsyn', 'Kniazhna', 'Kniazhna Mari', 'Knockin On Heaven's Door', 'Knock Quietly', 'Kokopelli', 'Kolyska Kokhannia', 'Konstantin Trotskiy', 'Kooza', 'Korallovy Ostrov', 'Koreana Beauty', 'Korolevskiy Romans', 'Korolievskaia Krov', 'Kosmach', 'Krakatoa', 'Kranitzs Alibi', 'Krasna Vasilisa', 'Kremliovskaya Bashnia', 'Krepdeshinovy Vals', 'Krestonosets', 'Kristen Faith', 'Kristi Moore', 'Kristina's Song', 'Kryla Tytana', 'Krymskaya Vesna', 'Krymskiy Vecher', 'Krypton', Kseniya', 'Kucheriavets', 'KudriPoseydona', 'Kudriavaya Devchonka', 'Kudriavy Paren', 'Kurortny Roman', KuzniechnoieDielo', 'Kwik Cash', 'Kyivsky Fresky', 'Kyla Rose', 'Kyoto'.

Tall Bearded (La): 'L'Appat', 'L'Ely', 'L'Incoronazione', 'La Bamba Cara', 'La Cresta', 'La Dentell', 'La Di Da', 'La Juana', 'La Habana', 'La Toya', 'La Troienne', 'La Valse', 'Lace And Violets', 'Lace Ballet', 'Lace Bonnet', 'Lace Curtains', 'Lace Galore', 'Lace Jabot', 'Lace Legacy', 'Lace Mantilla', 'Lace Negligee', 'Lace Rings', 'Laced Armour', 'Laced Beauty', 'Laced Charm', 'Laced Cotton', 'Laced Credentials', 'Laced Daisy', 'Laced Delight', 'Laced Duet', 'Laced Fringes', 'Laced Gown', 'Laced Halo', 'Laced Heiress', 'Laced Lady', 'Laced Orangeade', 'Laced Petticoats', 'Laced Ruffled Custard', 'Laced Tapestry', 'Laced Wonder', 'Lacified', 'Lacy Adventure', 'Lacy Berry', 'Lacy Bluebonnet', 'Lacy Day', 'Lacy Elegance', 'Lacy Hagood', 'Lacy Halo', 'Lacy Ice', 'Lacy Lantern', 'Lacy Lavender', 'Lacy Lemon', 'Lacy Linda', 'Lynx', 'Lacy Moon', 'Lacy Modeling', 'Lacy Pouf', 'Lacy Primrose', 'Lacy Sharmalay', 'Lacy Snowflake', 'Lacy Susan', 'Lacy Tutu', 'Ladislav', 'Lady Ann', 'Lady Be Good', 'Lady Bird Johnson', 'Lady Chablis', 'Lady Jean', 'Lady Lavendale', 'Lady Madonna', 'Lady Natalie', 'Lady Of Substance', 'Lady X', 'Lake Stillwater', 'Lakota Wind', 'Lame Array', 'Lamoyne Elizabeth', 'Land Of Extremes', 'Land Of Smiles', 'Lander's Trails', 'Landsend Classic', 'Lani Hoko', 'Larissa', 'Laser', 'Laskovy May', 'Lass With Class', 'Last Love', 'Last Song', 'Last Tango', 'Late Edition', 'Late Liftoff', 'Latin Arts', 'Latin Lark', 'Laura's Choice', 'Lauren Elizabeth', 'Lavender And Old Lace', 'Lavender Blue Lace','Lavender Cascard', 'Lavender Charm', 'Lavender Cheeks', 'Lavender Frost', 'Lavender Lace', 'Lavender Lullaby', 'Lavender Petticoats', 'Lavender Princess', 'Lavender Queen', 'Lavender Remembrance', 'Lavender Thrills', 'Lavender Warrior', 'Lavinia Campbell', 'Lavish Lace', 'Lawendowa Amfora'.

Tall Bearded (Le-Ll): 'Le Bel Homme, 'Le Cygne', 'Le Miroir', 'Leanna', 'Leather Lace', 'Lebedinaya Vernost', 'Legacy Of Lace', 'Lemon And Spice', 'Lemon Brocade', 'Lemon Bubbly', 'Lemon Cooler', 'Lemon Craft', 'Lemon Etching', 'Lemon Fire', 'Lemon Fizz', 'Lemon Fluff', 'Lemon Glitter', 'Lemon Gumdrop', 'Lemon Lollipop', 'Lemon Love', 'Lemon Pledge', 'Lemon Portrait', 'Lemon Spice', 'Lemon Squeeze', 'Lemon Twizzler', 'Lemonade Springs', 'Lemonella', 'Lemonicious', 'Lemons And Lace', 'LeRoy's Silverback', 'Lesley My Love', 'Leo Haven', 'Lesnaya Krasavitsa', 'Lesnoy Landysh', 'Let It Be', 'Leta Black', 'Letmentertainu', 'Letni Vecher', 'Liberty And Justice', 'Life Story', 'Light And Lovely', 'Light And Magic', 'Light Impression', 'Light Touch', 'Light Years', 'Lighted Window', 'Lightning Bus', 'Lilac Breeze', 'Lilac Charmer', 'Lilac Flame', 'Lilac Glitter', 'Lilac Laser', 'Lilac Princess', 'Lilac Queen', 'Lilac Tree', 'Lilit', 'Lilla', 'Lilla Alberta', 'Lilla's Lace', 'Lilting Melody', 'Lime Fizz', 'Lime Superb', 'Linda Darnell', 'Linda Laing', 'Linda Leigh', 'Linda Rose', 'Linda's Red', 'Lingering Love', 'Lingering Melody', 'Lingering Rainbow', 'Liogkiy Potseluy', 'Lioness', 'Lipstick Kiss', 'Liptov', 'Liquid Amber', 'Lisova Pisnia', 'Litany Of Magic', 'Little Bit Of Heaven', 'Little John', 'Liubovny Romans', 'Live Music', 'Lively Lemon', 'Lively Lisa', 'Living Picture', 'Living Right', 'Liz', 'Liza Laughing', 'Lloyd',

Tall Bearded (Lo-Lz): 'Lo Mommo', 'Loaded', 'Loch Ness', 'Lofty Cloud', 'Lofty Lavender', 'Lois Parrish', 'Lolo Trail', 'Lombardy', 'Lonesome Dove', 'Longhorn', 'Look At Me', 'Look for Lostpatty', 'Looking Smart', 'Lookout', 'Loopty Loo', 'Loosen Up', 'Lorna's Red Hen', 'Lorna's Sheena', 'Lost In Love'. 'Lost In The Fog', 'Lotta Charm', 'Lou Beet', 'Lou Peach', 'Loudoun Gold', 'Louisa's Song', 'Louise Ganus', 'Louise With Lace', 'Louisiana Lace', 'Love Ballad', 'Love Blush', 'Love Boat', 'Love Branner', 'Love Continues', 'Love Is Pink', 'Love It', 'Love Lies Waiting', 'Love Magic', 'Love Me True', 'Love Of Pink', 'Love Poem', 'Love Thee Dollie', 'Love With Lace', 'Lovebird', 'Lovely Glow', 'Lovely Heiress', 'Lovely Kris', 'LovelyLeilani', 'Lovely Lovely', 'Lover's Dream', 'Lover's Reunion', 'Love's Amulet', 'Love's Dawning', 'Loving Pink', 'Lovingkindness', 'Lubuszanin', 'Luchik Sveta', 'Luchisty Nariad', 'Lucky Lady', 'Lucy's Charm', 'Lullaby Mood', 'Lullaby Of Love', 'Luscious Lace', 'Lush Smush', 'Lux Aeterna', 'Luxury Lace', 'Lyme Tyme', 'Lymon Z. Girchitsayu', 'Lynn With Love', 'Lypan'.

Tall Bearded (Ma): 'Ma Moo Jack', 'Mabel C', 'Madame Bovary', 'Madame De Lacy', 'Madame Froth', 'Madge Miller', 'Maestro Muzykant', 'Mag Charodei', 'Magdalena Louisa', 'Magdalene', 'Magenta Midnight', 'Magenta Rose', 'Maggie Sharp', 'Magic Act', 'Magic Hope', 'Magical Moment', 'Mahogany Magic', 'Mai Ling', 'Maid Of Lorraine', 'Main Point', 'Main Topic', 'Mais Oui', 'Majestic Summit', 'Majowy Sen', 'Majska Radost', 'Make My Day', 'Makin Music', 'Makes Carolyn Smile', 'Maliniovy Zakat', 'Mallow Lace', 'Mal's Favorite', 'Malva Lace', 'Mambo Italiano', 'Mandolin Wind', 'Manggo Bay', 'Mango Queen', 'Mango Parfait', 'Manon Anna', 'Manor Born', 'Mapledown', 'Mardi Gras Music', 'Margaret Quirk', 'Margarete Grafin Van Kirchbach', 'Margie Stack', 'Mari', 'Marie Kalfayan', 'Marika', 'Marilyn Ashley', 'Marilyn Renee', 'Marion Ackerman', 'Marion Carroll', 'Marion Davies', 'Marmalade', 'Maroon Doubloon', 'Martha Firch', 'MartiCort', 'Martile Rowland', 'Mary Christina', 'Mary D', 'Mary O'Mahoney', 'Mashenka', 'Master Designer', 'Master's Choice', 'Material Girl', 'Matriarch', 'Mattie Silks', 'Mattie's Favorite', 'Mattie's Pride', 'Maudie Marie', 'Mauve Magic', 'Mauve Wave', 'Mavis Waves', 'Maxene Susan', 'May Madness', 'Maybe Baby', 'Mayme', 'Mayski Rassvet', 'Mayskiy Voschod', 'Mazurka',

Tall Bearded (Mc-Mi): '.McCord's Gold', 'McCord's Queen', '!McKay', 'Meadowbrook Beauty', 'Meadowlake', 'Meadowlark Fringe', 'Medobory', 'Meeta Areta', 'Meeting Of Dots', 'Megan Diane', 'Meghan', 'Meghan's Choice', 'Meldrum', 'Melissa Sue', 'Melodiya Liubvi', 'Melodiya Vesny', 'Melody Maker', 'Melody Of Spring', 'Melody Ripples', 'Melon Bisque', 'Memories Remain', 'Memphis Melody', 'Menestrel', 'Merry Aire', 'Merry Maids', 'Merry Michele', 'Merryvale', 'Mescal', 'Meteor Margaret', 'Metropolitan', 'Mexical Rose', 'Mexican Hat', 'Mezzotinto', 'Michael', 'Micheale's Creation', 'Michele Marise', 'Michele Taylor', 'Michigan Beauty', 'Michigan Pride', 'Midnight Lace', 'Mielle Simone', 'Milan', 'Milashka Polli', 'Milaya Ledi', 'Mildred Pearl', 'Miles Keith', 'Millennium Meltdown', 'Mily Drug', 'Mimi', 'Mimir', 'Mimi's Mansion', 'Minaret', 'Mind's Euye', 'Ming Lace', 'Ming Rose', 'Mink Pink', 'Minnesota Dream', 'Minnesota Frills', 'Miraflor', 'Mirror Mirror', 'Mirror Reflection', 'Mirirored Sky', 'Miss Butterworth', 'Miss Charlotte', 'Miss Charming', 'Miss Comment', 'Miss Dolly Dollars', 'Miss Minnesota', 'Miss Priss','Miss Saltillo', 'Miss Sara', 'Miss St. Louis', 'Miss Vickie', 'Missie's Girls', 'Missouri Meteor', 'Missouri Rose', 'Mistie's Audience', 'Mistress Of Camelot', 'Misty Breanne', 'Misty Gold', 'Misty Hills', 'Misty Lady', 'Misty May', 'Misty Miss', 'Mix And Match'.

Tall Bearded (Mo-My): 'Modelnoe Agentstvo', 'Modern Music', 'Modest Valour', 'Modnitsa', 'Modry Krystal', 'Moeke', 'Mohr Lace', 'Mojave Moods', 'Mollie Emms', 'Molly Brown', 'Molly Jessica', 'Molly Louise's Charmer', 'Momma Rosemary', 'Momma's Angel', 'Monaco', 'Monet's Sky', 'Monrepo', 'Monte Albano', 'Monterey Jack', 'Mood Mauve', 'Moody Girl', 'Moon In Nets', 'Moon Over Madness', 'Moon Palace', 'Moonbow', 'Moonflight', 'Moonglow', 'Moonlight Bay', 'Moonlight Medley', 'Moonlight Romance', 'Moonlit', 'Moonlit Lace', 'Moonwind', 'More To Adore', 'Morning In May', 'Morning Hymn', 'Morning Run', 'Morning Sunrise', 'Morning Thunder', Morocco', 'Morse Code', 'Morskoy Drakon', 'Morskoy Koniok', 'Morskoy Priboy', 'Moss Agate', 'Mother's Love', 'Motley Fool', 'Mount Holly Legacy', 'Mount Vesuvius', 'Mountain Haze', 'Mountain Melody', 'Mountain Sunbeams', 'Moy Benefis', 'Mulberry Crush', 'Mulberry Memories', 'Mulled Wine', 'Musetta's Waltz', 'Music Lover', 'Musica Romantica', 'Muskrat Ramble', 'Muzykalnaya Pauza', 'My Alana', 'My Bill', 'My Chartreuse Greenie', 'My Darling', 'My Embrace', 'My Friend Jonathan', 'My Ginny', 'My Mauve', 'My Pet', 'My Pretty Bessie', 'My Way', 'Mys Horn', 'Mystic Dream', 'Mystic Lace'.

Tall Bearded (N): 'Nah', 'Naivnyye Mechty', 'Narodnoe Remeslo', 'Natascha N', 'Natashulia', 'Natural Beauty', 'Nataurally Sweet', 'Naughty Notions', 'Navajo Gold', 'Navajo Night', 'Near And Dear', 'Nebesnaya Lazur', 'Nebraska Skies', 'Nectar Of The Gods', 'Necuke', 'Needle Sharp', 'Nellie Elizabeth', 'Neo Classic', NeulovimoyeVideniye', 'Neulovimy Mstitel', 'Never On Sunday', 'Nevesta', 'New Age', 'New Beginning', 'New Covenant', 'New Frontier', 'New Leaf', 'New Morning', 'New Renaissance', 'New Wrinkles', 'Newlywed', 'Nezhdannaya Liubov', 'Nezhnayha Roza', 'Nezhny Potseluy', 'Neznakomaya Piatigorchanka', 'Nezperce Princess', 'Nice Niece', 'Nicety', 'Nichna Furiia', 'Nich Na Suli', 'Nichnyi Zorepad', 'Nicole Caroline', 'Nesbiesnaia Kantseliariia', 'Night Magic', 'Nikolay Mikhaylov', 'Nikolskaya Krasavitsa', 'Nimitz', 'Nina Ayres', 'Nina Usova', 'Nine Muses', 'Nishchiy Prints', 'Nita Bonita', 'Nita's Belle', 'Nita's Evening Gown', 'No Brainer', 'No Down Payment', 'Noble Fancy', 'Noblesa', 'Nochnaya Gostya', 'Nod To Rob', 'Nom De Plume', 'Nordic Kiss', 'Nordic Sun', 'Nordkappe', 'Normality', 'Norman', 'North Pole', 'Northlander', 'Nothing But Class', 'Novaya Zaria', 'Novorichny Son', 'Novyye Amazonki', 'Nth Degree', 'Nu Pogodi', 'Nut Cake'.

Tall Bearded (O): 'O My Gold', 'Oasis Bow Too', 'Oasis Fancy', 'Oasis Kim', 'OasisMelody', 'Oasis Red', 'Oasis Redwine', 'Oasis Sea Surf', 'Oasis Stephenie', 'Oasis Sue', 'Obispo Moment', 'Obruchalnoye Koltso', 'Ocean Quest', 'OdinNaDvoikh', 'Oedipussi', 'Oghab', 'Ognenny Tsvetok', 'Oh Be Joyful', 'Okapi Poppy', 'Okavango', 'Oklahoma Centennial', 'Olena Bayrak', 'Olgida', 'Olimpiyskiy Fakel', 'Olive Frances Meek', 'Olympic Pink', 'On The House'. 'On The Way', 'Once In A Lullaby', 'One Better', 'One Eighth', 'One More Sip', TbOneOfThoseSongs, 'Opal's Legacy', 'Open Arms', 'Open Hearth', 'Opening Night', 'Opportunity', 'Optimist', 'Or Et Dentelle', 'Orakul', 'Orange Ala Mode', 'Orange Ensemble', 'Orange Fall', 'Orange Falter', 'Orange Festival', 'Orange Glory', 'Orange Impact', 'Orange Laced Gown', 'Orange Parfait', 'Orange Plus', 'Orange Plush', 'Orange Popsicle', 'Orange Punch', 'Orange Quest', 'Orange Show', 'Orange Sorbet', 'Orange Splendor', 'Orange Star', 'Orange Sunburst', 'Orange Toffee', 'Orangelo', 'Oranzhevaya Pesnia', 'Oranzhevoye Nebo', 'Oranzhevy Voskhod', 'Oranzhevy Zakat', 'Orchid Blush', 'Orchid Dandy', 'Orchid Dove', 'Orchid Echo', 'Orchid Fringe', 'Orchid Icing', 'Orchid Jewel', 'Orchid Pinstripe', 'Orchid Prize', 'Orient Express', 'Oriental Design', 'Oriental Idol', 'Oriental Silk', 'Original Cast', 'Orion's Gate', 'Osage Orange', 'Osanna Oseni', 'Osin V Karpatakh', 'Oso Good', 'Ostrogoth', 'Otgoloski Grozy', 'Otkrytoye More', 'Otkytaya Kniga', 'Our House', 'Our Lily', 'Outreach', 'Overflowing Heart'.

Tall Bearded (P-Pe): 'Pacesetter', 'Pagan Pink', 'Page Girl', 'Pageant's Gown', 'Paint The Town', 'Painted Porcelain', 'Pal Joey', 'Palace Choir', 'Palazzo', 'Palisade Peach', 'Palomino Pony', 'Pamela Rae', 'Pan Pink', 'Panache', 'Panama Fling', 'Pandora's Gift', 'Pani Ambra', 'Pannochka', 'Paradise', 'Paradise Lane', 'Paradise Saved', 'Parfait', 'Parfait Amour', 'Paris Fashion', 'Paris Pink', 'Paraisian Lace', 'Party Favor', 'Party Parfait', 'Party Ruffles', 'Party Starter', 'Pasadobl Flamingo, 'Passing Clouds', 'Passion For Lace', 'Passionale', 'Passionate Pink', 'Pat Doerfer', 'Patriotic Banner', 'Patterns', 'Pauline Cooley', 'Pavlinye Pero', 'Pawnee Pink', 'Peace Of Mind', 'Peace Talk', 'Peaceful Mission', 'Peach Beauty', 'Peach Berry Swirl', 'Peach Blossom Song', 'Peach Boom', 'Peach Bouquet', 'Peach Brandy', 'Peach Dresden', 'Peach Echo', 'Peach Lace', 'Peach Negligee', 'Peach Of A Day', 'Peach Vision', 'Peachy Keen', 'Peachy Summit', 'Peacock Dandy', 'Pearl Kemp', 'Pearl Tie Clip', 'Pearlescence', 'Pearls And Gold', 'Pearls For Girls', 'Pearly Shells', 'Peg Greenbrier', 'Peking Summer', 'Pena Priboya', 'Penisty Amur', 'Penn', 'Penny Lane', 'Peppermint Crush', 'Pepperoni Pizza', 'Perfect Accent', 'Performing Arts', 'Perils Of Pauline', 'Perinbaba', 'Perky Parakeet', 'Perlamutrovaya Fantaziya', 'Pershe Prychastia', 'Persik', 'Persik V Kruzhevakh', 'Persimmon Parasol', 'Pert And Pretty', 'Pervaya Liubov', 'Peschanaya Laguna', 'Pesnia Ivolgi', 'Pesnia Nezhnost', 'Petal Pushers', 'Petite Point', 'Petite Posy', 'Petite Princess', 'Petticoats And Lace', 'Pewter Silk',

Tall Bearded (Pf-Po): 'Phantasy In Pink', 'Phantom Mist', 'Pharaoh's Gold', 'Pianaya Vishnya', 'Pick Up Line', 'Picora's Daughter', 'Picture Pink', 'Picture This', 'Pillow Fight', 'Pillow Talk', 'Pineapple Blush', 'Pink And Gold', 'Pink Avenue', 'Pink Bloomer', 'Pink Delicacy', 'Pink Divinity', 'Pink Dresden', 'Pink Fandango', 'Pink Favorite', 'Pink Feathers', 'Pink Flurry', 'Pink Fringe', 'Pink Froth', 'Pink Graces', 'Pink Heart', 'Pink Interlude', 'Pink Invasion', 'Pink Jamboree', 'Pink Lullaby', 'Pink Madonna', 'Pink Moon', 'Pink Odd Ball', 'Pink Palace', 'Pink Parade', 'Pink Passion', 'Pink Pincurls', 'Pink Pink', 'Pink Pirouette', 'Pink Point', 'Pink Pom Pom', 'Pink Quartz', 'Pink Sleigh', 'Pink Starlet', 'Pink Swan', 'Pinksation', 'Pinktastic', 'Pinot Noir', 'Pioneer Woman', 'Pirate's Alley', 'Piratskaya Bukhta', 'Piratskiie Strasti', 'Piraty XX Veka', 'Pixie Magic', 'Placebo', 'Planet Iris', 'Platinum And Gold', 'Plauener Spitze', 'Playgirl', 'Plaza Lights', 'Pleasant Company', 'Pleasantly Warm', 'Pleated Gold', 'Pliazhny Sezon', 'Plicata Lace', 'Plum Beauty', 'Plum Delight', 'Plum Parfait', 'Plum Pretty Whiskers', 'Podarok Leta', 'Podolchanka', 'Podvodnaya Lodka', 'Poemat', 'Pointe Of View', 'PokinAround', 'Poklonnik', 'Polar Lace', 'Polevaya Romashka', 'Poliot Flamingo', 'Polished Amber', 'Polisyanochka', 'Polka', 'PolkaLace', 'Polonia', 'Pompette', 'Pongee Lace', 'Pontiff', 'Poranna Mgielka', 'Port Miramar' 'Porter's Gold', 'Portrait In Lace', 'Portrait Of Amy', 'Potseluy', 'Povelitel Morey, 'Powder River', 'Powdered Sugar', 'Power Point', 'Pozdni Leto'.

Tall Bearded (Pr-Q): 'Prachtkleid', 'Prague', 'Precious Faith', 'Precious Harvest', 'Precis', 'Prekrasnaya Neznakomka', 'Preludium', 'Premier Bal', 'Pretty As A Picture', 'Pretty Bobbie', 'Pretty Edge', 'Pretty Fawn', 'Pretty Laced Pink', 'Pretty Maid', 'Pretty Perfect', 'Pretty Swish', 'Preyemnitsa', 'Prichudy Rokoko','Pride And Prejudice', 'Pride's Castle', 'Prime Power', 'Primrose Lace', 'Princess', 'Princess Elexis', 'Princess Ellen', 'Princess Gown', 'Princess Isabella', 'Princess Joy', 'Princess Karen', 'Priscilla Of Boston', 'Priscilla Of Corinth', 'Prishelets', 'Pristine', 'Priyatny Siurpriz', 'Prom Dress', 'Prom Gown', 'Prosto Roza', 'Provocative Lady', 'Przyjaciel', 'Pseudo Lewdo', 'Pu Abi', 'Puddleduck', 'Pumpkinfest', 'Punkin Patch', 'Pure As The', 'Pure Starlight', 'Purple Lace', 'Push Out Horns', 'Puszek', 'Pylkoe Zhelanie', 'Pyshka'.'Quadros Delight', 'Quadors Joy', '[[Quadros Pride', 'Quadros Queen', 'Quality time', 'Quaint Lady', 'Quanah Parker', Queen Anne's Lace', 'Queen For A Day', 'Queen In Calico', 'Queen Of Angels', 'Queen Of Hearts', 'Queen Of Spades', 'Queen Of Tarts', 'Queen's Lace', 'Queen's Wish', 'Queen's Yellow', 'Quiet Charm', 'Quiet Gypsy', 'Quiet Kingdom', 'Quiet Riot', 'Quik', 'Quinella', 'Quixotic'.

Tall Bearded (R-Ri): 'Racing Heart', 'Rachel Emma', 'Radiant Star', 'Radiant White', 'Radosc Poranka', "RaduzhnySpektr', 'Rags To Riches', 'Rah', 'Ray Rah Boys', 'Rainbow Art', 'Rainbow Canyon', 'Rainbow Gold', 'Raise The Curtain', 'Raiski Ostrovy', 'Ramblin Rose', 'Rancho Gold', 'Rancho Rose', 'Ranchos Goldigger', 'Ranchos Mia', 'Ranger Mosby', 'Ranniaya Ptichka', 'Ranok Korolevy', 'Ransom Note', 'Rare Occasion', 'Raspberry Frills', 'Raspberry Royale', 'Raspberry Sorbet', 'Raspberry Yum Yum', 'Rave', 'Ravishing', 'ReTreat', 'Ready For Lunch', 'Ready For My Closeup', 'Real McCoy', 'Really Mine', 'Rebecca Betrothed', 'Recherche', 'Richnoy Trmvaychik', 'Reckless Abandon', 'Red Double Rimmer', 'Red Fringe', 'Red Heat', 'Red Hot Momma', 'Red Jade', 'Red Lace Petticoat', 'Red Lightning', 'Red Plus', 'Red Silk', 'Redefine Shine', 'Reine De Saba', 'Reis Pudding', 'Rejoice', 'Rejoice And Sing', 'Remarkable', 'Remington Park', 'Renee Lynn', 'Renessansnoie Nastroieniie', 'Renita', 'Renown Lady', 'Replay', ['Reseda Moon', 'Resplendere', 'Restless Dreams', 'Returning Glory', 'Returning Peace', 'Rhonda Fleming', 'Rhythm On Ice', 'Ri Sampei', 'Ribbons And Lace', 'Rich Girl', 'Richwoods', 'Ride The Tiger', 'Rimskiye Kanikuly', 'Ringoletto', 'Ripcord', 'Rippled Sunshine', 'Rippling Waters', 'Risque', 'Ritual Of Flounces', 'Ritzy', 'Riverboat Gambler', 'Rivers Of Glory',

Tall Bearded (Ro-Rz): 'Robert Smithwood', 'Robin Of Loxley', 'Robinzon', 'Rock And Roll Girl', 'Rocket Fuel', 'Rocky Brook Lady', 'Rode To Oz', 'Rodnye Prostory', 'Rog Izobiliya', 'Roksolana', 'Role Reversal', 'Roman Villa', 'Romans O Liubvi', 'Romantic Lyric', 'Romantic Melody', 'Romantico', 'Romen', 'Romie Stewart', 'Rope A Dope', 'Roper's Revenge', 'Rosa Di Sera', 'Rosa Nova', 'Rose Chiffon', 'Rose Lace', 'Rose Princess', 'Rose Rimmed Red', 'Rosecraft', 'Roselene', 'Rosy Butterfly', 'Rosy Lady', 'Rosy Mauve Cheeks', 'Rosy Scenario', 'Rouge Royale', 'Royal Blessing', 'Royal Challenger', 'Royal Egyptian', 'Royal Express', 'Royal Heiress', 'Royal Jammies', 'Royal Mystique', 'Royal Nugget', 'Royal Romance', 'Royal Sterling', 'Royal Thalia', 'Royalace', 'Roza Vetrov', 'Rozovaya Printessa', 'Rozovaya Svadba', 'Rozovy Kaskad', 'Rozovy Rassvet', 'Rozovy Vecher', 'Rozovyye Kruzheva', 'Rozovyye Oblaka', 'Rubies All Around', 'Rubinovaya Svadba', 'Rubies', 'Ruby Lace', 'Ruby Tracery', 'Ruching', 'Ruddy Red', 'Rudolph's Red Nose', 'Ruee Vers L Or', 'Ruffle Pretty', 'Ruffle Truffle', 'Ruffled Apache', 'Ruffled Pantaloons', 'Ruffled Queen', 'Ruffled Sunshine', 'Ruffled Surprise', 'Rufflelata', 'Rumba Ruffles', 'Ruth Holbrook'.

Tall Bearded (Sa-Sh ): 'Sa Coma', 'Sacia Rose', 'Saffron Drift', 'Sahalee', 'Sakharnyi Dvorets', 'Salamander Sal', 'Salma', 'Salome Dancing', 'Salty', 'Salmon River Falls', 'Salmon Song', 'Samba Bilykh Metelykiv', 'Sammie's Jammies', 'Sand Castle', 'Sanovnik', 'Santa Fe Style', 'Sapphire Lace', 'Sapphire Tiger', 'Sapphire Waves', 'Sara Anne Noel', 'Sara Lynn', 'Sarafan', 'Sarah Miles', 'Sarah Rose', 'Sariel', 'Sassy Girl', 'Sassy Miss', 'Satin And Lace', 'Satin Bow', 'Satin Ribbgon', 'Satin Siren', 'Satin Song', 'Saturabico', 'Sauvagine', 'Savannah Fair', 'Savannah Sue', 'Say Cheese', 'Sayonara','Scarlet Whisper', 'Scarlet's Gown', 'Scarlett In Gold', 'Scene Stealer', 'Scent From Angels', 'Schiogol', 'Schizo', 'School Marm's Blush', 'Schwarze Berge', 'Scintillating Lady', 'Scotland Yard', 'Sea Empress', 'Seafair Parade', 'Seafair Pirate', 'Seafair Queen', 'Seaforth', 'Searious Situation', 'Season's Dream', 'Second Emotion', 'Second Helping', 'Secret Admirer', 'Secret Affair', 'Secret Cove', 'Secret Monger', 'Seed Of Love', 'Seek The Glow', 'Seeun Is Beleevun', 'Selah Christine', 'Select Circle', 'Semiorka', 'Seneca Bride', 'Seneca Norma Jean', 'Sensual Elegance', 'Sentimental Mood', 'Senzi Senzus', 'Separate Area', 'Serebrianaya Luna', 'Serebristy Iney', 'Serebryany Rodnik', 'Serenade To Sadie', 'Serene Summit', 'Serengeti Spaghetti', 'Serious Sighs', 'Serna', 'Serrated Purple Surprise', 'Servin Up Sparkle', 'Settimo Cielo', 'Sex Appeal', 'Shades Of Mauve', 'Shadow Lace', 'Shadow Vale', 'Shark', 'Shattered Glass', 'She', 'Sheen Of Evening Sky', 'Sheer Magic', 'Sheer Poetry', 'Shelly Elizabeth', 'She's A Lady', 'She's The One', 'Shestoye Chuvstvo', 'Shkolny Vals', 'Shkval', 'Shokoladny Master', 'Shoot The Moon', 'Shopper's Special', 'Shoshone Moon', 'Show Dress', 'Show Queen', 'Showy Lowy', 'Showy Wheel', 'Shrimp Onda Barbie', 'Shy Star'.

Tall Bearded (Si-So:) 'Sierra Sunset', 'Sights Unlimited', 'Signal Red', 'Sila Pritiazheniya', 'Silent Force', 'Silicon Prairie', 'Silk Brocade', 'Silk Romance', 'Silk Stocking Street', 'Silver City', 'Silver Fizz', 'Silver Fox', 'Silver Glacier', 'Silver Heels', 'Silver Lace', 'Silver Shower', 'Silver Surfer', 'Silver Yen', 'Simfoniya', 'Simpatichnaya Osa', 'Simpatico', 'Simple Pleasures', 'Simply Stunning', 'Sinful Papa', 'Sing In Harmony', 'Singing Rill', 'Sinobrody', 'Sioux Uprising', 'Sir Kevin', 'Siren V Snegu', 'Serenevy Zhemchug', 'Sirenevyye Oblaka', 'Sirenevyye Sumerki', 'Sirenvoye Kruzhevo', 'Sissy', 'Sister Bev', 'Sister Miriam Sings', 'Sisters Three', 'Skating On Ice', 'Skeedaddle', 'Skinsome', 'Skookumchuck', 'Sky Blue Waters', 'Sky Crochet', 'Sky Of Summer', 'Sky Surf', 'Skyburst', 'Skyhopper', 'Sladkaia Karamelka', 'Sleepytime Gal', 'Slice Of Heaven', 'Sliozy Vesny', 'Slivovoye Vareniye', 'Slo News', 'Slow Motion', 'Slowianin', 'Smart Blonde', 'Smart Set', 'Smiling Angel', 'Smoking Volcano', 'Snig U Florentsiyi', 'Snorri', 'Snow Country', 'Snow Lace', 'Snow Show', 'Snow White Dove', 'Snow White's Rouge', 'Snowblaze', 'Snowy Jewel', 'Snowy Vista', 'Soaring Thunderbird', 'Social Blush', 'Social Event', 'Social Graces', 'Social Hour', 'Soft Cadence', 'Soft Side', 'Soft Surprise', 'Softly Renewed', 'Sogmo Misterioso', 'Solar Radiance', 'Solar Sprinkles', 'Solar Storm', 'Solnechny Bereg', 'Solntsekliosh', 'Solstar', 'Some Enchanted Evening', 'Someone Cares', 'Something Wonderful', 'Somewhere In Time', 'Somsee Somsigh', 'Son Savanny', 'Sonata Buzku', 'Song Of Angels', 'Song Of Spring', 'Sophie VD Heide', 'Sophisticated Lady', 'Sophistication', 'Sorceress', 'Sorisso Pitoresco', 'Sorority Sister', 'Southwest Advance', 'Southwest Sunset', 'Sovereign Princess, 'Sozvuchiye Serdets'.

Tall Bearded (Sp-Sum:) 'Space Blazer', 'Space Charm', 'Space Dream', 'Space Opera', 'Spanish Lace', 'Spanish Midas', 'Sparkling Dew', 'Sparkling Silver', 'Speculator', 'Spiced Honey', 'Spiced Tiger', 'Spicy Twist', 'Spirit Falls', 'Spirit In The Sky', 'Spirit Of Fiji', 'Spirit Of Memphis', 'Spirits Rising', 'Spiritual Harmony', 'Spiritual Tale', 'Spohad', 'Spooned Blaze', 'Spotless Mind', 'Spray Mate','Sprightly Air', 'Spring Announcement', 'Spring Collage', 'Spring Concerto', 'Spring Frolic', 'Spring Image', 'Spring Jade', 'Spring Kiss', 'Spring Love', 'Spring Mood', 'Spring Parasol', 'Spring Peach', 'Spring Snowflake', 'Spriong Splendor', 'Springfield Sunburst', 'Spring's Chord', 'Spring's First Day', 'Squid Squirt', 'St. Helen's Wake',, 'Stacy Ruth', 'Stained Ivory', 'Star Billing', 'Star Lord', 'Staar Of Este', 'Star Over Madrid', 'Star Studded', Star Turn', 'Stare Stealer', 'Starfrost Pink', 'Starmist', 'Staromodna Dama', 'Starple', 'Starrinig Encore', 'Startler', 'Stavropolskiyi Zori', 'Stella Marie', 'Stena Plache', 'Stepping Dancer', 'Sterling Blush', 'Steven's Love', 'Stilettos', 'Still The One', 'Still Thinking', 'Stitched Nets', 'Stiuardessa', 'Stolen Dreams', 'Stolen Sweets', 'Stop The Traffic', 'Storm Front', 'Stormy Sunrise', 'Storyland', 'Straight Laced', 'Strange Harmony', 'Strawberry Field', 'Strawberry Frosting', 'Strawberry Shake', 'Strawberry Strand', 'Street Walker', 'Strictly Taboo', 'Strike It Rich', 'String Of Pearls', 'Strizhament', 'Strut', 'Sturdy Man', 'Suds', 'Sue Ellen', 'Sue White', 'Suely Sue', 'Sugar Cookie', 'Sugar Shell', 'Sugar Street', 'Sugarplum', 'Sugarplum Delight', 'Sukhoy Fontan', 'Summer Dreams', 'Summer Evening', 'Summer Frost', 'Summer Fun', 'Summer Love', 'Summer Magic', 'Summer Peach', 'Summer Serenade', 'Summer Sonata', 'Summit Dawn', 'Summit Easter', 'Summit Flame', 'Summit Lady', 'Summit Love', 'Summit Queen', 'Summit Sundae', 'Summit Sweetie', 'Sumptuous'.

Tall Bearded (Sun-Sz): 'Sun And Shield', 'Sun Belt', 'Sun Blossom', 'Sun Cap', 'Sun Chic', 'Sun City', 'Sun Coral', 'Sun Country', 'Sun Toasted', 'Sunburst', 'Sunday Bride', 'Sunday Brunch', 'Sunday Morning', 'Sunday's Child', 'Sunlit Crest', 'Sunlit Fringes', 'Sunlit Windows', 'Sunny And Warm', 'Sunny Circle', 'Sunny Dream', 'Sunny Lane', 'Sunny Lynn', 'Sunny Sail', 'Sunny Suzanne', 'Sunpolka', 'Sunray Reflection', 'Sunrise In Eden', 'Sunrise Promenade', 'Sunrise Symphony', 'Sunshine And Snow', 'Sunshine Lace', 'Sunshine Superman', 'Super Model', 'Super Stuff', 'Superskirt', 'Supersonic Lazy Love', 'Supreme Dream', 'Supreme Queen', 'Sure Enuff', 'Surely White', 'Surely You Jest', 'Surprise Ending', 'Suvorovets', 'Suzi's Sunshine', 'Suzuki Chic', 'Suzy', 'Svadebny Vals', 'Svetik', 'Svetlonos', 'Sviatki', 'Sviatkovyi Podykh', 'Svobodnaya Palmira', 'Swan Master', 'Swann's Way', 'Swearin Ima Blarin', 'Swedish Lace', 'Swedish Sweetheart', 'Sweet Aleda', 'Sweet Emotions', 'Sweet Evelyn', 'Sweet Favorite', 'Sweet Freida', 'Sweet Girl Graduate', 'Sweet Jess', 'Sweet Latte', 'Sweet Lemonade', 'Sweet Life', 'Sweet mama', 'Sweet Mei', 'Sweet Miss', 'Sweet Moment', 'Sweet Musette', 'Sweet N Lovely', 'Sweet Revenge', 'Sweet Romance', 'Sweet Savannah', 'Sweet Sleep', 'Sweet Wonder', , 'Sweeter Than Honey', 'Sweeter Than Wine', 'Sweetest Story Told', 'Sweetheart Ring', 'Sweetly Sung', 'Sweetwater Pie Burns', 'Swing King', 'Swinging Lady', 'Swirled Freckles', 'Swoosh', 'Sydni Ann', 'Symphonette', 'Synchronicity', 'Syncopating Ivory'.

Tall Bearded (Ta-Ti): 'Tabachny Kapitan', 'Taffy Surprise', 'Tagli E Buchi', 'Taina Ransom', 'Talk Of The Town', 'Tall John', 'Tamarisk', 'Tanets Ognia', 'Tangerine Queen', 'Tannish Anna', 'Tanya Lynn', 'Target', 'Tarlatin', 'Tarnovy Vinok', 'Tashkent', 'Tawny Wings', 'Tayna Parol', ' Taynoye Chuvsstvo', 'Taynuy Agent', 'Tea For Two', 'Teacher Creature', 'Teatralnaya Alleya', 'Telaka', 'Tell Star', 'Telltale Fingerprints', 'Temple Brocade', 'Temple Gold', 'Temple Spire', 'Tender Embrace', 'Tender Look', 'Tender Thought', 'Tenderloin', 'Tequila Sunrise', 'Terri Lynn', 'Texas Fancy', 'Texas Glory', 'Texas Tradition', 'Thai Orange', 'That's Hot', 'The Bride's Dress', 'The Right Touch', 'Thessaloniki', 'Thinking Out Loud', 'Third Dimension', 'Thirsty Oasis', 'Thornberry', 'Thrilling Experience', 'Throb', 'Thundering Ovation', 'Tiburon', 'Tiffany Time', 'Tiger Talk', 'Tikhiy Omut', 'Tillinghast', 'Time Together', 'TimpanogosSnows', 'Tina Joyce', 'Tina MacFarlane', 'Tina Marie', 'Tina's Gift', 'Ting Toy Boss', 'Tinsel Twon', 'Tint Of Mint', 'Tinted Lace', 'Tintinnabulation'.

Tall Beartded (To-Tz): 'To Follow One's Heart', 'Toast Of The Town', 'Toasted Almond', 'Tomcat', 'Tomorrow's Child','Tonga Moon', 'Tonkoe Kruzhevo', 'Too Sweet',, 'Too Too Ripe', 'Torchwood', 'Total Elegance', 'Toucan Tango', 'Touching Moment', 'Towering Finale', 'Towering Inferno', 'Town And Country', 'Town Flirt', 'Traces Of Ants', 'Tracy Tyrene', 'Trade Winds', 'Transient Dancer', 'Travel On', 'Traveling Show', 'Treasure Lane', 'Treasured Lace', 'Treassured Love', 'Tres Elegante', 'Trial By Fire', 'Trillionaire', 'Trip To The Moon', 'Triple Crown', 'Triple Dragon', 'Triumfator', 'Tropica', 'Tropical Delight', 'Tropical Fruit Salad', 'Tropical Morn', 'Tropical Paradise', 'Tropical Passion', 'Tropical Shadows', 'Tropicana Doll', 'Trousseau Lace', 'True Bliss', 'Trump Card', 'Tsaritsa Tamara', 'Tsvetok Edema', 'Tsvetok Pustyni', 'Tsvetushchiy Mindal', 'Tsyganochka', 'Tsyrkovaia Repriza', 'Tule Sands', 'Tule Sunshine','Tumbleweed Waltz', 'Turkish Treasure', 'Turk's Crown', 'Tuscan Villa', 'Twice Bright', 'Twilight Caress', 'Twilight Magic', 'Twilight Rapture', 'Twilight Rose', 'Twilight Time', 'Twilight Wonder', 'Twilight's Last Gleaming', 'Tying Yellow Ribbons'.

Tall Bearded (U-V): 'U Gotta Plicata', 'Udachny Korol', 'Udalets', 'Ugadannoye Zhelaniye', 'Ukhazhior', 'Ultimatum', 'Ulybka Fortuny', 'Umnitsa', 'Ungridled Beauty', 'Uncertain Times', 'Under Fire', 'Undersea Adventure', 'Union Pacific', 'Unknown Angel', 'Unstable Gene', 'Unveiling A Scarf', 'Up In Flames', 'Upon My Word', 'Upper Class', 'Uptown Art', 'Urocze Marzenie', Uspekh', 'Utrenniy Rassvet', 'Utrenniy Veterok', 'Uvalde'. 'V Ritme Tango', 'Vabu', 'Valentine Roses', 'Vals Kokhannia', 'Vampire's Kiss', 'Vanilla Butterfly', 'Vanilla Cream', 'Vanilla Frappe', 'Vanilla Ice Cream', 'Vanilla Lace', 'Vanilnoye Nebo', 'Vanishing Act', 'Vanity Skirt', 'Vanozza', 'Vapor', 'Variete', 'Vdokhnoveniye', 'Vecherneye Platiye', 'Vecherniaya Skazka', 'Vecherniy Kostior', 'Veinity', 'Velvet Beauty', 'Velvet Elegance', 'Venetian Glass', 'Venetian Gold', 'Venetian Vanilla', 'Venezia Lustra', 'Venskaya Simfoniya', 'Verdict', 'Verily Verily', 'Veronica's Lace', 'Very Truly Yours', 'Vesenniaya Sonata', 'Vesenniy Sneg', Vesenniy Zagar', 'Vesenniye Razlivy', 'Vetka Sakury', 'Vetrianaya Melnitsa', 'Vibrant Vi', 'Vickerman Valley', 'Victorian Days', 'Victorian Lace', 'Victorian Valentine', 'Victorian Veil', 'Vienna Waltz', 'Village Gossip', 'Village Squire', 'Villanelle', 'Vintage Victorian', 'Violet Femme', 'Violet Scent', 'Violet Treasure', 'Virginia Pink', 'Virtual Reality', 'Virtuozy Moskvy', 'Vishchiy Son', 'Vishniovy Omut', 'Visual Arts', 'Vivacious Miss', 'Vivid Look', 'Viy', 'Vliublennyi Romantik', 'Vodevil', 'Vodnik', 'Voice Of Glory', 'Volare', 'Voleur De Feu', 'Volna Nezhnosti', 'Volgodskiye Kruzheva', 'Vostochnaya Roskosh', 'Vostochny Ornament', 'Vostochnyye Prianosti', 'Voyager', 'Vozdushny Potseluy', 'Vozhd Krasnokozhih', 'Vypusknitsa', 'Vyskochka'.

Tall Bearded (W): 'Wakening', 'Walkara', 'Warm Regards', 'Wasatch Wonder', 'Watchable', 'Watercolor Memories', 'Wave Of Emotion', 'Wawel', 'Waxing Moon', 'Wayward Angel', 'Wedding Cake', 'Wedding Lace', 'Wedding Party', 'Wedding Veil', 'Weiss Guy', 'Well Decorated', 'Wenatchee Valley', 'West Coart', 'Western Dawn', 'Western Spring', 'Westland Gold', 'Westland Rose', 'Westland Star', 'Wet Silk', 'What A Peach', 'What Love Is', 'What Now My Love', 'Whatcha Up To', 'What's New', 'Whatta Dream', 'Whipped Honey', 'Whir Of Lace', 'Whirlwind', 'Whisper Of Angel', 'Whispering', 'Whispering Bells', 'Whispering Breeze', 'White Buffalo', 'White Crow', 'White Room', 'White Silence', 'White Snow', 'White Window', 'Whitewater Rapids', 'Whole Lotta Love', 'Wicked Rumours', 'Wild Angel', 'Wild Arctic', 'Wild Discovery', 'Willow', 'Willow Maid', 'Wily Delilah', 'Rhythm', 'Wine From The Vine', 'Wing Commander', 'Winged Spirit', 'Wings Of Doves', 'Wings Of Down', 'Wings Of Dreams', 'Winning Spirit', 'Winona H', 'Winsome Wanda', 'Winsome Wendy', 'Winsome Winnie', 'Winter Fantasy', 'Winter Haze', 'Winter Lace', 'Winter Scene', 'Winter White', 'Winterfest', 'Winterhawk', 'Winter's Reign', 'Wisconsin Beauty', 'Wisconsin Charmer', 'Wish Waltz', 'Wise Ruler', 'Within Reach', 'Wondrous', 'Wookie Dhat', 'Words Of Love', 'Working Man', 'Woven Sunlight', 'Wyle Lilac', 'Wyoma', 'Wyoming Wind'.

Tall Bearded (X-Y-Z): 'Xochipilli', 'Yablunytsia', 'Yantarny Braslet', 'Yarrabee's Child', 'Yashma', 'Yasnaya Zaria', 'Yellow Blaze', 'Yellow Fringes', 'Yellow Lace', 'Yellow Pagoda', 'Yellow Reprise', 'Yeni Cami', 'Yes Ma'am', 'Yeti Again', 'Yosemite Sam', 'You Can't Imagine', 'You Come Late', 'Your Desire', 'You're Special', 'Yours Free', 'Yubblegum', 'Yunnatka Kseniia', 'Yuvelirnoe Iskusstvo', 'Yuzhny Abrikos', 'Zadira', 'Zaggeran', 'Zakat Imperii', 'Zamknuty Krug', 'Zamriyana', 'Zasnezhennaya Rus', 'Zdes Rusiyu Pakhnet', 'Zdzichu', 'Zebra Halo', 'Zebra Jam', 'Zee', 'Zeffiro Rosa', 'Zekie', 'Zerkalnoye Otrazheniye', 'Zharkiy Avgust', 'Zhemchuzhny', 'Zhioltaya Orkhideya', 'Zigzag Usachi', 'Zippity Dot Dot', 'Zlatohlavek', 'Zlaty Prstenp', 'Znoyny Polden', 'Zolotaia Svadba', 'Zolotaya Zvezda Geroya Rossii', 'Zolotisty Prud', 'Zoloto Oseni', 'Zolotoi Piedestal', 'Zolotoye Kruzhevo', 'Zolotyye Diuny', 'Zomoso', 'Zore', 'Zorianyi Lebid', 'Zuzana'.


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