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Horned Iris

Iris bucharica The horn at the end of a beard was first considered a deformity but the promotion of Lloyd Austin soon inspired it as a category of Novelty Irises. He called them Space-Age Iris and included those with flutes and flounces. Today many hybridizers have worked to create unusual flowers that have consistant displays of three similar horns/flounces. Often the past flowers would only display the trait on the most vigorous flower on a stalk and then perhaps on only two falls. The trait has been greatly improved and now Space Age Iris have even won the American Dykes Medal. We are attempting to develop a list below of Irises with this trait. Please add any that have been missed by commenting in the comment box.

American Dykes Medal Winners are: Thornbird' (1997), 'Conjuration' (1998), and 'Mesmerizer' (2002) (flounces).

One of the most famous early horned irises was 'Unicorn'

Assembling a list is a huge task since there are now hundreds of horned irises. You may use the search box at left for horn and you will get over 1,000 entries. Note some are not horned but may have horn in the name of a parent like 'Matterhorn'.

Cultivars Exhibiting Horns

Aril: 'Decorated Giant'.

Arilbred: 'Poisonous', 'Sandthorn'.

Border Bearded: 'Aachen Bay', 'Angels Camp', 'Autumn Wine', 'Black Bull', 'Bunny Hill', 'Bermuda Triangle', 'Cin Cin', 'Cosmic Delight', 'Crystal Nugget', 'Cute Orange Horns', 'Golden Calf', 'Ikurrina', 'Kraton', 'Lorna's Carma', 'Lost In Space', 'Love In The Air', 'Maggie Belford', 'Marius', 'May Happiness', 'Mon Prince', 'My Little Papoose', 'Oasis Redhead', 'Pin Cushion', 'Rare Luck', 'Robin Des Bois', 'Solnechny Luch' , 'Space Moon', 'Star Trip', 'Tessie Petite', 'Trendy One', 'Vegas Heat', 'Wings To Heaven', Zolotoy Uley'.

Intermediate Bearded: 'Aaron's Child', 'Abbey Chant', 'Aerobic', 'Aeroclub', 'Aeropostale', 'Alyssia's Afterglow', 'Archambault De Comborn', 'Athaeneos', 'Au Feminin', 'Baby Precious Pepper', 'Barbobez', 'Candy Rock', 'Concertina', 'Dancing In The Moonlight', 'Dark Avenger', 'Darts', 'Devilish Nature', 'Goldenes Fuellhorn', 'Good Lesson', 'Green Horn', 'Hagar's Helmet', 'Helga's Hat', 'Hi', 'Hymke', 'Lavender Dilly', 'Like A Charm', 'Liquid Crystal Compass', 'Little Big Horn', 'Little Luke', 'Little Unicorn', 'Luc Sur Mer', 'Messire Florian', 'Midwest Express', 'Mini Big Horn', 'Mistinguett', 'Moon Spree', 'Oddfellow', 'Oodles', 'Royal Dagger', 'Splat', 'Startled', 'Tchatche', 'Tickle The Ivories', 'Toro Blanco', 'Tripod', 'Up And Atom', 'Viper', 'Visual Pleasure', 'Vole Au Vent', 'Wright's Flights', 'Yangzhou April Fireworks', 'Yangzhou Elegant Bride'.

Louisiana: 'Fashion Sense', 'Moonlight Cascade', 'Secret Rendezvous', 'Unique Style'.

Miniature Dwarf: 'Blue Horned Papoose', 'Golden Horn'' 'Punk'.

Siberian: 'Jukebox', 'Moondazzle'.

Spuria: 'Great Horned Butterfly', 'Horned Pharoah'.. 'Lookingglass Eyes'.

Standard Dwarf: 'Aissa', 'Amphitryon', 'Annekee', 'Arbalete'; 'Astragale', 'Au Soleil', 'Battement De Cils', 'Cool Satin', 'DerevenskiyRassvet', 'Dune Du Pyla', 'Gimme Red', 'Golden Folly','Mishel Monten', 'My Cher', 'Na Yakore', 'Olibrius', 'Oulapa', 'Outrage', 'Podvenechny', 'Pop Up', 'Props', 'Provocation', 'Rachel's Eyes', 'Rayon De Soleil', 'Sapristi', 'Satyre', 'Sequel', 'Spirituel', 'Stinger', 'Tasy One', Three Two One Liftoff', 'Under My Thumb', 'Virago', 'Yassou'.

Tall Bearded (A): 'Aachen', 'Aah Soo', 'Aaron's Dagger', 'Aaron's Rod', 'Abdul Unknown', 'Accessorized', 'Act Surprised', 'Advance Guard', 'Ailes Des Angels', 'Air Fare', 'Alabaster Unicorn', 'Alaskan Moon', 'Albino Alpine Ibex', 'Alien Mist', 'Almighty Beast', 'Along Came Fame', 'Alpha Project', 'Alpine Centennial', 'Al's Gal', 'Amazoniak', 'American Sparkler', 'Ami Daniel', 'Angel Flounces', 'Angel Horns', 'Angel Wingas', 'Angel's Fire', 'Angel's Veil', 'Angler Fish', 'Ann Hutson McLarty', 'Anniversary Waltz', 'Antigua Soleil', 'Antler Road', 'Apollo One', 'Approach Shot', 'April Jewel', 'Arctic Unicorn', 'Argentine Tango', 'Arkansas Skies', 'Arms Wide Open', 'Aromat Roskoshi', 'Aronde', 'Aroused', 'Artist Pick', 'Artistic Touch', 'Ask And Receive', 'Asteroid Zone', 'Astro Flight', 'Attainment', 'Aunt Corley', 'Austin City Blues', 'Australian Rose', 'Autumn Colors', 'Avalon Beckons', 'Avantiura', 'Avery's Hugs', 'Awesome Alex', 'Ayes Alert',

Tall Bearded (B): 'Back To Hooks', 'Banana Smoothie', 'Barelochi', 'Batter Up', 'Batman', 'Battle Star', 'Battlestar Atlantis', 'Be Mine', 'Be My Girl', 'Beaky Wit', 'Beam Me Up Scotty', 'Beauty To Behold', 'Beauty's Beast', 'Bec Du Mont', 'Beefly', 'Beg An Fri', 'Belaya Skazka', 'Believe In Magic', 'Bely Aist', 'Bely Nosorog', 'Bermuda Beach', 'Bermuda Triangle', 'Bettern Beer', 'Bernard Laporte', 'Berry Scary', 'Beula', 'Beverly Morningstar', 'Bewitching Hour', 'Beyond Dreams', 'Bientot L Ete', 'Big Butterhorn', 'Bionic Being', 'Black Hope', 'Blackberry And Cream', 'Blagorodny Olen', 'Blazing Beacon', 'Blestiashchiy Kavaler', 'Blogger', 'Blossom Of Snow', 'Blowing Bubbles', 'Blowtorch', 'Blue Eyed Susan', 'Blue Fin', 'Blue Frosting', 'Blue Hooks', 'Blue Quill', 'Blue Spikes', 'Blush Be Gone', 'Bob Cat', 'Bohemian Girl', 'Bombay Eyes', 'Boutefeu', 'Boy Next Door', 'Braggin Rights', 'Branching Out', 'Brass Horn', 'Brass Trumpet', 'Brassy Bugler', 'Brave New World', 'Brazilski Serial', 'Brekeke', 'Bride's Blush', 'Brilantine', 'Broke Again', 'Bronze Unicorn', 'Bugles And Horns', 'Bullfoot Station', 'Buratino', 'Burnt Sugar', 'Burra Dolly', 'Butterscotch Peach Parfait'.

Tall Bearded (C): 'Cactus Rio', 'Canaveral', 'Cancan Blues', 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'Cantor', 'Cape Horn', 'Capricious Candles', 'Capricorn', 'Captain Hook', 'Caribbean Ahoy', 'Caribbean Cruise', 'Caribbean Fairy Tale', 'Carpe Diem', 'Casual Joy', 'Cate's Wonderland', 'Ce Cedille', 'Celebrity Square', 'Celestial Horizon', 'Cent Ans Deja', 'Cerf Volant', 'Chachar', 'Chanson De Geste', 'Charlie Chaplin', 'Cherry Blossom Special', 'Cheryl Lynn', 'Cheyenne Darlene', 'Chic Choix', 'Chicago's LeRoy', 'Chicanery', 'Chill Factor', 'Chiortte Chto', 'Chippewa Maiden, 'Chirac In White', 'Chiricahua Canyon', 'Christine Suchy', 'Christmas Snow', 'Chudo Yudo', 'Church Key', 'Class Act', 'Classy Chassy', 'Cloudscape', 'Clown Around', 'Clown Blanc', 'Cocorico', 'Coded Message', 'Cold Shoulder', 'Colette Clavel', 'Colleen's Dreamsicle', 'Colombo', 'Color Galore', 'Colorful Comparison', 'Come To Me', 'Concorde With Hooks', 'Conjuration', Conquistador Des Frigoules', 'Cool Dragon', 'Cool Music', 'Coral Pincushion', 'Coral point', 'Corona El Sol', 'Corps De Ballet', 'Cortegianno', 'Cosmic Blue', 'Punch', 'Cosmic Skies', 'Cosmic Sun', 'Cosmic White', 'Count Dracula', 'Count On Me', 'Cowboy In Black', 'Crazy', 'Crazy In Horns', 'Cream Magic', 'Creamish Storm', 'Creme Frangipane', 'Cristal Glace', 'Crocodile Rock', 'Crossed The Line', 'Crowfoot', 'Crown Of Thorns', 'Crown Colony','Crystal Fountain', 'Curious Spike'.

Tall Bearded (D-E): 'Da Blues', 'Daffy Dude', 'Dainty Deb', 'Daleamite', 'Dali', 'Dame Du Lac', 'Dance Of Clouds', 'Dancing Butterfly', 'Dancing Dragon', 'Danube Du Barry', 'Dapper Dan', 'Dark Dancer', 'Dark Maul', 'Darnella', 'David B. Burks', 'Daylight Robbery', 'Dazzle Time', 'Dazzling Sarah', 'De Zwaan', 'Deity', 'Deja Blue', 'Demon Dan', 'Derviche', 'Desiatka Zolotaya', 'Destiny Dallas', 'Detroit City', 'Devichiyi Griozy', 'Devil David', 'Diana's Dress', 'Dikiy Lebed', 'Dikovina', 'Dissident', 'Diversification', 'Dnevnaya Babochka', 'Dochenka', 'Doctor No', 'Dominique Vallos', 'Don Clippinger','Don Kikhot', Don't Doubt Dalton', 'Don't Touch', 'Dornspiel', 'Dory Maar', 'Dot Castleberry', 'Double Horn', 'Double Trouble', 'Double Whammy', 'Doublemint', 'Dragon Flight', 'Dragon Tongue', 'Dragon Song', 'Dream A Little', 'Dream Aloud', 'Dressa Cop', 'Dressy', 'Du Toit', 'Dunajec', 'Durham Dream', 'Dutchman's Dream', Dylan H', 'Dymka'. 'Eagle Control','Eagle Landing', 'Eagles Spirit', 'Eagles Talon', 'Early Morning', 'Earth Girl', 'Echassier', 'Edith Conway', 'Egyptian', 'Elegaball', 'Elephant Tuska', 'Eli', 'Elijah's Fire', 'Ellen Joy', 'Elmer's Buttermint', 'Elmer's Ocean Tide', 'Emerald Dragon', 'Emma's Plume', 'Epee Violette', 'Escarmouche','Espontaneo Yo Tambien', 'Ethel Mae', 'Evadna Gay6', 'Evening Round Dance', 'Ever Clever', 'Ever So Softly', 'Everything Plus Horns', 'Exhibitionist', 'Expatriation', 'Experiencit'. 'Extreme Cream',

Tall Bearded (F-G): 'Face Lift', 'Fangnificent', 'Fantaghiro', 'Feast Your Eyes', 'Finally Betty', 'Fine Mess', 'Fireball Candy', 'Fireworks Celebration/, 'Folag Of Truce', 'Flash Fire', 'Flashed Tips', 'Flight Of Fairies', 'Flight To Mars', 'Floral Fantasy', 'Florence Hill', 'Flushed Delight', 'Flute Enchantee', 'Flying', 'Folksy Fun', 'Follow The Light', 'Foot Stompin', 'For Eileen', 'For Hugo Rhys', 'For Mary', 'For Tina', 'For Richard', 'For Shaun', 'Forever Night', 'Fox Horn', 'Francis Of Assisi', 'Frant', 'Free Bird', 'French Friend', 'French Horn', 'Frizzle Frack', 'Frosted Fantasy', 'Full Moon Wish', 'Fundamental', 'Furor'. 'Fuzzy Wuzzy Rocket'. 'Gala Angel', 'Gala Delight', 'Galactic Dancer', 'Galactic Warrior', 'Galaxie Du Barry', 'Gasper', 'Gawlee', 'Gay Doman', 'Gay Nineties', 'Gayle Ellen', 'Geek', 'German Prince', 'Giacatollo', 'Giddyup To Go', 'Gig Em Glory', 'Gilded', 'Gilded Gown', 'Gilded Pearl', 'Gilmer', 'Girl Games', 'Glacier Park', 'Glacier Point', 'Gladiatrix', 'Gladys Austin', 'Go Berserka', 'Goddess Of Love', 'Godsend', 'Gogo Yveline', 'Gold Dragon', 'Golden Alien', 'Golden Angel', 'Golden Mistress', 'Golden Unicorn', 'Good Fairy', 'Good Golly Miss Molly', 'Good Point', 'Goondiwindi', 'Gordan Rules', 'Gossett's Gamble', 'Gossip Column', 'Got Winkie', 'Gothic', 'Grand Canari', 'Grand Circle', 'Grand Style', 'Grande Ouche','Grandma's Smile', 'Granny Murphy', 'Grape Groove', 'Green Streak', 'Green Unicorn', 'Greet The Sun', 'Guereon', 'Gumanoid'.

Tall Bearded (H-I): 'Hacker's Delight', 'Haeven Hill', 'Hala Kulik', 'Halloween Debutante', 'Halloween Pumpkin', 'Hands Up', 'Hardly Harley', 'Harley Jolly', 'Harry's Beloved', 'Hattie Emma', 'Hazel Walker', 'Heartbreak Hotel', 'Heartbreak Point', 'Heather Sky', 'Heavenly Horns', 'Heavenly Presence', 'Heather Sky', 'Heavenly Horns', 'Hello Happiness', 'Hello Shipmate', 'Hero's Tale', 'Heuchonex', 'High Alert', 'High Beam', 'High Caliber', 'High Flying Flamingo', 'High Kicking Rockettes', 'High Spirited', 'Holy Fire', 'Homolano', 'Honk Your Horn', 'Hook Shot', 'Hooked On Pink', 'Hooked On You', 'Hookem Horns', 'Hopen Fer Rain', 'Horned Dragonfly', 'Horned Flamingo', 'Horned Flare', 'Horned Honey', 'Horned Illusion', 'Horned Lace', 'Horned Mystery', 'Horned Owl', 'Horned Papa', 'Horned pink', 'Horned Rebel', 'Horned Rosyred', 'Horned Royalty', 'Horned Rubyfalls', 'Horned Ruffles', 'Horned Skylark', 'Horned Sunshine', 'Horned Tangerine', 'Horned Tantalizer', 'Horned Tracery', 'Horned Twotone', 'Horns And Blues', 'Horns Of Plenty', 'Horns Of Magic', 'Horny Lorri', 'HornyPersian', 'Hot Midday', 'Howdy Do', 'Howler', 'Hubble Space Telescope', 'Hula Angel', 'Hula Delight', 'Hula Moon', 'Hunkin Down', 'Hypnotizer', 'Hyperspace', 'Iconoclast', 'Illulisat', 'I'm Reddy', 'I'm So Confused;, 'Imaginary Friends', 'Indicator', 'Indy Edith', 'Inga Ruth', 'Ingleside Joy', 'Innocent Devil', 'Inspired Calling', 'Interstellar Blues', Interstellar Fellar', 'Interstellar Trqavel', 'Io', 'Iron Butterfly', 'Iron Eagle', 'Isa', 'Isabel Marie', 'Isabella Skye', 'Isadora Belle', 'It's A Sin', 'It's Magic', 'Itsa Whatever', 'Izitme Orizitu'.

Tall Bearded (J-L): 'Jack Horner', 'Jacked Up', 'Jailhouse Rock', 'Jai's Surprise', 'James Franklin Clay', 'Jaw Dropper', 'Jaycee', 'Jazzy Razzy', 'Jeanne Louise', 'Jeff's Guardian Angel','Jessie Ley', 'Jet Setter', 'Joanne's Hao', 'Joe's Gold', 'John Robert', 'Jules', 'Jump For Joy', 'Jumping Jupiter', 'Jupiter's Joy', 'Just For Kicks', 'Just For Me', 'Justa Musta', 'Justified', 'Kaint Hardly Believe', 'Kaprikon', 'Kapriznaya Printsessa', 'Khot Kuda', 'Kick Up Your Skirt', 'Kickapoo Spears', 'Kid Power', 'Kimberly My Love', 'King Of Angels', 'Kingdom Come', 'Kingmaker', 'Kiwi Bird', Knee Knocker', 'Kooza', 'Korabli V Lisse', 'KosmicheskiyPrishelets', 'Kosmicheskiy Robot', 'Kozatskyi Spys', 'Kozni Diyavola', 'Krasny Drakon', Kristen Faith', 'Krylati Surmy', Krylaty Marabu', 'Kubanski Podarok', 'Kwik Kash', 'Lackawanna', 'Lacy Lavender', 'Lady Dragon', 'Lady Longhorn', 'Lady Sings The Blues', 'Lamia', 'Lan', 'Lapis Lavee', 'Lass With Class', 'Late Liftoff', 'Laugaricio', 'Lava Stream', 'Lavender Icicle', 'Lavender Lion', 'Lavender Petticoat', 'Lavender Princess', 'Lead Out Loud', 'Lemon Magic', 'Lemon Spoon', 'Lemon Twizzler', 'Lena Grace', 'Leroy's Silverback', 'Lesnitsa V Nebo', 'Lietuvos Karys', 'Lighted Lamp', 'Lightsaber', 'Lip Smackin Good', 'Lirnyk', 'Litany Of Magic', 'Liubimy Kray', 'Loch Ness','Lol', 'Longhorn', 'Look At Me', 'Lookout Point', 'Lori Suzanne', 'Lorna's Blue Sombrero'. 'Lorna's Cinnamon', 'Lorna's Pink Cloud', 'Lorna's Sissy', 'Lorna's Teena Doll', 'Love Dart', 'Lovebird', 'Lovely Phyllis', 'Lovie Dovie', 'Lucille Em', 'Luciole', 'Lucky Occasion', 'Luminager', 'Lunar Excursion', 'Lynn Owen'.

Tall Bearded (M): 'M.L.'s FreshStart', 'Macao', 'Macaron', 'Mad About Saffron', 'Magic Du Barry', 'Magic Kingdom', 'Magic Moonbeams', 'Magic Number', 'Magician's Horn', 'Magma Du Barry', 'Major Stephpane', 'Majska Andromeda', 'Majska Galaksija', 'Majska Severnica', 'Make A Wish','Makenna', 'Malenkaia Modnitsa', 'Malinovaya Zaria', 'Mammy Blue', 'Manchester Carousel', 'Manitou Maiden', 'Manitou Skies', 'Mannekin Pis', 'Many Waters', 'Mardi Gras Music', 'Margaret Helen', 'Marie Blaison', 'Marilyn Ashley', 'Marion Carroll', 'Mary O. Mahoney', 'Mary Winifred', 'Masterwork', 'Mathilde G', 'Mauvelous', 'Mchitsia Moy Parusnik', 'Meadowlake', 'Mediterrano', 'Molodyi Misiats', 'Menestrel Du Barry', 'Merry Goldfinch', 'Mescalero Chief', 'Messire Benoit', 'Messire Lancelot','Messire Pierre', 'Meteor Margaret', 'Meteor Shower', 'Micheale's Creation', 'Mickey Austell', 'Midnight Thunder', 'Midwest Farewell', 'Mighty Warrior', 'Milagro', 'Mind Changer', 'Minutka', 'Mist Arising', 'Misty Breanne', 'Modry Trn', 'Monty's Sweet Blue', 'Moon Mistress', 'Moonlit', 'Moonraker', 'More To Adore', 'Morning Reveille', 'Moroccan Interlude', 'Morskoy Drakon', 'Morski Vitryla', 'Mouliin De Trevilis', 'Moustache Rose', 'Moyo Vdokhnoveniye', 'Mulberry Snow', 'My Father's Love', 'My Pleasure', 'My Sister Rosie', 'My Darling Scatterbrain', 'My Gal Anne', 'My True Love', 'Mys Dobroy Nadexhdy', 'Mys Horn', 'Mystic Dragon', 'Mystic Lover'

Tall Bearded (N-O): 'Na Khvylyakh Svityazya', 'Na Korride', 'Nacho Mama', 'Nacre', 'Nadezhda', 'Natasha Helene', 'NaughtyGoddess', 'Needle Sharp', 'Never Say Never', 'Nezhnoye Prikosnoveniye','Nezhny Obraz', 'Nikolay Mikhaylov', 'No Brainer', 'No Name City', 'Nochnoy Gost', 'Noble Lady', 'Nod To Rob', 'Nordkappe', 'Novyye Amazonki', 'Not A Clue', 'North Shore Dreams', 'Nuit Venitienne'. 'Oasis Addie', 'Oasis Donut', 'Oasis Double', 'Oasis Echo', 'Oasis Fuzzy Wuzzy', 'Oasis Hairy', 'Oasis Keith', 'Oasis Nick', 'Oasis Pinky', 'Oasis Redwine', 'Oasis Robinhood', 'Oasis Rock', 'Oasis Sunny', 'Oasis Sydney', 'Ocharovaniye Nezhnosti', 'Ola Amigos', 'Omar', 'On Delicate Points', 'Open Arms', 'Open Hearth', 'Orange Dragon', 'Orange Flounces', 'Orange Horns', 'Orbit Ruler', 'Ornate', 'Oro Antico', 'Oruzhenosets', 'Osay Canuc', 'Osenny Listopad', 'Ostrogoth', 'Our Love song', 'Our Wedding Day', 'Over The Grade'.

Tall Bearded (P-R): 'Pagan Pink', 'Pagan's Maiden', 'Page LaSalle', 'Palmetto Grape Butter', 'Pamiat O Druge', 'Passion Flower', 'Patriot Games', 'Peace Signals', 'Peach Fantasy', 'Pearls For Girls', 'Pepper Upper', 'Persha Lastivka', 'Pesn O Liubvi', 'Phenomenon', 'Pieces Of April', 'Pink Diablo', 'Pink Pacaderm', 'Pink Spoon', 'Pink Unicorn', 'Piotr Dver Zabyl', 'Pirate Captain', 'Pirate's Jump', 'Piraty XX Veka', 'Pistes Bleues', 'Planet Iris', 'Plastic Money', 'Plaza Lights', 'Pleasing Accomplishment', 'Plum Picasso', 'Plumed Delight', 'Poetry In Motion', 'Poilly S'√Čveille', 'Point Given', 'Point Of Interest', 'Point Of No Return', 'Point Petite', 'Point To The Sun', 'Points North', 'Points West', 'Pokin Around', 'Polevaya Romashka', Poliarnaya Zvezda', 'Polite Manners', 'Poly Gone', 'Pont Aven', 'Porter Putnam', 'Porter's Gold', 'Poseidon's Realm', 'Posmishka Angela', 'Potion', 'Potomac Fireworks', 'Pow', 'Power Lines', 'Power Point', 'Power Stroke', 'Praetorian Guard', 'Premiye Palats', 'Prichuda', 'Professor Plum', 'Pronghorn', 'Prospector's Gold', 'Provocateur', 'Przystojniak', 'Pucker Power', 'Pure Charm', 'Pure Pizzazz', 'Purple People Eater', 'Push Out Horns', 'Pyshnyye Usy'. 'Quantum Leap', 'Quetzal', 'Quite A Stir'. 'Rainbow Selection', 'Ranger Mosby', 'Ranniaya Ptichka', 'Rare Blend', 'Reach For The Sky', 'Real Appeal', 'Real McCoy', 'Recent Vintage','Red Canyon Glow', 'Red Devil', 'Red Enigma', 'Red Unicorn', 'Reincarnation', 'Reve En Rose', 'Reverse Psychology', 'Reversi', 'Rhapsody In Peach', 'Richard B', 'Rigogolo', 'Rin Tin Tin', 'Rivers End', 'Road To Nowhere', 'RockAndRollGirl', 'Rock Star', 'Rog Izobiliya', 'Rootin Tootin Raspberry, 'Rosa Vieja', 'Rosava', 'Rose D Arphy', 'Rose Linda Vasquez', 'Rose Spoon''Roses In May', 'Royal Blaze', 'Royal Curls', 'Rozovy Fontan', 'Ruffled Apache', 'Runaround Sue', 'Russkiy Dukh', 'Russkiy Razmer', 'Russkiye Idut'.

Tall Bearded (Sa-So): 'Sacia Rose', 'Sadovy Lubimets', 'Safe Keep', 'Saint Damien', 'Salem Falls', 'Sanctification', 'Santuzza', 'Sarmat', 'Scarlet Arrow', 'Scary', 'Scented Bubbles', ' Schastiye Riadom', 'Scorpio', 'Scottish Warriior', 'Second Show', 'Secret Monger', 'Seeun Is Beleevun'. 'Self Righteous', 'Senza Tempo', 'Sestra Lybid', 'Seven Of Nine', 'Severianochka', 'Sex Appeal', 'Shadowman', 'Shalako Ritual', 'Shamrock Pride', 'Sharper Image', 'Shasta Skies', 'Shattered Dreams', 'Shelby Lynne', 'Shelter From The Storm', 'Shipy I Roza', 'Shoofly Blues', 'Shoot The Moon', 'Shury Mury', 'Sierra Sprite', 'Sierra Sunset', 'Silver City', 'Silver Dragon', 'Sineye More', 'Sing In Harmony', 'Sioux Uprising', 'Sir Roy', 'Sister Act', 'Sizzler's Horn', 'Skoal', 'Skrytaya Sila', 'Sky Hooks', 'Sky Falls', 'Skyhopper', 'Skyward Bound', 'Slivovoye Vareniye', 'Slo News', 'Smile Maker', 'Snafu', 'Snake Bite', 'Snellville Senorita', 'Snorri', 'Snow Bubbles', 'Snow Day', 'Soft Rain', 'Soissons', 'Sokhaty', 'Solar Fire', 'Solar Sprinkles', 'Solar System Special', 'Soleillade', 'Solnechnaya Kolibri', 'Solomon's Treasure', 'Somewhere In Time', 'Song Of The Wind', 'Sotto iL Bambu', 'Soul Blossom', 'Sound Of Trumpets', 'Source Of Course', 'South Point', 'Southwest Kinda Dreamy', 'Sovereign Crown', 'Soyuz Kolerov'.

Tall Bearded (Sp-Sz: 'Space Angel', 'Space Belle', 'Space Charm', 'Space Cowboy', 'Space Dancer', 'Space Dawn', 'Space Gala', 'Space Glider', 'Space Mirage', 'Space Mist', 'Space Opera', 'Space Shuttle Charmer', 'Space Shuttle Honey', 'Space Shuttle Light', 'Space Shuttle Snowball', 'Space Station, 'Space Storm', 'Space Walk', 'Spaced Out', 'Spanish Angel', 'Spicy Violet', 'Spinoza', 'Spirit Of Marysville', 'Spirits Rising', 'Splattermania', 'Spoon Of Gold', 'Spooned Blaze', 'Spooned Fantom', 'Spooned Harmopny', 'TbSpooned Premiere', 'Spooned Sampler', 'Spouting Horn', 'Spring Starter', 'Spring Wings', 'Stand In Awe', 'Star Lord', 'Star Wish', 'Stardust Dragon', 'Stars And Stripes', 'Stars And Stripes Forever', 'Starship', 'Steeples', 'Steffie Ann', 'Stena Izrailskaya', Stena Kitayskaya', 'Stena Placha', 'Stepan Giga', 'Sterec', 'Sting Me', 'Stingray', 'Stolen Identity', 'Straight Up', 'Strawberry Magic', 'Strictly Taboo', 'Such A Diva', 'Sue's Choice', 'Summer Peach', 'Sun For Sure', 'Sundown Saber', 'Sunset Point', 'Sunset Punch', 'Super Lace', 'Surely White', 'Surf Spray', 'Surreal', 'Suzanne Darlene', 'Svezhiy Kavaler', 'Sviatki'. 'Sweet And Spacey', 'Sweet Emotions', 'Sweet Joanne', 'Sweet Serenity', 'Sweeter Dream', 'Swoosh', 'Swordfish', 'Sylvan', 'Symphony Of Light'.

Tall Bearded (T-U): 'T. W. Thornton', 'Tabor Ukhodit V Rossiyu', 'Taffy Daffy', 'Taganiy Rog', 'Tahitian Treat', 'Taiemnyi Lytsar', 'Tail Hook', 'Talk Of The Town', 'Talk Show Mania', 'Tantsovschitsa', 'Taras Bulba', 'Tassal Of Horns', 'Tat A Tat', 'Taurus', 'Tawkin Tex Sun', 'Taynoye Chuvstavo', 'Tentation Du Barry', 'Terminator', 'Texas Longhorn', 'Texas Two Step', 'Tekauwhata Gem', 'Third Dimension', 'Thorn Tree', 'Thornberry', 'Thornbird', 'Thornton's Gold', 'Thorny Love', 'Thor's Lightning Bolt', 'Thunder Down Under', 'Thunderball', 'Time Traveler', 'Titan's Horn', 'Titeuf', 'To The Point', 'Toile De Jouy', 'Toot Your Horn', 'Tornade Cloud', 'Touareg', 'Toul Ar Sarpen, 'Trader Horn', 'Tremolo', 'Trendy', 'Trespass', 'Triad', 'Trick Or Treat', 'Triceratops', 'Triffid', 'Trillion', 'TriokhrogiyNosorog', 'Triple Dragon', 'Triple Whammy', 'Truly Slo', 'Trumpeter Swan', 'Tugs The Heartstrings', 'Twice Thrilling', 'Twister', 'Ty Blue', 'Tzarevitch', 'Udachny Den', 'Ukhazhior', 'Unicorn', 'Unicorn Wonder', 'Untamed World', 'Upon A Star', 'Usaty Lisovin', 'Uvalde'.

Tall Bearded (V-Z): 'V Dobry Put', 'Vanilla Frappe', 'Vanilla Vanilla', 'Velvet Jester', 'Venus In Pink', 'Vesenniy Zagar', 'Viking Horns', 'Villa Park', 'Village Must Know', 'Violet Whiskers', 'Vitali', 'Vitiaz', 'Vivat', 'Volo De Calabrone', 'Volshebny Kasatik', 'Vot Tak Shtuka', 'Vtoroye Dykhaniye'. 'Wagging Tongues', 'Wakening', 'Wampanog Warrior', 'Wasatch Wonder', 'Waterspout', 'WavaFlag', 'Wedding In White', 'Well Appointed', 'Western Edge', 'Wet Rose', 'What's Up Doc', 'Whispering Lilacs', 'Whistler's Tune', 'White Extra', 'White Glacier', 'White Unicorn', 'Wiocked Rumours;, 'Wild Goat', 'Wild Yonder Blues', 'Wings At Dawn', 'Wings Of Flight', 'Winsome Wendy', 'Wondrous', 'Wookie Dhat', 'X Factor', 'Yak', 'Yantarny Mineral', 'Yapona Mat', 'Yarmarka Chiudes', 'Yasnaya Poliana', 'Yedinorog', 'Yellow Jack', 'Yo Moyo', 'Young Lovers', 'Your Karma', 'Yummy Dessert', 'Zadira', 'Zaggeran','Zanoza', 'Zdes Rusiyu Pakhnet', 'Zermatt', 'Zhiolty Idol', 'Zippity Do Dah', 'Zlatovlaska', 'Zolotaya Osen'. 'Zolotokudry Broker', 'Zolotoy Larets', 'Zora La Rousse'.


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