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Giant Flowered Iris

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"Giant size has had strong appeal to many iris enthusuasts. 'Spring Sunshine' from Milliken in 1947 started the trend and more recent irises have continued it. Schreiner's 'Giant Rose' attracted many fanciers; Babson's 'Djinn' and his 'Epic', the parent of the Dykes Medal winning 'Shipshape', have satisfied megalomania."--Ben Hager, The World of Irises 1978. We are attempting to develop a list below of Irises with this trait. Please add any that have been missed by commenting in the comment box.

Arilbred: 'Giant Clematis', 'Giant Mohr', 'Mary McClellan', 'Mohr And More', 'Ormohr'.

Japanese: 'Blue Giant', 'Calico Maid', 'Dappled Bay', 'Enchanted Lake', 'Fujito No Iori', 'Giant Blue Butterfly', 'Giant Carmen', 'Great White Heron', 'Hinode Dzura', 'Japanese Sandman', 'Josephine Haywood', 'Lavender Giant', 'Mahogany Giant', 'Maroon Giant', 'Miodoroki', 'Mrs. George Stumpp', 'Otomene', 'Rose Tower', 'Ruby Giant', 'San No Watari', 'Violet Giant', 'White Giant'.

Louisiana: 'Creole Can-Can', 'Genial Giant', 'Miraculosa', 'Shreveport'.

Spuria: 'Mauve Giant', 'Shelford Giant', 'Snow Giant'.

Tall Bearded: 'Allaglow', 'Always', 'Amazon Tan', 'Anytime', 'Apricot Giant', 'April Showers', 'Balinesian', 'Bermuda Sand', 'Big Giant', 'Blackamoor', 'Bloomin Love', 'Blue Luster', 'Blue Ribbon', 'Blue Silhouette', 'Blue Spinel', 'Bold Giant', 'Bralliar Giant', 'Brigantine', 'Broadripple', 'Buechley Giant', 'By Line', 'Carlsbad Caverns', 'Caroline Jane', 'Casa Grande', 'Chamois', 'Chosen', 'Cloud Cap', 'Colossal', 'Colossus', 'Conquistador', 'Copper Giant', 'Coronation Gold', 'Cream Giant', 'Crimson Colossus', 'Crown Prince', 'Cupid's Dart', 'Dark Springtime', 'Dauphin Giant', 'Daybreak', 'Depute Nomblot', 'Djinn', 'Don Juan', 'Duke Of York', 'East Indies', 'El Capitan', 'Evenglow', 'Exclusive', 'Fall Yellow Giant', 'Fortune's Gift', 'Forty Ninth Star', 'Frieda Mohr', 'Generous', 'Gentle Giant', 'Gertrude Weil', 'Giant Baldwin', 'Giant Indiglow', 'Giant King', 'Giant Orchid', 'Giant Rose', 'Glacier Giant', 'Glenbrook', 'Golden Garland', 'Golden Joppa', 'Golden Russet', 'Grand Rapids', 'Grand Teton', 'Gudrun', 'Happy Days', 'Jolly Goliath', 'Joycette', 'Jumbo Rose', 'Juniata', 'Klamath', 'Lady Paramount', 'Lemon Giant', 'Leonato', 'Lord of June'. 'Los Angeles', 'Lover's Moon', 'Mabel Taft', 'Maestro Puccini', 'Purissima', 'Madame Durrand', 'Miss Jupiter', 'Missouri', 'Moby Dick', 'Mohrning Haze', 'Montour', 'Moonlight', 'Mount Emmons', 'Mountain Snow', 'Mussolini', ['National Giant', 'National White', 'Nene', 'Nike', 'Now And Later', 'Oberon', 'Orange Rings', 'Orchid Dancer', 'Oregon Giant', 'Outreach', 'Pathfinder', 'Paulette', 'Peerless', 'Phyrne', 'Pink Giant', 'Plainsman', 'Plicadilly', 'Portland', 'Prairie Skies', 'Purple Giant', 'Rare Wine', 'Red Giant', 'Rehobeth', 'Royal Giant', 'Sacramento', 'San Diego', 'Shelford Chieftain', 'Shipshape','Sierra Blue', 'Sierra Sunset', 'Sitka', 'Sky Harbor', 'Sky Ranger', 'Snow Goddess', 'Solid Gold', 'Souvenir de Loetitia Michaud', 'Spring Dance', 'Spring Prom', 'Step Forward', 'Swan Princess', 'Sweet Afterglow', 'Swiss Majesty', 'Tiburon', 'Titan's Glory', 'Top Favorite', 'Top Hat', 'Vert Galant', 'Valor', 'W. R. Dykes', 'Wambliska', 'Western Hills', 'William A. Setchell', 'Wine Red Giant', 'Winter Giant', 'Witch Doctor', 'Yellow Giant'.


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