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Flounced And Spooned Irises

One of the "Space-Age" types of Irises that has been included under Novelty Irises is those with flounces or spoons. In this case instead of a horn there is an open tube (flounce) or a spoon shaped extra petal like structure. We are attempting to develop a list below of Irises with this trait. Please add any that have been missed by commenting in the comment box.

Border Bearded: 'Big Bang Theory', 'Birdbath', 'Black Flounce', 'Broken Link', 'Code Black', 'Dance Card', 'Don Herzberg', 'Double Dragon', 'Feya', 'Golden Calf', 'Jaunty Jerry', 'Little Ripper', 'Tropical Smoothie'

Intermediate Bearded: 'Hagar's Helmet', 'Hula Hands', 'Little Big Horn', 'Winged Angel'.

Miniature Dwarf Bearded: 'Enfant Terrible', 'Kochivnyk'.

Miniature Tall Bearded: 'Cyril Field'.

Pacific Coast Native: 'Flounced Beauty'.

Siberian: 'Hail To The Chief',

Standard Dwarf: 'Battement De Cils, 'Oulapa', 'Virago'.

Tall Bearded (A-E): 'Abby And Me', 'Aile Volante', 'Air Hog', 'Air Up There', 'Airforce One', 'Albatros On Guard', 'All Aflutter', 'All Flounce', 'Al's Gal', 'Amelia's Orchid', 'American Eagle', 'American Sparkler', 'Amethyst Flounce', 'Andrea', 'Andromeda Nebula', 'Angel Flounces', 'Angel's Fire', 'Angel's Snow', 'Ann Boleyn', 'Announcement', 'Apostrophe', 'Archangel Wings', 'Arcobaleno', 'Arctic Unicorn','Armadillo Run', 'Art School Angel', 'As You Were', 'Attainment', 'Arkansas Skies', 'Ay Da Rogi', 'Ayla', 'Aziatskaya Shchedrost', 'Baby Boomer', 'Baby's Nook', 'Bad Bob's Judy', 'Balantine', 'Banan Appeal', 'Banker Dave', 'Barbara's Lace', 'Battlestar Atlantis', 'Be My Girl', 'Beaded Quiver', 'Bearded Wonder', , 'Beauty's Beast', 'Bedtime Lore', 'Behavin Bad', 'Beige Frills', 'Belaya Skazka', 'Beneath My Wings', 'Bernard Laporte', 'Beyond Curiosity', 'Big Bad Bob', 'Biplane', 'Blagorodny Prints', 'Black Hope', 'Blazing Memory', 'Blowtorch', 'Blue Frosting', 'Blue Quill', 'Blue Ruffles', 'Blue Spikes', 'Bonnie Davenport', 'Boot Scootn Sacramento', 'Bottoms Up', Bradmente', 'Branching Out', 'Breaking The Rules', 'Breckenridge Wonderland', 'Broadway Contender', 'Brothers In Arms', 'Bugles And Horns', 'Butterfly House', 'Bye Bye Blues', 'Cabbatge Patch', 'California Dreamin', 'Calm Before A Storm', 'Canary Feathers', 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'Cape Horn', 'Carved Cream', 'Cause For Pause', 'Cha Cha Cha', 'Chanson De Geste', 'Che Belezza', 'Chetviortoye Izmereniye', , 'Cheyenne Darlene', 'Chic Choix', 'Chingalata', 'Chudo Yudo', 'Ckvozxy', 'Clouded Judgement', 'Cloudia', 'Clown Around', 'Colette Clavel', 'Comet Connie', 'Comme Un Volcan', 'Cool Dragon', 'Cornamusa', 'Cosmic Rumble', 'Craig's List', 'Cream Flounce', 'Creamery', 'Crockodile Rock', 'Cyber Chaser', 'Dakar', 'Dance For Joy', 'Dancing Sunbeam', 'Dark Maul', 'Dauber's Delight', 'Dauber's Surprise', 'Days Of Thunder', 'Decory Win', 'Demon Dan', 'Derenivska Kupil', 'Derviche', 'Devil's Fork', 'Devil's Spoon', 'Diana's Dress', 'Dikovina', 'Din', 'Domilou', 'Done Dunit', 'Doodads', 'Doralisa', 'Double Bow', 'Double Oh Seven', 'Double Trouble', 'Dragon Tongue', 'Dressy Jester', 'Duded Up', 'Elie Chaix', 'Ellaphino', 'Enchanted Hues',

Tall Bearded (F-K): 'Fabulous Fringes', 'Fancy Spoons', 'Fanion', 'Feat', 'Fimbriated Space', 'Finnigan's Finagling Factor', 'Fire Dragon', 'Firebeard', 'Flamenco Flight', 'Flight Commander', 'Floozie', 'Florence Dayton', 'Flounced Bajazzo', 'Flounced Fantasia', 'Flounced Frivolite','Flounced Loveliness', 'Flounced Marvel', 'Flounced Premiere', 'Flounced Spoon', 'Flounces Talk', 'FlushedDelight', 'Flying', 'Flying Repeater', 'Flying Spoons', 'Fontanka', 'Forever Ginny', 'Fred's Gal', 'Free Space', 'Freedon Of Expression', 'Frill Flounce', 'Frills And Chills', 'Frills And Flounces', 'Fringed Flounce', 'Frizzle Frack', 'Frolic Tempest', 'Frosted Fantasy', 'Froufroutant', 'Frozen Explosion', 'Full Complioment', 'Gay Doman', 'Gayle Ellen', 'George S. Benson', 'Geroyan Tsusimy', 'Get Western', 'Gilded Style', 'Gioia Alta', 'Glitter Gulch', 'Gold Bracelet', 'Golden Alien', 'Golden Fasan', 'Golden Surrey', 'Golden Unicorn', 'Goldfinger','Goleador', 'Good Fairy', 'Goodly Heritage', 'Gostiya Is Budushego', 'Grande Ouche', 'Granny Murphy', 'Great Grins Gordan', 'Gutsulka Ksenya', 'Hacker's Delight', 'Hands Up', 'Harry's Beloved', 'Haywired', 'Heartbeat Away', 'Helen McKinnell', 'Henna Stitches', 'High Impact', 'Holy Suicide', 'Honey Hush', 'Honey Scoop', 'Horns Of Plenty', 'Horned Amethyst', 'Horned Flamingo', 'Horned Flare', 'Horned Mystery', 'Horned pink', 'Horned Royalty', 'Horned Tantalizer', 'Horns Of Magic', 'Hour Of Prayer', 'Hula Dawn', 'Hula Honey', 'Hyperspace', 'Ice For Brice', 'In A Heartbeat', 'Individuum','I'm So Confused', 'I'm So Vain', 'Imagine That', 'Interstellar Fellar', 'It's A Dream', 'Jack Horner', 'Jean Queen', 'Jeremy Jets On', 'Jet Setter', 'Joan's Party', 'John Robert', 'Joyce's Wish', Jumbo Flounce', 'Jungle Dancer', 'Jut A Strut', 'Just Pretending', 'Khvost Rusalki', 'Kickapoo Spears', 'King Of Angels', 'Kniaz Golitsyn', 'Kofe S Morozhenym', 'Kosmicheskiy Prishelets', 'Kosmichnyi Vals',

Tall Bearded (L-N): 'L. Incoronazione', 'Lace Flounces', 'Lacy Chandelier''Ladislav','Lady Olivia Rosa', 'Laffatyoreself', 'Last Resort', 'Laughing Jezzabel', 'Lavender Queen', 'Le Bel Homme', 'Leah Gentry Burks', 'Leatherman's Handbook', 'Ledovaya Simfoniya', 'Lemon Flounce', 'Lemon Spoon', 'Leta Lorraine', 'Let's Pretend', 'Libellule Bleue', 'Libellule De Solonge', 'Light And Magic', 'Lightning Strike', 'Lilac Crest', 'Lime Fizz', 'Little Show', 'Liz's Honor', 'Lochlynn Victoria', 'Lol', 'Lord Umpqua Of Yamhill', 'Luminager', 'Lunar Dance', 'Lorna's Banana Creamsicle', 'Lorna's Jennifer', 'Lorna's Morning Dew', 'Lucky Flounce', 'Lunar Flounce', 'Lyubava', 'Magic Lamp', 'Magic Rosette', ''Major Distraction', 'Mannekin Pis', 'Maral', 'Margaret Helen', 'Mars Preview', 'Marsha Lynne', 'Mary Agnes Mahoney', 'Mary Winifred', 'Marzi Joan', 'Materialistic Mama', 'Maypearl', '!McSeedman Sees Red', 'Meet A Geek', 'Mercy Marci', 'Mesmerizer','Milashka Polli', 'Miles Keith', 'Miratvorets', 'Miss Jupiter', 'Miss Venus', 'Mister Flounce', 'Miz Lib', 'Momentous Occasion', 'Monty's Sweet Blue', 'Moon Ranger', 'Mono Mania', 'Montclair Remembers', 'More Than White', 'Morskoye Chudo', 'MoyMezmerayzer', 'Moya Koleya', 'Nah', 'Nano Mira', 'Nanotekhnolgiya', 'Nariad Podvenechny', 'Navajo Code', 'Neon Beam', 'No Way Jose', 'Nordkappe', 'Not A clue', 'Novaya Formula', 'Nucleur Nancy'

Tall Bearded (O-R): 'Oasis Addie', 'Oasis Amanda', 'Angel', 'Oasis Anna', 'Oasis Blue Boy', 'Oasis Bow', 'Oasis Bow Too', 'Oasis Danny', 'Oasis Double', 'Oasis Dragon', 'Oasis Hairy', 'Oasis Jackie', 'Oasis Kelly', 'Oasis Mike', 'Offa Chart', 'OffLeeNice', 'Oghab', 'Ola Amigos', 'Old Dominion', 'Open Arms', 'Orange Flounce', 'Oso Good', 'Pagan's Maiden', 'Palmetto Grape Butter', 'PapaPig', 'Patsy's Petticoat. 'Paula Kristine Toth', 'Peach And Love', 'Peach Bouquet', 'Peach Fantasy', 'Peach Flounce', 'Peacock Dandy', 'Pereshiol Rubikon', 'Petal Pushers', 'Petticoats 'N' Flounces''Phoenix Rising', 'Pieces Of April', 'Pink Flounce', 'Pink Pacaderm', 'Pink Point', 'Pink Spoon', 'Pink Tassel', 'Placebo', 'Planet Janet', 'Plum News', 'Pobedit', 'Points North', 'Points West', 'Polite Manners', 'Pompon One', 'Porter's Gold', 'Pretty Flouncy', 'Pronghorn', 'Purple Flounce', 'Purple People Eater', 'Pure Innocence', 'Purr Form Mints', 'Radiant Irene', 'Reach For The Sky', 'Red Fork Station', 'Rings Of Saturn', 'Ritual Of Flounces', 'Rock And Roll Girl', 'Rocket Randy', 'Rodeo Arena', 'Romans Dlia Dvoikh'. 'Rope A Dope', 'Roper's Revenge', 'Rose Spoon', 'Rozovyye Oblaka', 'Snail', 'Russkaya Zhenschina', 'RusskiyIvan', 'Millioner', 'Russkiy Pereplias', 'Russkiy Razmer', 'Russkiy Stil',

Tall Bearded: (S-T): 'Salmon Flounce', 'Samki S Usami', 'Sanovnik', 'Sarah Sunshine', 'Scented Bubbles', 'Senzi Senzus', 'Set Sail', 'Schastiye Riadom', 'Seeing Stars', 'Set Sail', 'Shapka Monomakha', 'Sierra Sprite', 'Silver Spoons', 'Silver Trumpets', 'Snafu', 'Snega Vitima', 'Solar Fire', 'Somewhere In Time', 'Snow Face', 'Snow Spoon', 'Somewhere In Time', 'Southwest Kinda Dreamy', 'Soyuz Kolerov', 'Space Angel', 'Space Charm', 'Space Dawn', 'Space Dragon', 'Space Hunter', 'Space Pirate', 'Special Feature', 'Spirito Gitano', 'Spirits Rising', 'Sponsorship', 'Spoon Of Gold', 'Spoon Time', 'Spooned Blaze', 'Spooned Delight', 'Spooned Demonstration', 'Spooned Fantom', 'Spooned Flamingo', 'Spooned Harmony, 'Spooned Lace', 'Spooned Premiere', 'Spooned Sampler', 'Spoonful Of Sugar', 'Stardock', 'Starship', 'Stayyer', 'Stena Kitayskaya', 'Summertime Fun', 'Sugar Shaker', 'Super Flounce', 'Syzokryly Ptakh'. 'Talk That Talk', 'Tango Zhuravliv', 'Tawny Wings', 'Taynoye Chuvstvo', 'Tender Look', 'Texas Two Step', 'Thanks A Latte', 'That Dude's A Lady', 'Thornbird', 'Thrilling Experience', 'Time Traveler', 'To The Point', 'Tochka Otschiota', 'Tomball', 'Too M<any Flounces', 'Touch Of Heaven', 'Trail Scout', 'Trick My Treat', 'Triffid', 'Trumpet Concerto', 'Trumpeter Swan', 'Tsarevna Lebed', 'Twice Thrilling', 'Twitter Arms'

Tall Bearded (U-Z): 'Udachnaya Noch', 'Unchained', 'Under A Spell', 'Up In Arms', 'Unfinished Business', 'Uptown Art', 'V Dobry Put', 'Velva's Purple Passion', 'Venetian Vanilla', 'Viking's Gold', 'Violet Flounce', 'Voices Carry', 'Vot Tak Shtuka', 'Vot Takaya Zagogulina', 'Vrata Raya', 'VtoroyeDykhaniye', 'Vyno Rozluky', 'Wasawat Phelkratore', 'Waterspout', 'Well Spiced', 'Western Host', 'What Did Delaware', 'Whatcha Up To', 'When You Wish', 'White Extra', 'White Fringe', 'White Out', 'Wild Ginger', 'Wild Touch', 'White Winged Dove', 'Wind Whisperer', 'Wing Commander', 'Wings Of Desire', 'Wings Of Peace', 'Winsome Wanda', 'Wright Wings', 'Yarmarka Chiudes', 'Yellow Flounce', 'Yellow Spoon', 'Yoakum', 'Yokayo', 'Youth Charm', 'Yuppy Puppy', 'Zombie Zoo', 'Zvuky Trembity'.


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