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Extrapetaled Irises or Those with Double Flowers.

Full House In the bearded Irises rapidly changing weather can sometimes created flowers with extra petals but to be a true novelty iris the plant must do this consistantly. 'Full House' is an example where the flower has 5 standards and 5 falls. True doubles are rare in the bearded Irises but occur more often in the beardless. We are attempting to develop a list below of Irises with this trait. Please add any that have been missed by commenting in the comment box.

Arilbred: 'Mohr And More.

Border: 'Little Dickens'

Intermediate: 'Plum Twizzler'.

Japanese: 'Ack Complish'. 'Amethyst's Sister','Arlandina', 'Asahi No Yuki', 'Avalanche Express', 'Beni Renge', 'Blushing Snowmaiden', 'Ceily Bleu', 'Chidori', 'Chigo No Kanzashi', 'Chigosugata', 'Dragon Mane', 'Eileen's Dream', 'Emperor's Command', 'Flamingo Frolic', 'Flanders Lion', Gotenbina', 'Grape Fizz', 'Hagoromo', 'Jessa St. Ursula', 'Khiromantiya', 'Koshui No Asa', 'Lion King', 'Luxor Temple', 'Miyuki', 'Momiji Yama', 'Muffington', 'Numurijishi', 'Ninety Nine', 'Nobori Ryu', 'Pagoda Temple', 'Pink Bunny'. 'Purple Plus', 'Rafferty', 'Reva One', 'Rich Randall', 'Sax And Violins', 'Shinasahi No Yuki', 'Silent Thunder', 'Sky And Mist', 'Tarnhelm', 'Tropical Storm', 'Tsuyuzorabare', 'Uchu', 'Ushio No Kemuri', 'Violet Vase', 'White Profusion', 'Wilderness Snowball', 'Yae Katsumi', 'Yasaboshi', 'Yukichidori', 'Yukijisihi'.

Louisiana: 'Creole Can-Can', 'Creole Canary', 'Double Talk', Gate Crasher', 'Instant Replay', 'Rokki', 'Surprise Offer'.

Species: 'Blue Rose', 'Dorothy Robinson', 'Dottie's Double', 'Doubly Stylish', 'Gold Pagoda', ' Laevigata Plena', 'Mini Cascade'.

Siberian: 'Blueberry Torte', 'Bundle Of Joy', 'Concord Crush', 'Double Play', 'Double Standards', 'Having Fun', 'Imperial Opal', 'Kabluey', 'Kaboom', 'Petalicious', 'Rambunctious', 'Rigamarole', 'Shebang', 'Silesian Roses', 'Tornade Rose', 'Tumble Bug', 'Uzushio'.Kaboom

Standard Dwarf: 'Winsome Lose Some'.

Tall Bearded: 'Double Rose', 'Fine Mess', 'For Sure', 'Full House', 'Gazoo', 'I Wuv Woses', 'May Allison', 'Mohr And More', 'Nth Degree', 'Pernaty Gost'.


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