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Broken Color

Broken color has become such a popular color pattern that perhaps it should not be included as a novelty any more. It should not be confused with irises that show streaking due to virus. The trait is not well understood but a few selected hybridizers have developed some spectacular plants. We are attempting to develop a list below of Irises with this trait. Please add any that have been missed by commenting in the comment box.

Those irises in the Iris Encyclopedia where "broken color" is mentioned in the description can be located in this search.

Arilbred: 'Amber Etching', 'Burnished Star', 'Calico', 'Cinnabar Sheik', 'Esther The Queen', 'Joppa Parrot', 'Kalifa's Horn', 'Rainbow Mohr', 'Sandy Mohr', 'Splashes'.

Border bearded; 'Anaconda Love', 'Baboon Bottom', 'Broken Link', 'Caeol Ellen Ramsey', Chief Warbonnet', 'Congo Bongo', 'Emu Zing', 'Fragile Design', 'Heart Of Africa', 'Honey Cub', 'Meerkat Manor', 'Ocelot'z Lot', 'Pretty Perseverance', 'Pronto', 'Tropical Smoothie', 'Very Varied', 'Winning Streak', 'Zia Ida'.

Intermediate: Aardvark Antickz', 'Berry Magic', 'Blueberry Filly', 'Doe Z Doe', 'Dorothea', 'Gnu Rayz', 'La De Da', 'Peppered Leopard'.

Japanese: 'Bybrook Electric Storm', 'Emperor's Bride', 'Emperor's Command', 'Kyokusho', 'Nishikiori', 'Queen's Chalice', 'Raspberry Rimmed', 'Smiling Beauty', 'Wizard's Magic', 'Yaemomiji'.

Louisiana: 'Alabamensis', 'Albilinea', 'Bayou Classic','Bonaparte', 'Brookvale Star', 'Empress Josephine', 'Fuscirosea', 'Kentucky Thoroughbred', 'Pontchartrain Beach', 'Praline Festival', 'Rilla Hickerson', 'Rokki Rockwell', 'Rosipurpurea', 'Rubea', 'Rubrolilacina', 'Sun Flare'.

Miniature Tall: 'Lite Sprite'.

Pacific Coast Native: 'Faux Amiguita', 'Harbor High'.

Siberian: 'Blue Burgee', 'Blue Forty', 'Jerry's Folly', 'Wind Turbine'.

Species Hybrid: Alpha Gnu, Beta Gnu.

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Alexandra Twilight, 'Beastie', 'Calico Lace', 'Circus Act', 'Conundrum', 'Island', 'Leopard Print', 'Little Streaker', 'Silver Down', 'Sweet Plum'.

Tall Bearded: 'Afternoon Tea', 'Against Alll Odds', 'Apocalypse Girl', 'Ardent Arlene', 'Arky', 'Autumn Years', 'Bewilderbeast', 'Bianca', 'Breaking Point', 'Broke Again', 'Broken Record', 'Carlsbad Caverns', 'Carnaby Street', 'Cheetah Cheese', 'Circus Top', 'Claim To Fame','Come Running', 'Crazy Quilt', 'Die Laughing', 'Elainealope', 'Fine Mess', 'Flamingo Gringo', 'Foggy Mist', 'Franzix Lala Nix','Gazellegant', 'Giraffe Kneehiz', 'Gnu', 'Gnu Again', 'Gnu Blues', 'Gnus Flash', 'Golden Streaker', 'Gone Wild', 'Granny Murphy', 'Grape Snake'z, 'Hippo'z Tutu', 'Hotdogs And Mustard', 'Hyenasicle', 'Jackal Cackle', 'Jumpin Jack Flash', 'Millenniun Falcon', 'Nigerian Raspberry', 'One Small Step', 'Orangutan Orange', 'Painted Lady Lavender', 'Peach Jam', 'Peggy Anne', 'Python'z Parasol', 'Risso', 'Rustic Treasure', 'Saharan Sun', 'Serengeti Spaghetti', 'Salamander Sal', 'Shattered Dreams', 'Silver Streak', 'Speckled Pup', 'Spiced Tiger', 'Splashes', 'Splatter Matters', 'Squid Squirt', 'Stay Tuned', 'Sylvan Smiling', 'Tanzanian Tangerine', 'Tie Dyed', 'Tiger Honey', 'Toucan Tango', 'Unstable Gene', 'Violet Tiger', 'W. R. Dykes', 'Wild Monkey', 'Wizard Of Odds', 'Zekie'.

'Afternoon Tea' 'Against Alll Odds' 'Apocalypse Girl' 'Ardent Arlene' 'Arky' 'Arazzo' 'Autumn Years' 'Bewilderbeast' 'Bianca' 'Breaking Point' 'Broke Again' 'Broken Cleopatra' 'Broken Fire' 'Broken Record' 'Carlsbad Caverns' 'Carnaby Street' 'Cheetah Cheese' 'Circus Top' 'Claim To Fame' 'Come Running' 'Crazy Quilt' 'Die Laughing' 'Don't Doubt Dalton' 'Elainealope' 'Emotaxilit' 'Fine Mess' 'Flamingo Gringo' 'Foggy Mist' 'Franzix Lala Nix' 'Gazellegant' 'Giraffe Kneehiz' 'Gnu' 'Gnu Again' 'Gnu Blues' 'Gnus Flash' 'Golden Streaker' 'Gone Wild' 'Granny Murphy' 'Grape Snake'z' 'Hippo'z Tutu' 'Hotdogs And Mustard' 'Hyenasicle' 'Jackal Cackle' 'Jumpin Jack Flash' 'Millenniun Falcon' 'Nigerian Raspberry' 'One Small Step' 'Orangutan Orange' 'Painted Lady Lavender' 'Peach Jam' 'Peggy Anne' 'Python'z Parasol' 'Risso' 'Rustic Treasure' 'Saharan Sun' 'Serengeti Spaghetti' 'Salamander Sal' 'Shattered Dreams' 'Silver Streak' 'Speckled Pup' 'Spiced Tiger' 'Splashes' 'Splatter Matters' 'Squid Squirt' 'Stay Tuned' 'Sylvan Smiling' 'Tanzanian Tangerine' 'Tie Dyed' 'Tiger Honey' 'Toucan Tango' 'Unstable Gene' 'Violet Tiger' 'W. R. Dykes' 'Wild Monkey' 'Wizard Of Odds' 'Zekie'


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