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Distinguished Service Awards

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is awarded in recognition of outstanding service to The American Iris Society at the national level. Service is judged on the basis of amount and quality of work done in such capacities as Board members, national officer, judges' training activity that is national in scope, writing for the national publication and other less tangible but vital acts of national service.


2022 Lois Rose Janet Smith
2021 Cheryl Deaton Bonnie Nichols Jody Nolin Andi Rivarola Claire Schneider
2020 No Award


2019 Robert Hollingworth    
2018 Betsy Higgins Terry Laurin Gary White
2017 Debra Strauss Nick Stewart
2016 Jim Morris
2015 Gerry Snyder Michelle Snyder
2014 John Jones John Ludi Robert Pries
2012 Jill Bonino Judy Keisling
2011 Paul Gossett
2010 Rita Gormley


2009 Perry Dyer
2008 No Award
2007 Jeanne Clay Plank
2006 Jim Copeland Jay Hudson
2005 Terry Aitken Nancy and Irv Pocklington Shirley Pope
2004 Anne Lowe Clarence Mahan
2003 Mike Lowe Jean Morris Melody Wilhoit
2002 Sara Marley Keith McNames
2001 Robert R. Plank
2000 Glenn Corlew Lewis and Adele Lawyer Marilyn Harlow


1999 No Award
1998 O. David Niswonger Olive Rice Waters
1997 Emma Hobbs
1996 Claire Barr Lillian Gristwood Phillips A. Williams
1994 Hilda Crick
1993 Charles Lack
1992 Jeane Stayer Catherine Long Gates
1991 Francesca Thoolen James Rasmussen


1989 James Burch Kay Nelson
1988 No Award
1987 Ellene Rockwell
1986 Ronald Mullin
1985 Ben Hager
1984 Adolph Vogt
1983 Marie Caillet Allan Ensminger Dorothy Howard Carol Ramsey Dr. Harold L. Stahly
1982 Jean Witt
1981 Kenneth M. Waite Archie Owen Dr. John Harvey
1980 Keith R. Keppel Leon Wolford


1979 Bennett C. Jones Richard T. Pettijohn
1978 Philip W. Edinger
1977 Dr. J. Clarke Cosgrove
1976 Glenn F. Hanson
1975 Earl T. Browder Harriet Segessemann
1974 Hugo A. Wall William H. Peck Ira E. Wood Elizabeth A. Wood
1973 Melba Hamblen Jake Scharff
1972 Bee Warburton Raymond C. Allen Robert V. Schreiner
1971 William T. Bledsoe
1970 Dr. J. Arthur Nelson Wilma Vallette


1969 Ethel Ricker Edwin Rundlett
1968 John C. Wister Ada Buxton Peggy Burke Grey Dr. Jack R. Durrance Hubert A. Fischer
1967 Larry A. Gaulter
1966 Dr. Philip A. Loomis
1965 Claude C. O'Brien Robert C. Carney Kenneth Dudley Smith
1964 Jay C. Ackerman Thomas E. Jacoby
1963 John Adams Bartholomew
1962 Minnie Colquitt Donald G. Waters
1960 Dr. Matthew C. Riddle


1959 Marion R. Walker Carl O.Schirmer
1958 William J. Moffat
1957 Mrs. George D. Robinson
1956 Geddes Douglas
1955 Howard W. Knowlton Harry J. Randall
1953 Barbara Walther
1952 Fred W. Cassebeer Guy Rogers
1951 Lowell Fitz Randolph
1950 Caroline Dorman E. Greig Lapham


1949 Dr. Franklin P. Cook Junius P. Fishburn
1947 Jesse E. Wills Howard R. Watkins
1946 Louise Blake
1945 J. Marion Shull
1944 Charles F. Gersdorff Clarence P. Connell
1943 William J. McKee
1941 Dr. Harry H. Everett Benjamin Y. Morrison Robert S. Sturtevant


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