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Describing Irises:

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The American Iris Society is the official cultivar registration authority for the non bulbous forms of the Genus Iris. But the descriptions associated with registration have in early years been minimal and even today the cost of printing prohibits a detailed description. But today's digital reality means that a virtual databse of in depth descriptions could be assembled. These descriptions associated with date and region could help establish regional differences in the growth of a cultivar. They might also lead to more convincing identifications of existing cultivars. To this end we invite growers to fill out the fillable form attached so as to provide an archival record of what you observe in your garden. join us as a citizen scientist in accumulating this data.
Click on the image to the right to open the form, fill out both pages. Please complete the form as best as possible but it is not essential to record every answer although the more complete the better the data. Thank you. You can attach the completed form to this page or email it to

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