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Series Chinenses (Diehls)Lawrence

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An interesting group of Iris in the Section Limniris that come from eastern Asia and Japan that are relatively rare in cultivation. Fortunately new collections have been adding plants to study. The group generally has a ridge on the falls which suggests a crest and the crested Iris tenuissima may be closely related.

The British Iris Society's A Guide to Species Irises Their Identification and Cultivation includes the following species:
Iris dabashanensisdabashanensis Iris henryi, Iris koreanaKoreana , Iris minutoaureaKoreana,
Iris odaesanensis , Iris proantha Iris Probstii Iris rossii
Iris speculatrix

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Dykes in The Genus iris, 1913;------------V. The Chinese Group.--------------
This is a somewhat arbitrary group of four Chinese and Japanese plants. They are very imperfectly known, and until they are all brought into cultivation and we become better acquainted with their characteristics, it seems more convenient to group them together on the basis of their geographical distribution rather than to assign them to other groups to which they may ultimately prove not to be nearly allied.

1. Rhizome resembling that of I. ensata or I. spuria ; stems produced in pairs from the centre of a tuft of leaves; pedicels Jong, tube and ovary short…........I. Grijsi

2. Rhizome resembling that. of I. ruthenica; leaves narrow, grassy, pedicel short; tube four or six times as long as the ovary…........I. Rossii

3. Rhizome very slender and wiry; pedicel short; tube about twice as long as the ovary….......I. minuta

4. Rhizome very slender and wiry, similar to that of I, minuta; pedicel long; tube short, equal to the ovary…............I. Henryi
1995 Journal Of Plant Research Iris Rossii Conservation

References for hybridization

2018 Korean Journal Plant Taxonmy Iris Series Chinensis

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