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Section Limniris

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A Section within the Subgenus Limniris. These are often refered to by the old name Apogon Iris which literally means beardless Irises. The term Limniris literally means pond Iris, although only a few actually thrive in ponds. For more on culture see Cultivation of Species. They have been organized into the following Series;
  • Series Chinensis (Diels) Lawrence:

  • Series Vernae (Diels) Lawrence

  • Series Ruthenicae (Diels) Lawrence:

  • Series Tripetalae (Diels) Lawrence:

  • Series Sibericae (Diels) Lawrence:

  • Series Californicae (Diels) Lawrence:

  • Series Longipetalae (Diels) Lawrence:

  • Series Laevigatae (Diels) Lawrence:

  • Series Hexagonae (Diels) Lawrence:

  • Series Prismaticae (Diels) Lawrence:

  • Series Spuriae (Diels) Lawrence:

  • Series Foetidissima (Diels) Mathew:

  • Series Tenuifoliae (Diels) Lawrence

  • Series Ensatae;

  • Series Syriacae;

  • Series Unguiculares;

  • There are many other species names in this group that have been reduced to a lower rank or to a synonym, such as; Iris notha, Iris urumovii


    -- BobPries - 2010-02-10
    • Subseries Sibiricae has now the proper botanical name. So why Series SibEricae? According to Diels and Lawrence it should be Sibiricae too. L.Komarnicki, Poland -- LechKomarnicki - 25 Feb 2012
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