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Sino-Siberians; A term created by Lorena Reid and Jean Witt in their price list to cover the species and species hybrids in the subseries Chrysographes. It was a handy terminology since this series of Siberians crosses readily and it is often hard to determine whether a plant is avariation on one of the species or a hybrid between species. Since all the Iris in this group come from the Himalayan Mountain region Sino was an apt term.

It is hard to understand what objection there could be to this term but some favored the term 40-chromosome Siberian. Unfortunately one species ( Iris clarkei ) in this subseries has 38 rather than 40 as to make that name not quite accurate.

Sino-Siberian Hybrids

‘Anticipation Orange’, ‘Barbara’s Choice’, ‘Beautiful Forty’, ‘Begin The Beguine’, ‘Berlin Dark Mantle’, ‘Berliner Riesen’, ‘Black Garnet’, ‘Blue Eyed Princess’, ’Blue Forty’, 'Blue Guest’, ‘Blue Meadow Fly’, ‘Blue Signal’, ‘Boop Eyes’, ’Bronzy Marvel’, ’Butterfly Mode’, ’Camouflage', ‘Cascade Buttercup’, ‘Cascade Crème’, ‘Charm Of Finches’, ‘Charm Yellow’, ‘Christopher’, ‘Cleeton Buff’, ‘Cleeton Cross’, ‘Cleeton Double Chance’, ‘Cleeton Fancy’, ‘Cleeton Mirzella’, ‘Cleeton Moon’, ‘Cleeton Starburst’, ‘Cleeton Tiger’, ‘Cleeton Watercolour’, ‘Copper Elf’, ‘Court Violet’, ‘Delbino’, ‘Dimity Butterfly’, ‘Dotted Line’, ‘Echo Two’, ‘Eisblume’, ‘Elizabeth’s Birthday’, ‘Enbee Deeaych’, ‘Fair And Forty’, ‘Fluorescence’, ‘Forrest Scion’, ‘Fredachs’, ‘Golden Aureole’, ‘Gold March’, ‘Howard’s Birthday’, ‘Idson’, ‘Jean’s Delight’, ‘Jerry’s Folly’, ‘Jever Harlekin’, ‘Jever Silberpfeil’, ‘Kleiner Schmetterling’, ‘Leopard Spots’, ‘Lightly Touched’, ‘Mandarin Purple’, ‘Mauve Mood’, ‘Meadow Princess’, ‘Mirza’, 'McKenzie Bruiser', ‘McKenzie Violet’, ‘Mondscheinsonate’, ‘Night Fell’, ‘Otepopo Elegance’, ‘Otepopo Night’, ‘Otepopo Serene’, ‘Oyster Bird’, ‘Pacific Dark Eyes’, ‘Pastel Dancer’, ‘Piquant Fancy’, ‘Plum Gorgeous’, ’‘Prairie Warbler’, ‘Puget Polka’, ‘Purple Princess’, ‘Rainbow Island’, ‘Rain Trude’, ‘Rob’, ‘Sammetkerze’, ‘Ski-Hi-Forty’, ‘Smudger’s Early Evening’, ‘Smudger’s Stormy Sunshine’, ‘Smudger’s Tropical Moonrise’, ‘Sperber’, ‘Stately Elegance’, ‘Stitch Witchery’,

‘Sunlight Bay’

‘Tawny Pipit’


‘Varied Bunting’

‘Velvet Candle’

‘Water Sprite’

‘White Net’


‘Yellow Apricot’

‘Yellow Chrys’

‘Yellow Court’

‘Yellow Polka’

Sino-Siberian hybrid crosses


‘Cascade Velvet’

‘Chapter Two’

‘Chrysata Charme’

‘El Tigre’

‘Fine Line’

‘Golden Waves’

‘In Stitches’

‘Louise White’

‘Lyric Laughter’


‘Pacific Smoothie’

‘Royal Pretender’

‘Space Child’


‘Sunny Red Wine’

‘Swirling Mist’

‘Two Worlds’

‘Velvet Pennant’


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