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The Iris Family, Iridaceae

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Alophia Aristea Afrocrocus---> Babiana Bobartia
Calydorea Chasmanthe Cipura Cobana--> Crocosmia
Crocus Cypella Devia Dierama Dietes
Diplarrena[[Ird.IrdDiplarrena][Ird.IrdDiplarrena][]] Duthiastrum--> Eleutherine Ennealophus--> Ferraria
Freesia Geissorhiza Gelasine Geosiris--> Gladiolus
Herbertia Hesperantha Hesperosiphion Iris Isophysis-->
Ixia Klattia Lapeirousia Larentia Libertia
Mastigostyla--> Melasphaerula Micranthus Moraea Nemastylis
Neomarica Nivenia Olsinium Orthrosanthus Patersonia
Pillansia--> Pseudotrimezia--> Radinosiphon--> Romulea Salpingostylis-->
Savannosiphon--> Sisyrnchium Solenomelus Sparaxis Syringodea
Tapeinia Thereianthus Tigridia Trimezia Tritonia
Tritoniopsis--> Watsonia Witsenia Xenoscapa--> Zygotritonia

Outline of Iridaceae:

The Iris family is one of the larger families in the class Monocotyledonae, order Asparagales, and filled with ornamental plants. The Genus Iris is the type genus for the family. The family is so large that it is broken up into subfamilies and many of those into tribes. The Genus Iris is in the tribe Irideae in the subfamily Iridoideae:

The Iris Family includes 7 subfamilies, 10 tribes, and 65 Genera:

Phylogeny of the family; In recent years the Iris family has undergone a lot of revision and the most current mongraph on the subject is The Iris Family, Natural History and Classification by Peter Goldblatt & John Manning, Timber Press 2008. For a current update on the taxonomy one can go to

A 1990 cladistic analysis of the Iris family is available at Annals of Missouri Botanical Botanical Garden, 1990

Lists of accepted species are verified by the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families "With the permission of the Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew" and cross checked by the International Plant Names Index. Any errors are solely those of the manager of this scientific collaboration project and should be called attention to the wiki manager. Our mission is to provide the best possible information for horticulturalists and botanists.

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Iris and the Genera split from it

Note: There has always been disagreement in what constitutes a genus. Recently several papers have been published suggesting the Genus Iris should be split into 23 separate genera. This is not new. Historically there have been Several Genera that have been synonyms of current Sections or Series of the Genus Iris. Some include:

Family Iridaceae defined

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References for Iridaceae

Library of Iridaceae Literature other than Genus Iris


Library search for Other Iridaceae



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