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Incremental Hybridizing. "How many generations did it take to produce that"

If we took a Dykes Medal Winner How many generation is it from the Species?

In galleries below; each iris to the right of the one before is one of the parents showing change from generation to generation

'Football Hero' the 2022 Dykes Medal Winner

'Football Hero' Football Hero 'Hoosier Dome' Hoosier Dome 'Startled'Startled 'Howdy Do'Howdy Do
'Actress'Actress 'Fond Wish' Fond Wish 'Rippling Waters' Rippling waters 'Helen McGregor Helen McGregor
'Purissima' Purissima 'Argentina' Argentina Iris mesopotamica Iris mesopotamica

'Football Hero' is 10 generations removed from the species

'Daring Deception' a 2021/20 Dykes Medal Winner

'Daring Deception'Daring Deception 'By Jeeves'By Jeeves 'Gypsy Geena'Gypsy Geena 'Pharaoh's Spirit' Pharaoh
'Plume D'Or' Plume D 'Dance Man' Dance Man 'Speculator' ;Speculator' 'Well Endowed' Well Endowed
seedling# 71-79W 'New Moon' New Moon 'Moon River'Moon River 'Nuxed Emotions' Mixed Emotions
'Azure Skies'Azure Skies 'Snowking' Snowking 'Oriana' Oriana 'Lady Foster' Lady Foster
Iris Cypriana Iris Cypriana

'Daring Deception is 17 generations from a species

'Reckless Abandon' a 2021/20 Dykes Medal Winner

'Reckless Abandon'Reckless Abandon Blyth seedling L304-1, 'Pirate Ahoy' Pirate Ahoy 'Snowed In' Snowed In
'Romantic Evening'Romantic Evening seedling 88-215: 'Witches Wand' Witches wand 'Tomorrow's Child' Tommorrow
'Lisa Ann'Lisa Ann 'Snow Peach'Snow Peach 'Latin Lover' Latin Lover No named Seedling
'Whole Cloth' Whole Cloth 'Cahokia'Cahokia Faught seedling# 4E1 'Purissima' Purissima
'Argentina' Argentina Iris mesopotamica Iris mesopotamica

'Reckless Abandon' is 17 generations from a species

'Bottle Rocket the 2019 Dykes Medal Winner

'Bottle Rocket' Bottle Rocket Seedling# S-702-A: 'Connie Sue' Connie Sue Seedling# G-19
'sweet Musette'Sweet Musette Seedling# M 797-1: 'Sandberry'Sndberry 'Kingdom' Kingdom
seedling# 57-28 'Waxing Moon'waxing Moon Fay seedling# 'sunray'Sunray
'Floradora' 'Clara Noyes'

'Bottle Rocket' is at least 14 generations from species and likely about 17 generations but no data after 'Clara Noyes' note last pod parent recorded was 'Aprodite' from 1922

'Haunted Heart' the 2018 Dykes Medal Winner

'Haunted Heart' Haunted Heart Blyth seedling# N48-X 'Royal sterling'Royal Sterling 'Vienna Waltz' Vienna Waltz  
'Social Event'Social event Gatty seedling# M8-2A 'Pretty Lady'Pretty Lady 'Bonbon' Bobbon
'Princess'Princess 'Ruffled Valentine'Ruffled Valentibe 'May Hall'May Hall 'Dolly Varden'Dolly Varden

'Montmartre' 2017 Dykes Medal Winner Ancestry

'Montmartre' Montmartre 'High Masrer' High Master 'Fancy Woman'Fancy Woman seedling# 85-15C
'Goddess' Goddess Seedling# 72-30C: 'Apricot Blaze'Apricot Blaze

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