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John D. Wareham

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Exerpt from Nashville and Other Gardens, by Elizabeth N. Nesmith, A.I.S. Bulletin 82:15-16 July 1941.

From Louisville we went to Cincinnati to visit Mr. John D. Wareham and spent two delightful days going over his seedlings. As most of us know, Mr. Wareham has been interested in iris hybridizing for many years, and was one of the first in America to use Dominion blood in breeding. Since then he has produced many fine iris. Among the newer ones are 'Triptych', 'Mediteranee', 'Rookwood', 'Vision Fugitive', and 'Gin Fizz'. He is an artist with a keen sense of color combination and value, and he seems to have imparted these to many of his seedlings; you find very few of them with muddy colors, most being clear, solid colors or very harmonious blends. This year he had some exceptionally lovely new seedlings.

Mr. Wareham's 41-4 is a most brilliant iris, a blending of Spinel red, Rosolane purple, and rich copper, giving the effect of gleaming Tyrian rose or deep Daphne pink; very handsome and of unusual color. This was in a group of seedlings of reds with copper overtones, and several were selected for further observation. It was surprising to note how uniform in quality the whole group seemed, and it was difficult to decide upon those to eliminate. There were several fine whites and yellows, and 41-19 impressed me as being especially good. It is a large rounded flower of amber yellow with very wide standards and falls, smooth firm finish and excellent branching.

Many that have visited Mr. Wareham's garden will remember a rather small but very lovely iris with a vivid pinkish tangerine beard that he registered under the name of 'Gold Fish'. For many years he was not successful in crossing it, but this year in his seedlings was a larger and much improved 'Gold Fish', and from this seedling doubtless there will come others with this intense beard and unusual coloring. However, the sensation of the whole garden was his magnificent new seedling named 'Java Sky'. It is impossible to give a word picture of this iris, but if you can imagine the colors of PRAIRIE SUNSET, STARDOM, and DUBROVNIK, all blended into one iris, perhaps you can in some measure visualize its brilliance. It has strong, heavy substance, glowing colors which do not fade, and excellent form and branching. It is the most colorful and unusual blending of colors that I have ever seen, and too much cannot be said in its praise.

From Mrs. Thomas Nesmith, Fairmount Gardens Catalog, Lowell, Massachusetts, Summer 1942-Spring 1943.

Mr. John Dee Wareham of Cincinnati, Ohio is first of all an artist and his keen sense of color value seems reflected in his iris seedlings. This year we are introducing four of his iris that are very distinctive and of proven merit. 'Full Sail', a sturdy and exceptionally well branched white with just the faintest flush of purplish lavender throughout the flower; 'Vision Fugitive' is a cool white and cream yellow of exquisite poise and finish, and always attracts the attention of garden visitors; 'Gin Fizz', cool and frosty in finish this firm ivory white has great lasting qualities and is a distinct addition to any garden; 'Java Sky' is the most magnificent blending of colors that can be imagined, if you can visualize the colors of Frame Sunset, Stardom, and Dubrovnik all blended in an iris bloom then you will have some idea of its brilliance.


Tall Bearded: 'Alchemy', 'Alfred Fidler', 'Amun Ra', 'Ange', 'Ange Du Meridian', 'Angora', 'Araby', 'Babs Emery', 'Baccanalian', 'Blenda', 'Blessed Damosel', 'Cadmia', 'Cellini', 'Cinnamon Isles', 'Cinquecento', 'Clair De Lune by Wareham', 'Clown', 'Conflagration', 'Crinoline Days', 'Crystal Chimes', 'Dawning Light', 'Deep River', 'Dolorosoa', 'Elegy', 'Enshrined One', 'Eothen', 'Far Echo', 'Far Horizon' 'Full Sail', 'Gin Fizz', 'Gold Fish', 'Gold Fringe', 'Gold Lode', 'Golden Manuscript', 'Gubbio', 'Hamilton Wareham', 'Iberian', 'Ignis Fatuus', 'Irene Gibson', 'Java Sky', 'Julia Wareham', 'Legend', 'Limoges', 'Mabel Taft', 'Magic Fire', 'Marcelle', 'Mattins', 'Mediteranee', 'New World', 'Nostalgia', 'Oracleo', 'Pachyderm', 'Pale Hands', 'Perle Dore', 'Pink Gesture', 'Pleiad Electra', 'Primrose Orchid', 'Prince Leo', 'Rookwood', 'Rosy Youth', 'Royal Abundance', 'Samarcand', 'Sang De Boeuf', 'Shepherdess Olivia', 'Singing Waters', 'Spanish Lustre', 'Sparkling Burgundy', 'Spirit Flower', 'Sprit Magnolia', 'Spring Azure', 'Summer Ermine', 'Sylvan Nymph', 'The Ghost', 'Tiger Eye', 'Tiger Tiger', 'Tintourmaline', 'Topaz Cloud', 'Transformation', 'Triptych', 'Twilight Charm', 'Twilight Orange', 'Velvet Antique', 'Vision Fugitive', 'Vulcan's Imp', 'Yellow Orchid'.

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