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Hybridizer Charles William Voris(1896-1973)

Watsontown, Pennsylvania, USA


Tall Bearded: A-L: 'Admiral Jacobs', 'Alma Mater', 'American Nurse', 'Ballet Skirt', 'Barry', 'Between Seasons', 'Black Buran', 'Black Monday', 'Black Monk', 'Blacksmith', 'Blond Virgin', 'Blonde Dancer', 'Blue Void', 'Buttered Corn', 'C. G. Voris', 'Chalk Garden', 'Christina Leigh', 'Christmas Day', 'Christmas Morn', 'Colorful Canyon', 'Come Lately', 'Commencement Queen', 'Cora M. Gorman', 'Dallas', 'Dancing Palomino', 'Dark Scepter', 'Dark Town', 'Dimpled Darling', 'Dr. Henry Hager', 'Dr. Raymond T. Stamm', 'Drab Dream', 'Dry Martini', 'Elinor Jane Foust', 'Elinor J. Voris', 'Ernie Of Syracuse', 'Evening Flush', 'Fair But Cool', 'Fiftieth Star', 'Fiftieth State', 'Flaming Apricot', 'Forest Maid', 'Forest Song', 'Forty-Ninth Star', 'Gilded Heiress', 'Ginger Bread', 'Green Christmas', 'Happiest Millionaire', 'Ice Canyon', 'Ice Cavern', 'Indian Land', 'Inkwell', 'Janie', 'Jimbo', 'Just Sumpin, 'Lady In White', 'Luscious Lady',

Tall Bearded M-Z: 'M. Violet Moyer', 'Marian V. Croft', 'Mary G. Voris', 'Merry Christmas', 'Millville High', 'Moon Shot', 'Moonlight Melody', 'Morning Flush', 'Mount Of Olives', 'Mr. Conservative', 'My Blue Heaven', 'My Fair Lady', 'My Song', 'My Sweetheart', 'Never Too Late', 'Nineteen-Fourteen', 'Old Fashioned', 'Orange Frappe', 'Orchid Ballet', 'Orchid Outline', 'Peachy', 'Pearls And Lace', 'Pink Chiffon', 'Pink Whirls', 'Princess Pam', 'Ripe Grain', 'Roberta Jane', 'Rustan', 'Ruth Voris', 'Sabrina Fair', 'Santa's Shop', 'Sarah L. Shuman', 'Season's End', 'Sergeant Campos', 'Snowtime', 'Sombre Cal', 'Sorbete', 'Spectral Study', 'Statuesque', 'Sweetheart At Tea', 'Tall Story', 'Tangold', 'Tardy Tillie', 'Tea Time', 'Top Angel', 'Violet Shadows', 'Violet Statue', 'Vorstar', 'Wattaflare', 'Whibeppink', 'Whirlaway', 'Whirling Cream', 'White Nun', 'Zangara'.

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