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Hybridizer B. R. Long

Essex, England


´╗┐Border Bearded: ´╗┐ 'Redoubt',

Intermediate Bearded: 'Laila', 'Redoubt'.

Tall Bearded: 'Afternoon', 'Airy Shell', 'Akanax', 'Alabanda', 'Apollonic', 'Ardency', 'Armiger', 'Array', 'Banner Of Gold', 'Beauty's Ornament', Bizerta', 'Blithe Spirit', 'Blood Carnelian', 'Buff Tips', 'Bulwark', 'Burnished Dove', 'Candescent', Cadence', Celia Grant', 'Cherry Orchard', 'Childhood', 'Classic Blue'. 'Clothing Of Delight', 'Dainty Duchess', Dragon Wing', 'Enion', 'Enthusiast', 'Eternal City', 'Fairest Isle', 'Felicific', 'Floor of Heaven', 'Fury', 'Glowing Isle', 'Golden Vanity', 'Gracile', 'Gwendolyn Anley', 'Heather Isle', 'Hedonist', 'Hela', 'High Command', 'Histrionic', 'Ichor', 'Imprimatur', 'Ivory Gate', 'Killiney', 'Laloro', 'Lambent', 'Lanthorne', 'Leutha', 'Luminary', 'Maiden Queen', 'Mareth', 'Mary Shore', 'Merry-Go-Round', 'Misty Isle', 'Mute Lyre', 'Necromancy', 'Night Thoughts', 'None So Pretty', 'North Wind', 'Oligarch', 'Orange Butterfly', 'Orchestra', 'Painted Bird', 'Pandean', 'Patine', 'Piracy', 'Poetry', 'Precisian', 'Preferment', 'Princely', 'Propriety', 'Revelry', 'Rhona', 'Robert Browning', 'Rose of England', 'Ruby Isle', 'Sarsen', 'Sceptered Isle', 'Serendipity', 'Serin', 'Silent Worship', 'Songs Before Sunrise', 'Square Hill' 'Sunlit Snow', 'Sunset Isle', 'Tharmas', 'Thel', 'Theleme', 'Theotormon', 'Time Wraith', 'Tiriel', 'Treasure Ship', Tyrant', 'Unfinished Symphony', 'Vala', 'Vellum', 'Vice Versa', 'Vogue', 'War And Peace', 'Warmth', 'Windermere'. 'Zazel', 'Zoa',

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