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Hybridizer Graeme Grosvenor

Millthorpe, NSW, Australia

Graeme Grosvenor is an Australian hybridizer who has 15 times been the recipient of the Australian Dykes Medal. These include: Imogen Paige 2011, Amenort 2010, Pot Black 2009, Dancing In Pink 2008, June Brazier 2007, Second Option 2006, Jayceetee 2004, Pay The Price 2003, Helen Dawn 2002, Lavender Park 2000, Move On 1999, Ribands 1998, Hills District 1997, Temptone 1995, and First Movement 1992.

Graeme Grosvenor was honored by the American Iris Society with the Hybridizer Award in 2003.


Border Bearded: 'Amber's Baby', 'Bonanza Stream', 'Donna's Dream', 'Elsedina', 'Evita', 'Little Blush', 'Little Zipper', 'Mything Tooth', 'Persian Flyer', 'Precious Puppy', 'Radiant Pink', 'Subastral,

Japanese: 'Active Ayr', 'Dural Peacock', 'In Demand', 'In Suspense', 'Janet Hutchinson', 'Prepared',

Tall Bearded (A-G): 'Adlemi', 'Admiralty House', 'Admired', 'Airline', 'Alan Johnson', 'Ali's Choice', 'Alive and Well', 'Amenort', 'Amy's Flower', 'Approval', 'Apricot Frills', 'Around the World', 'As Good As Gold', 'Aunt Corley', 'Aussie Challenge', 'Austar Glow', 'Austar Pink', 'Autumn Harvest', 'Aware', 'Azure Angel', 'Bannockburn', 'Barra Gold', 'Basreturn', 'Be Counted', 'Beach Ball', 'Berowra', 'Best Value', 'Better Loosen Up', 'Big Move', 'Blake's Achey Heart', 'Blue Heeler Country', 'Blue View', 'Blushing Radiance', 'Boyd', 'Bracken Ridge', 'Break the Ice', 'Brian', 'Bright Mia', 'Bronzed Aussie', 'Burnt Yards', 'C'Mon Lleyton', 'Cadia', 'Calam', 'Carmel Niland', 'Cartoon', 'Celebrity Square', 'Centennial Hall', 'Cheryl Ann O'Leary', 'Climactic', 'Clouded Dreams', 'Coal Face', 'Coaxial', 'Colonial Plum', 'Comic Strip', 'Coming Alive', 'Compton', 'Corona Star', 'Covina', 'Cradle Mountain', 'Crinklette', 'Crisis', 'Cudal', 'Culata', 'Dahdah', 'Dancing In Lemon', 'Dancing In Pink', 'Delgara', 'Despair', 'Dewana', 'Di Cox', 'Doncaster Avenue', 'Dreaming In Cream', 'Dressed In Navy', 'Dural Snowflake', 'Effective', 'Efficient', 'Eidolia', 'Elizabeth Macquarie', 'Erratica', 'Errowanbang', 'Evening Peal', 'Evening Rainbow', 'Everybody's Dream', 'Excite Me', 'First Movement', 'Fit the Bill', 'Float', 'Floral Act', 'Forever Neave', 'Frosty Nymph', 'Galston Gorge', 'Gelato', 'Gentle On the Eye', 'Girls of the World', 'Girraween', 'Glenhaven', 'Glory In Snow', 'Go Between', 'Going Shopping', 'Goondiwindi', 'Graceful Gold', 'Great Reward', 'Green and Gold', 'Grin',

Tall Bearded (H-O): 'Haddon', 'Hard Work', 'Havoc', 'Head of the River', 'Helen Dawn', 'Hello Temptation', 'Hexham', 'Hey True Blue', 'High Rise', 'High Roller', 'Highland Stream', 'Hills and Dales', 'Hills District', 'Hillview Dazzler', 'Hillview Indigo', 'Hillview Pantomime', 'Hoist', 'Holey Cheeses', 'Howes Valley', 'Hunter Valley', 'Hypnosis', 'Ice Storm', 'Ideal Romance', 'If You Dare', 'Immytayte', 'Imogen Paige', 'Impulsive Elation', 'In the Bush', 'Jane's Emma', 'Jane's Persuasion', 'Janet's Choice', 'Janet's Joy', 'Jayceetee', 'Jean Johnson', 'Jenaya', 'Jim Frazier', 'Joan McClemens', 'Johnny Be Good', 'Johnny Blue Eyes', 'Joke', 'Joyce Donaldson', 'June Brazier', 'Just There', 'Kaligazam', 'Keen Perception', 'Keep the Peace', 'Kept On Ice', 'Kingsford', 'Kingston Town', 'Kirrawee', 'Lachlan Macquarie', 'Lady Marilyn', 'Lady Vera', 'Lake St.Clare', 'Lavender Park', 'Leinster Ellen Jean', 'Lemon Portrait', 'Leontyne', 'Life of the Party', 'Living the Dream', 'Lord of Burgundy', 'Lord Olivier', 'Love Is True', 'Lucy Anne', 'Luxury Bubbles', 'Lyz Taylor', 'Macquarie River', 'Mandurama', 'Marie's Love', 'Marion Davies', 'Mary Davis', 'Maroubra', 'Meggs', 'Millthorpe', 'Missie's Girls', 'Mittagong', 'Mixed Story', 'Mixture', 'Mollie Savell', 'Molong', 'Morse', 'Move On', 'Movie Buff', 'Must Unite', 'My Dilemma', 'My Friend Joyce', 'My Gal Sal', 'My Sister Janet', 'Narelle Elaine', 'Nataliar', 'Navy Admiral', 'Navy Seal', 'Negomi', 'Nepean River', 'Never Neglecter', 'New Century', 'New Challenge', 'New Tune', 'Newk', 'Next Time Around', 'Night On the Town', 'Nivea', 'No Go Zone', 'Normality', 'Now and Then', 'October Ripples', 'Off the Planet', 'Oh My Bubbles', 'Olivia's the One', 'On A Sandy Beach', 'On Trust', 'Orchard Girl', 'Origin', 'Our Clare', 'Our House', 'Our Hullabaloo', 'Our Kristin', 'Our Lily', 'Our Man Buck', 'Out of Work', 'Over Again', 'Over and Out', 'Oxford Romance',

Tall Bearded (P-Z): 'Painted Lavender', 'Patricia Elizabeth Linnegar', 'Patricia's Own', 'Pay the Price', 'Pebble Fresh', 'Pennant Hills', 'Penta', 'Perfect Pet', 'Peter John', 'Peter's Virginia', 'Phil the Power', 'Plateau', 'Pocket Rocket', 'Pokolbin', 'Pot Black', 'Prejudice', 'Pride and Prejudice', 'Provocative', 'Purposeful', 'Qualified', 'Quality Time', 'Racing At Randwick', 'Radiant Design', 'Rainbow Selection', 'Rally', 'Reap the Rewards', 'Red Badge', 'Red Centre', 'Rellie', 'Return to Camelot', 'Rhapsody In Red', 'Ribands', 'Right Word', 'Rippler', 'Rocky Rogue', 'Rogue's Gallery', 'Rosy Rogue', 'Russell Falls', 'Rustic Dream', 'Rustle of Spring', 'Rusty Taylor', 'Sajakeda', 'Scan', 'Scared Stiff', 'Scott's Sharon', 'Second Option', 'Sense and Sensibility', 'Separate Area', 'Seranda', 'Seven the Black', 'Share the Spirit', 'Sharreliz', 'Sidney Linnegar', 'Sidney's Choice', 'Silver Cove', 'Sinister Sign', 'Smoky Skylight', 'Smoky Volo', 'Snow Cream', 'Some Dark Night', 'Soprano', 'Splendida', 'Spring Classic', 'Spring to Life', 'Square Peg', 'Stage Act', 'Star Glory', 'Star of the Morn', 'Steel City', 'Still of the Night', 'Stir the Pot', 'Stock Exchange', 'Strange Harmony', 'Sunshine Status', 'Sweet Charm', 'Sweet Fortune', 'Switcheroo', 'Sydney', 'Talaspring', 'Talbingo Sky', 'Tall Order', 'Tassie Devil', 'Tay Daum', 'Tay's Personality', 'Tay's Sister', 'Taylor Louise', 'Telesto', 'Temptone', 'Tia Rose', 'Timios', 'To Shore', 'Topspin', 'Transfer', 'Triple Delight', 'Ulladulla', 'Una McLean', 'Up In the Sky', 'Upon My Word', 'Valerie Joyce', 'Vas', 'Way to Go', 'What A Mixture', 'White Pool', 'Wholesome', 'Wine From the Vine', 'Winter In Canberra', 'Words and Music', 'Work Ethic', 'Wu', 'Wu Big Man', 'Years of Plenty', 'Yes Indeed', 'Yes Minister', 'Zambusa', 'Zapped', 'Zip It Up', 'Zipper Stitch', 'Zoom Top',

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