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Hybridizer Bruce Filardi

Portland, Oregon, USA


Border Bearded: 'Anees', 'Better Than Ice Cream', 'Capodimonte', 'Impertinent', 'Liege Lord', 'Lotsa Spots', 'Olaf', 'Red Border',

Intermediate Bearded: 'Across The Garden', 'Alphabet', 'Apricosa', 'Azafran', 'Blandishment', 'Buckpasser', 'Cloud Atlas', Cocoamo', 'Dark Red Rubies', 'Enchanted Ring', 'Eyedazzler', 'Farscape', 'Frippery', 'Golden Opals', 'Lambent Moon', 'Lowering Sky', 'Moccasin', 'Pastelegant' 'Prince of Persia', 'Smoky Sky', 'Wooden Shoe'.

Louisiana: 'Gladiateur', 'Manifest Destiny' 'Plantation Gown'.

Miniature Dwarf Bearded: 'Agamemnon', 'Crichton', 'Early Sunbeams', 'Lord of the Dance', `Lord Of The Manor, 'Tutankhamen'.

Siberian: 'Posh Frock', 'She Walks In Beauty'.

Species Hybrid Bearded: 'Just Dotty',

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'All Beautiful', 'Alydar', 'Better Than Ice Cream', 'Blue Parrot', 'Cassandra's Song', 'Catcatcher', 'Celtic Circle', 'Celtic Ring', Emoticon', 'Enchanted Ring', 'Fingerpainting', 'Full Moon Eclipse', 'Gaudy Thing', 'Guimauve', 'Lemon And Lime', 'Lovely Hula Hands', 'Maiden Fair', 'Red Velvet Elf', 'Reindeer Games', 'Soldier Girl', 'Splendid Sun', 'Subtle Appeal', 'Sun Beacon', 'West Wing', 'X-Files'.

Tall Bearded (A-L): 'Aeryn', 'Affectionately', 'Alexander The Great', 'Ally McBeal', 'Amidala', 'Amphora Vase', 'Anasazi', 'Araruna', 'Arts And Letters', 'Aureoles', 'Banana Butterscotch', 'Banana Cream Pie', 'Barbaro', 'Battlestar Galactica', 'Belted Earl', 'Bing', 'Blackata', 'Blackberry Beacon', 'Blueberry Boat', 'Boundless Love', 'Bubbling Mirth', 'Butterfly Cloud', 'Candy Spots', 'Canoodling', 'Carmenere', 'Cascade Glacier', 'Charm Offensive', 'Cheshire Grin', 'Cheshire Smile', 'Chocolate Topping', 'Cinnamon Blast', 'Coat of Colors', 'Color Of Magic', 'Come Hither Look', 'Conquering Hero', 'Coracle', 'Cranachan', 'Creme Orange', , 'Crest of The Wave', 'Crewman', 'Dark Symphony', 'Didicoy', 'Dugly Uckling', 'Enchanted Circle', 'Exit Strategy', 'Faience', 'Fairground Attraction', 'Fairy Bridge', 'Fake News', 'Farewell Waltz', 'Ferris Wheel', 'Fine Fragrance', 'Fire On the Lake', 'Fireworks Tonight', 'First And Foremost', 'Florentine Gold', 'Fussbudget', 'Glymjack', Grand Duke', 'Graustark', 'Harpsichord', 'Henry The Eighth', 'High King', 'Hoist The Flag', 'Isfahan', 'Jack Of Hearts', 'Justify', 'Kiddushin', 'King Emperor', 'Kingmaker', 'La Dauphine', 'La Troienne', 'Lady In Lilac', 'Lady Lynn', 'Lady Of The Snows', 'Lemongrass', 'Lightkeeper', 'Linebacker', 'Lord Of The Dance', 'Lord Of The Seas', 'Lost In The Fog', 'Luck Of The Draw', 'Lucky Thirteen',

Tall Bearded (M-Z): 'Magic Stardust', 'Magic Word', 'Majestic Light', 'Manifest Destiny', 'Message In A Bottle', 'Milford Sound', 'Mistyblue Morn', 'Orange Boom', 'Orange Shock', 'Patagonia', 'Petrified', 'Pewter And Gold', 'Pewter Silk', 'Pink Enigma', 'Pink Fire', 'Pink Papaya', 'Pink Perception', 'Pink Pigeon', 'Plantation Gown', 'Plum Sangria', 'Point Given', 'Porcelain Blush', 'Posh Frock', 'Precious Metals', 'Presidential', 'Pride of Place', 'Prioress', 'Quackery', 'Quartzite', 'Queen Empress', 'Queen For A Day', 'Quixotic', 'Quizzical', 'Red Elegance', 'Refined Gold', 'Reindeer Games', 'Rock Climber', 'Roses In May', 'Rubies All Around', 'Ruby Leopard', 'Ruby Starburst', 'Ruby Tiger', 'Rufflebunny', 'Sapphire Tiger', 'Sea of Bliss', 'Seven Of Nine', 'Seychelles', 'Shimmering Veil', 'Skylarking', 'Snow Diamond', 'So Unusual', 'Soaring Softly', 'Some Enchanted Evening', 'Steadfast Tin Soldier', 'Stiff Upper Lip', 'Sugar Dumpling', 'Sunshine Superman', 'Sweetheart Pink', 'Talk of the Town', 'Third Watch', 'This Magic Moment', 'Thunderlord', 'Trick Of The Light', 'Trip To The Moon', 'Twilight Butterfly', 'Twilight Tear', 'Tyrian Silk', 'Vaguely Noble', 'Valentine Candy', 'Venetian Gold', 'Venetian Gown', 'Versailles Gown', 'Voyager', 'Wagging Tongues', 'Where Dreams Begin', 'Whiskers', 'Whisperer', 'Whistler', 'Winterblue Light', 'Woven Web', 'Zermatt', 'Zhaan'.

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