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Hybridizer Ron Busch

Leeston, New Zealand


Siberian: 'Irwell Sky', 'Irwell Waters'.

Standard Dwarf: 'Irwell Angel', 'Irwell Compassion', 'Irwell Delight', 'Irwell Esteem', 'Irwell Fantasy', 'Irwell Generosity', 'Irwell Goblin', 'Irwell Golden Charm', 'Irwell Grace', 'Irwell Honesty', 'Irwell Joy', 'Irwell Kindness', 'Irwell Lakeside', 'Irwell Line Dance', 'Irwell Little Emperor', 'Irwell Little Princess', 'Irwell Oasis', 'Irwell Pride', 'Irwell Principal', 'Irwell Token', 'Irwell Village'. 'Norma Valerie'.

Species Hybrid: 'Irwell Calypso', 'Irwell Cameo', 'Irwell Carnival', 'Irwell Carousel', 'Irwell Commentary', 'Irwell Constitution', 'Irwell Fashion', 'Irwell Graduate', 'Irwell Haven', 'Irwell Inspiration', 'Irwell Mama Mia', 'Irwell Report', 'Irwell Shrine', 'Irwell Style Master', 'Irwell Wild Web'.

Tall Bearded (A-Ig): 'Allusion', 'Autumn Prince', 'Blue Gilt', 'Brookside', 'Graham's Choice', 'Iris Lauvain', 'Irwell Ace', 'Irwell Angels Dream', 'Irwell Angels Song', 'Irwell Aristocracy', 'Irwell Attraction', 'Irwell Autumn Sky'. 'Irwell Awakening', 'Irwell Ballet', 'Irwell Bandit', 'Irwell Baron', 'Irwell Bashful', ''Irwell Blues Party', 'Irwell Bold Mistress', 'Irwell Bold Venture', 'Irwell Border Patrol', 'Irwell Careless Love', 'Irwell Casual Flirt', 'Irwell Celebration Song', 'Irwell Chance Encounter', 'Irwell Cinnamon Custard', 'Irwell Cinnamon Honey', 'Irwell Colour Party', 'Irwell Comic Opera', 'Irwell Cosmic Dawn', 'Irwell Courage', 'Irwell Crazy Doll', 'Irwell Creative Edge', 'Irwell Dance', 'Irwell Dark Lady', 'Irwell Desert Sands', 'Irwell Destiny', 'Irwell Devil's Footprint', 'Irwell Double Talk', 'Irwell Dream', 'Irwell Dream Express', 'Irwell Dream Tapestry', 'Irwell Easy Flirt', 'Irwell Elegance', 'Irwell Empress's Favorite', 'Irwell Enchanted Circle, 'Irwell Essence', 'Irwell Exciting Times', 'Irwell Excuse Me', 'Irwell Expectations', 'Irwell Fan Club', 'Irwell Fancy', 'Irwell Fancy Dragon', 'Irwell Festive Love', 'Irwell Free Love', 'Irwell Gambler', 'Irwell Gold Flute', 'Irwell Gold Strike', 'Irwell Gossip',

Tall Bearded (Ih-Z): 'Irwell Handsome Son', 'Irwell Happiness', 'Irwell Heavenly Angel', 'Irwell Holiday', 'Irwell In Harmony', 'Irwell In Orbit', 'Irwell Indian Maid', 'Irwell Indian Royal', 'Irwell Isles', 'Irwell Jazz', 'Irwell Jazz Time', 'Irwell Jezebel', 'Irwell Lady Bright', 'Irwell Latin Holiday', 'Irwell Latin Lady', 'Irwell Lavender Flushes', 'Irwell Lovely Lady', 'Irwell Magic', 'Irwell Masterpiece', 'Irwell Match Maker', 'Irwell Memories', 'Irwell Minstrel', 'Irwell Morning Bright', 'Irwell My World', 'Irwell Natural Charm', 'Irwell Noble', 'Irwell Obsession', 'Irwell Offering', 'Irwell Opera Song', 'Irwell Orange Dawn', 'Irwell Painted Doll', 'Irwell Peace Offering', 'Irwell Play Boy', 'Irwell Playful Lass', 'Irwell Poet's Dream', 'Irwell Prime Time', 'Irwell Queen', 'Irwell Queen's Drama', 'Irwell Romantic Pirate', 'Irwell Ronald William Busch', 'Irwell Royal', 'Irwell Royal Gallant', 'Irwell Royal Heiress', 'Irwell Sea Scope', 'Irwell Shining Encounter', 'Irwell Show Time', 'Irwell Simplicity', 'Irwell Sisters Mine', 'Irwell Society', 'Irwell Soft Hearted', 'Irwell Star Dust', 'Irwell Star Struck', 'Irwell Successor', 'Irwell Supreme', 'Irwell Supreme Lady', 'Irwell Surprise', 'Irwell Thanksgiving', 'Irwell That Magic', 'Irwell Timeless Band', 'Irwell Timeless Cameo', 'Irwell Tribute', 'Irwell Tropical Party', 'Irwell Tropical Tones', 'Irwell Tropical Waltz', 'Irwell Twilight', 'Irwell Waiting Lass', 'Irwell Waltz Time', 'Irwell Watch Tower', 'Irwell Whispers', 'Irwell Wide Eyes', 'Irwell Wild Child', 'Latin Amigo', 'Mountain', 'Mushroom Rings', 'Mystery All', 'Norma Of Irwell', 'Open Country', 'Painted Witch', 'Rich Again', 'Rich Melody', 'Roslyn's Choice', 'Royal Pagan', 'Sand Boy, 'Sanded Charmer', 'Snow Song', 'Southern Autumn', 'Southern Fiords', 'Southern Potentate', 'Southern Queen', 'Summer Melody', 'Tower Street'.
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