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Hybridizer Barry Blyth

Barry Blyth_1980.jpgPearcedale, Victoria, Australia

Barry Blyth is an Australian hybridizer and owner of Tempo Two, a commercial Iris farm at Pearcedale, Victoria Australia. He is a fourth generation nurseryman and has been hybridizing Iris for nearly 50 years, registering more than 1,000 Irises of different classes. His tall-bearded introduction Sostenique was the 1986 Australian Dykes Medal winner. Barry was Honored by the American Iris Society with the Hybridizer Award in 1996. In 2015 he received the American Iris Society Bee Warburton Medal.
See: IRIS et BULBEUSES: n°167, 2017, pp. 19-22.

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Registrations and Introductions

Arilbred: 'Baghdad Note'; 'Pirate Bird', 'Pixie Carnival'. 'Pixie Melody', 'Pixie Tan', 'Sajjetta', 'Sharif',

Border Bearded: 'Absolute Cute', 'Almost Famous', 'Ambling', 'Bachelor Boy', 'Besotted', 'Blackberry Brandy', 'Brazen Lover', 'Coconut Ice', 'Curacao', 'Curvacious', 'Dragon Kiss', 'Flavours', 'I'm Dreaming', 'Infatuate', 'Ingenious', 'Lyrique', 'Mandrake', 'Penny Anne', 'School's Out', 'Soul Sound', 'Thundery', 'Timely Kiss', 'Tongue Twister', 'Zuni Echo',

Intermediate Bearded (A-M): 'Affinity', 'All Chat', 'Aqua Taj', 'Arianna', 'Aspire', 'Aurean', 'Backchat', 'Banter', 'Beaming', 'Becalmed', 'Bedevil', 'Ben the Dragon', 'Biscador', 'Blame Heidi', 'Blue Flirt', 'Bluesman', 'Bottle of Bliss', 'Bounce', 'Brickle', 'Bush Gossip', 'Butterfly Boy', 'Candy Walk', 'Captive', 'Casual Love', 'Catalumya', 'Charmed Indeed', 'Chat', 'Cloud Mistress', 'Cocoa Snow', 'Coffee Cove', 'Coloursonic', 'Cool Call', 'Cool Stepper', 'Coolism', 'Country Blues', 'Coppercut', 'Crackles', 'Daiquiri', 'Date Me', 'Delovely', 'Devil Boy', 'Devil Dancing', 'Devil's Playground', 'Dramatico', 'Dreamstate', 'Drum Song', 'Echo Catcher', 'Edgy', 'Elveen', 'Endless Moments', 'Escapee', 'Eye Wonder', 'Flamina', 'Foreign Devil', 'Fudge', 'Furioso', 'Gentle Riot', 'Glam', 'Glances', 'Glimmer Boy', 'Glowbug', 'Glowgirl', 'Go Chloe', 'Go On', 'Graduate', 'Grandescent', 'GypsyJump', 'Gypsy Rover', 'Halfpenny Green', 'Happy Now', 'He's A Pirate', 'Honey Edge', 'Honeyeater', 'Hum', 'I'm Wicked', 'Impulse', 'In the Mist', 'Indian Idyll', 'Irish Air', 'Irish Darling', 'It's A Giggle', 'Jangles', 'Jenna', 'Jo Bangles', 'Just Dance', 'Kadaicha', 'Kensei', 'Kerry Ann', 'Kraken Jokes', 'Let's Elope', 'Let's Paint', 'Lilac Hill', 'Lingering', 'Lissom', 'Little Edgy', 'Local Hero', Longing', 'Luxuriate', 'Magic Child', 'Magic Pulse', 'Magna', 'Malarky', 'Mania', 'Mara', 'Maybe Magic', 'Meld', 'Merlin's Tune', 'Merry Life', 'Micro Magic', 'Midas Plush', 'Midday Blues', 'Minted', 'Minted Gold', 'Moderna', 'Moonbar', 'Moondella', 'Moonfly', 'Moonpiper', 'Mulberry Temple', 'Mykonos Sunset', 'Mystic Potion',

Intermediate Bearded (N-Z): 'Neon Blue', 'New Kid In Town', 'Nod Yes', 'O'Cool', 'Only Foolin', 'Oolay', 'Opalette', 'Palaver', 'Party Boy', 'Partygoer', 'Philanderer', 'Piper's Tune', 'Plasma', 'Playlist', 'Posh', 'Primal', 'Prowl', 'Purrfect', 'Quiver', 'Rebel Yell', 'Rififi', 'Romeo's Passion', 'Romp', 'Royalaz', 'Royalism', 'Rumble', 'Rumours', 'Sassy Belle', 'Satin Cut', 'Satin Spin', 'Scene In Pink', 'Scripted', 'Sculptured Wild', 'Seduced', 'Seductress', 'Shadow Mist', 'Shadows Cast', 'Shameless', 'Shaybisc', 'Shimla', 'Shugar', 'Silent Shadow', 'Silique', 'Siloa', 'Sizzling', 'Smug', 'So Petite', 'Stolen Gold', 'Storm Song', 'Strawberry Love', 'Strum', 'Sugar Moon', 'Sunso', 'Surf Coast', 'Sugarmist', 'Sween 'N Cool', 'Swing School', 'Talk Magic', 'Tan Tingo', 'Tangfu', 'Test Driver', 'This Kiss', 'Thrum', 'Tickle the Ivories', 'Ticklish', 'Tipsy Maid', 'Tiptoe Dancer', 'Toffee', 'Touch of Blarney', 'Twang', 'Tyrolienne', 'Uptown Fashion', 'Vasqua', 'Viva Nova', 'Volandro', 'Voodoo Beat', 'We Danced', 'Wild Lad', 'Wild Nutmeg', 'Wind Spirit', 'Witchwork', 'With Ice', 'Wordsmith', 'Yallah', 'Yodeller', 'Zanzibar Zing', 'Zing Me',

*Miniature Dwarf Bearded:* 'Little Flirt', 'Zarella',

Pacific Coast Native: 'Azaz', 'Benalla', 'Bogong', 'Bunyip', 'Cerabino', 'Chiminta', 'Colac', 'Echuca', 'Flotilla', 'Leongatha', 'Mildura', 'Mitta Mitta', 'Moresco', 'Nagambie', 'Nayook', 'Neerim', 'Numurkah', 'Omeo', 'Tanjil', 'Tialinta', 'Tinkle', 'Tongala', 'Warragul', 'Wonga', 'Wonthaggi'.

Siberian: 'Asilah', 'Berry and Ice', 'Beyond the Clouds', 'Coolabah', 'David's Song', 'Eunice J.', 'Heartwave', 'Huntress', 'I'm Just Blue', 'Music Royal', 'Oriental Carpet', 'Prophet's Kiss', 'Rainbow Flavours', 'So Be It', 'Storm Chaser', 'Storm Tossed', 'Summerfolk', 'Superact', 'Supernatural', 'Swept Away', 'Troubled Waters', 'White Collar Blue',

Spuria: 'Art and Soul', 'Barleycorn', 'Bay of Silk', 'Brazen Pirate', 'Bronzing', 'Chestnut Chime', 'Cinnamon Moon', 'Coolangatta', 'Dreamcaster', 'Elves Gold', 'Fly So High', 'Goblin's Song', 'Gold Mania', 'Gold Price', 'Henna Rush', 'Lavender Parade', 'Leprechaun's Kiss', 'Mahogany Lord', 'Myths and Dreams', 'Noble Roman', 'Pixie Time', 'Poet's Love', 'Prussian Magic', 'Theatregoer', 'Thunder Run', 'Twilight Dragon', 'Twilight Mode', 'Upon A Harp', 'Wild At Heart',

Standard Dwarf Bearded (A-K): 'Acid Print', 'Acid Test', 'Agreement', 'Alinta', 'Angelic Mist', 'Anjaya', 'Anyway', 'Apricot Kisses', 'Aquiver', 'Ashanti', 'Awake', 'Baci', 'Baffle', 'Bamba', 'Barley Sugar'. 'Be My Angel', 'Bee's Knees', 'Befitting', 'Bewdy', 'Bit of Gossip', 'Blissed Out', 'Bossy Boots', 'Brief Kiss', 'Buster', 'Buttered', 'Buzz Me', 'Cache', 'Camarilla', 'Cahoots', 'Capricornia', 'Carats', 'Cavort', 'Celsius', 'Centricity', 'Chances', 'Chanted', 'Chantilly Dancer', 'Chargold', 'Cherry Child', 'Cherry Doll', 'Chimu', 'Chortle', 'Cimbalino', 'City Neon', 'Coffee Boy', 'Cool As', 'Cool Eyes', 'Crave', 'Crownette', 'Cuddle Me', 'Cupfull', 'Cupid's Cup', 'Cushla', 'Dapper', 'Dawn Hush', 'Decree', 'Desert Country', 'Dew Kiss', 'Dragon Baby', 'Dreamerino', 'Echoes', 'Electric Dreams', 'Electric Elf', 'Esoteric', 'Eyes for You', 'Face Paint', 'Fairy Favours', 'Festiva', 'Fibber', 'Fifi', 'Flirting', 'Fling', 'Flirty', 'Flitters', 'Fool for You', 'Forfun', 'Fusspot', 'Fuzzy Devil', 'Ghost Party', 'Gifted'. 'Gig', 'Gigglefit', 'Gigolette', 'Girl Pixie', 'Glint', 'Glowingly', 'Go', 'Gosh', 'Gossip', 'Graciano', 'Guinea Gold', 'Guise', 'Hark', 'Haunts Me', 'Hear Ye', 'Hex', 'Hey Hey', 'Hi Honey', 'Hip-Hop', Hobgoblin', 'Hold Me', 'Honey Behold', 'Honey Haze', 'Honey Wind', 'Hotness', 'Hotseat', 'Hussy', 'Hustle', 'Imagette', 'Imbue', 'Impish', 'Impulsive Imp', 'In Heaven', 'In Jest', Irish Trick', 'It Is', 'It's Love', 'Jaywalker', 'Jiansada', 'Jinx', 'Jo Bangles', 'Joking', 'Jollience', 'Joy Boy', 'Julep', 'Junoesque', 'Just A Kid', 'Kandi Moon', 'Kinchin', 'Kinetic', 'Kiss Me Pink', 'Kiss Me Quick', 'Kista',

Standard Dwarf Bearded (L-Z): 'Larrikin', 'Lemoncello', 'Lemon Talk', 'Leprechaun's Gold', 'Lilac N' Ice', 'Lili', 'Little Bev', 'Little Kingfisher', 'Little Kiss', 'Little Taj'. 'Little Vamp', 'Loloki', 'Lore', 'Maglissa', Making Eyes', 'Mambo', 'Manchu Coffee', 'Mango Kiss', 'Marscay', 'Meet Me', 'Melodic', 'Merry Dance', 'Metermaid', 'Mini Song', 'Mischa', 'Moment', 'Moody Hues', 'Moondawn', 'Moon Scent', 'Moon Sundae', 'More Drama', 'Moustache', 'Murmur', Nazette', 'Neutrino', 'Noble Toff', 'O'Mine', 'O'What', Ochre Doll', 'Oddbod', 'Off Guard', 'Oladi', 'Olives and Umber', 'Orange Spangles', 'Party Talk', 'Pause', 'Peach Eyes', 'Peek', 'Perchance', 'Picco', 'Piccolina', 'Popcorn Pete', 'Poppity', 'Posing', 'Proton', 'Pulse Rate', 'Purr', 'Pushy', 'Quark', 'Racy', 'Rapt', 'Razoo', 'Razzle', 'Real Coquette', 'Rock Goblin', 'Rockabye', 'Romanita', 'Romy', 'Rubitano', 'Sarina', 'Say Hello', 'Scat', 'Scion', 'Scoop', 'Sea Frost', 'Seta', 'Shaded Pale', 'Shagreen', 'Shindig', 'Slavegirl', 'Smitten', 'Smoky Imp', 'Smoky Pieces', 'Smoky Trail', 'Smooch', 'Smooth As', 'Socha', 'Sometimes', 'Songlines', 'Spice Sister', Spicery', 'Spoken', 'Stash', 'Status', 'Stormy Circle', 'Sugar Sweet', 'Sunbrand', 'Sunchime', 'Suavette', 'Swing', 'Swish', 'Swoon', 'Tabatha', 'Tabita', 'Tachyon', 'Taja', 'Talk', 'Tell Fibs', 'Tallica', 'Terse Verse', 'Thumb Tack', 'Thundercat', 'Ting Tang', 'Titled', 'Toff', 'Toned', 'Touch and Go', 'Toy Kingdom', 'Toy San', 'Tramp', 'Tricks', 'Trickster', 'Tuscanna', 'Tweek', 'Twinkle Toes', Twinkling Light', 'Uppity', 'Vanilla', 'Vibes', 'Village Flirt', 'Volts', 'Voyage', 'Waltz', 'Wanderer', 'Wee Stroll', 'Wheels', 'Whydidi', 'Wild Ruby', 'Wild Silk', 'Windrose', 'Wine Light', 'Witch's Toes', 'Yipee', 'Yoda', 'Zounds'.

Tall Bearded (A-C): 'A Certain Girl', 'About Town','Absolute Truth', 'Ace Royale', 'Act Three', 'Adoranova', 'Adoree', 'Advance to Go', 'Adventurer', 'Affaire', 'Aflutter', 'Afternoon Colours', 'Aileen Ross', 'Air of Mystery', 'Alarm Bells', 'All Rhythm', 'All Silent', 'Almost Dark', 'Alpine Butterfly', 'Alpine Castle', 'Alpine Harmony', 'Alpine Journey', 'Alpine Region', 'Alpine Sunshine', 'Amber Essence', 'Amber Spree', 'Amber Snow, 'Ambertime', Ambiance', 'Amorous Heart', 'Amy's Blushing', 'Ancient Echoes', 'Ancient Secrets', 'And Royal', 'Angel's Call', 'Another Woman', 'Anthology', 'Antiquity', 'Apricot Already', 'Apricot Danish', 'Arabian Story', 'Arc of Colours', 'Arctic Symbol', 'Are We In Love', 'Argyle Knight', 'Art At Dawn', 'Arthouse', 'Asha Michelle', 'Asian Empress', 'Ask A Lady', 'Ask Me Nicely', 'Astrobubbles', 'Audacious Amber', 'Aura Light', 'Aura of Glamour', 'Avenue of Dreams', 'Avid Affair', 'Avona', 'Awakening Dreams', 'Aztec Burst', 'Aztec Dance', 'Babylon Queen', 'Back On Stage', 'Ballerina Queen', 'Bashful Love', 'Be A Devil', 'Be Mine Tonight', 'Beach Boy', 'Beach Dance', 'Beachgirl', 'BeauDon', 'Beauty Option', 'Beauty School', 'Befriend', 'Behold A Lady', 'Bequest', 'Beside Myself', 'Big Spender', 'Billowing Robes', 'Billows', 'Blue for You', 'Blue Rising', 'Bluebird Wine', 'Blushing Clouds', 'Bold Chance', 'Boldly Go', 'Bombastic', 'Born At Dawn', 'Boulevard Jazz', 'Box Of Chocolates', 'Brandy Rose', 'Brandy Sipper', 'Breakfast Talk', 'Breezes', 'Bring Me Diamonds', 'Broome Sunset', 'Brushwork', 'Bubbles All Round', 'Buccaneer's Prize', 'Buongiorno', 'Burgundy Blaze', 'Burgundy Rules', 'Burst', 'Bush Honey', 'But Beautiful', 'Butterfly Affair', 'By Jeeves', 'By Moonlight', 'Cabaret Girl', 'Cabaret Royale', 'Cacophony', 'Cafe Bleu', 'Cafe D'Amour', 'Cafe Risque', 'Cafe Viva', 'Call Me Blue', 'Calling', 'Cameo Dawn', 'Cameo Minx', 'Cameo Wine', 'Candy Colours', 'Candy Clouds', 'Capricorn Cooler', 'Capricorn Dancer', 'Captain Thunderbolt', 'Captive Gold', 'Careless Rapture', 'Careless Whisper', 'Carnival Capers', 'Carolyn Mary', 'Cast A Spell', 'Castaway', 'Casual Design', 'Catch A Cloud', 'Catwalk', Cebanyon', 'Celebrate Beauty', 'Celestial Choir', 'Celtic Melody', 'Certain Magic', 'Certain Riches', 'Champagne and Strawberries', 'Champagne Journey', 'Champagne Moments', 'Champagne Moon', 'Champagne Snow', 'Chaos Theory', ' Chardonnay and Ice', 'Chased but Chaste', 'Chasing Destiny', 'Chasing Moonbeams', 'Chastelle', 'Cherries And Cream', 'Chestnut Avenue', 'Child of Fortune', 'Chimbolam', 'China Walk', 'Chinese Empress', 'Chinese Treasure', 'Chinese Whisper', 'Chloe With Class', 'Chocolate Royale', 'Chocolate Vanilla', 'Chocolates and Silk', 'Chocolatier', 'Choir Girl', 'Choose A Dream', 'Churchill Lane', 'Cinderella's Secret', 'Cinnamon Bells', 'Classic Wine', 'Classicana', 'Close Your Eyes', 'Cloud Palace', 'Coffee Capri', 'Coffee Malt', 'Coffee Shop', 'Coffee Trader', 'Coffee Whispers', 'Colour Bazaar', 'Colour Page', 'Colourable', 'Colours Of The Wind', 'Come to Paris', 'Comes the Dawn', 'Cool Charlotte', 'Cool Response', 'Copatonic', 'Copper and Snow', 'Copper Clouds', 'Cosmic Connection', 'Cosmic Melody', 'Cosmic Pirate', 'Count the Kisses', 'Country Kisses', 'Court Dancer', 'Court Painter', 'Covet Me', 'Crazy for You', Creme D'Or', 'Crimson Snow', 'Cross My Heart', 'Crowns for Credit', 'Crystal Rhapsody', 'Cupid's Wish', 'Cyber Girl',

Tall Bearded (D-H): 'Dad's A Pirate', 'Dance A Dance', 'Dance About', 'Dance for Us', 'Dance Man', 'Dance to Paris', 'Dance With Dragons', 'Dancer's Edge', 'Dancing Home', 'Danger Money', 'Darktonian', 'Darling Beware', 'Dash Of Burgundy', 'Dashing Squire', 'Debutante's Kiss', 'Decadence', 'Desert Morn', 'Destined to Dance', 'Destiny's Kiss', 'Devil By Night', 'Devil's Duchess', 'Devil's Intent', 'Devil's Own', 'Devil's Riot', 'Devilicious', 'Diamond Broker', 'Diamonds And Rubies', 'Dignity Dancer', 'Dinner Talk', 'Diplomatico', 'Divine Duchess', 'Don't Leave Me', 'Downtown Man', 'Dragon Dance', 'Dragon Drums', 'Dragon's Fancy', 'Dream Lord', 'Dream 'Til Dawn', 'Dreamalot', 'Dreaming Lilac', 'Dreams And Desires', 'Dreams And Schemes', 'Drinks At Sunset', 'Drop Of Burgundy', 'Early Encounter', 'Easy Living', 'Echo Beach', 'Edge Of Happiness', 'Edging Around', 'Electric Candy', 'Electrique', 'Elope To Madrid', 'Elusive Melody', 'Embassadora', 'Embrace', 'Enchanted Way', 'Enchanter', 'Endless Sunshine', 'Endless Waltz', 'English Charm', 'Enjoy the Party', 'Enter the Dragon', 'Epic Romance', 'Evening Frolic', 'Excellency', 'Excuse Me Darling', 'Eye For Fashion', 'Eye For Style', 'Fabric of Dreams', 'Fairy Floss', 'Fancy A Flutter', 'Fancy Dancer', 'Fancy Flirting', 'Fashion Alert', 'Fashionista', 'Fast Talker', 'Favorite Beau', 'Feather Boa', 'Feel the Moment', 'Fiasco', 'Final Episode', 'Fine Drop', 'First Avenue', 'Flashinator', 'Flauntress', 'Flirtation Walk', 'Fluent Mandarin', 'Flutes Alfresco', 'Flutterina', 'Foreign Knight', 'Foreign Scandal', 'Fortunately', 'Franjelica', 'Free To Dream', 'French Butterfly', 'French Filagree', 'French Gown', 'Frill of it All', 'Frilled to Bits', 'Frostfall', 'Full of Magic', 'Future Bride', 'Future Ruler', 'Gaelic Jig', 'Gaiety Bell', 'Gala Greetings', 'Gallant Rogue', 'Gallic Softness', 'Galway Piper', 'Gambler' 'Gatekeeper', 'Gates of Rome', 'Gathering Gold', 'Gathering Light', 'Gaze', 'Gem Trader', 'Gentleman Jim', 'Georgette Silk', 'Get My Number', 'Gifted Heart', 'Ginger Ice', 'Girl Thing', 'Girls Got Rhythm', 'Girls' Favourite', 'Give Me Wings', 'Glad All Over', 'Glamazon', 'Glamorama', 'Glamour Pants', 'Glitterati', 'Going Home', 'Goldcinda', 'Goldie the Pirate', 'Gone Fission', 'Gorgeous Is', 'Got Attitude', 'Got the Blues', 'Gothic Lord', 'Grace And Beauty', 'Gracious Curves', 'Gypsy Geena', 'Gypsy Piper', 'Handful Of Magic', 'Harbour Watch', 'Harmonics', 'Haunting Song', 'He Can Dance', 'He Man', 'Head Over Heels', 'Heartburst', 'Heart of Dreams', 'Heart Racer', 'Heart's Affair', 'Heaven's Reply', 'Hello Beautiful', 'Hello It's Me', 'Hello Love', 'Hello Romance', 'Hey Dreamer', 'Hidden Kisses', 'High Chancellor', 'High Master', 'High Waters', 'Hindu Magic', 'Hint of Danger', 'Hold My Hand', 'Holiday Lover', 'Honey Dripper', 'Honey House', 'Honey Magic', 'Honey Pie', 'Honourable Lord', 'Hornblower', 'Hostess Royale', 'Hot Danish', 'Hot Gossip', 'Hot Secret', 'House Guest', 'Hush At Twilight', 'Hysteria',

Tall Bearded (I-M): 'I Gotta Feeling, 'Ice Confection', 'I'm A Hussy', 'I'm Posh', 'I'm Smitten', 'I'm Your Lady', 'I'm Your Man', 'I'm Yours', 'Imagine', 'Imagine Me', 'Imagine This', 'Impressed', 'Imprimis', 'In A Kiss', 'In Beauty', 'In Concert', 'In Dreams', 'In Grand Style', 'In High Heels', 'In Love', 'In Smoke', 'In Tempo', 'In the Stars', 'In Town', 'In Tune', 'In Vogue', Inca Queen', 'Indulgence', 'Inked In', 'Inner Journey', 'Innocent Miss', 'Into Temptation', 'Irish Jester', 'Irish Squire', 'Island Drumbeat', 'Island Gossip', 'Island Gypsy', 'It's Delicious', 'Italian Master', 'Ivory Castle', ' Ivory Way', 'Jamaica Me Crazy', 'Jaunty Dancer', 'Jazz Club', 'Jealous Guy', 'Jovian Magic', 'Juicy Rumours', 'Junoesque', 'Just Crazy', 'Just Delicious', 'Just Dreaming', 'Just Magic', 'Just Past Dawn', 'Just Witchery', 'Katarina', 'Katie Pie', 'Kept Secret', 'King of Diamonds', 'King's Cloak', 'Kiss Me All Over', 'Kiss The Bride', 'Kiss The Princess', 'Kissable You', 'Knight Templar', 'La Delpha', 'Lady of Leisure', 'Lark About', 'Lasseter's Reef', 'Lassoed', 'Last Kiss Goodnight', 'Late Pickings', 'Latin Lark', 'Latin Tempo', 'Lavender Diadem', 'Lavish Lover', 'Legally Orange', 'Legato', 'Lemon Delicious', 'Lemon Drift', 'Lemon Silence', 'Let's Be Brazen', 'Let's Romp', 'Letter From Paris', 'Lilac Wine', 'Lillypilly Wine', 'Lily My Love', 'Lime Crystal', 'Limerence', 'Lipstick Lies', 'Liqueur Creme', 'Liquid Smoke', 'Liquid Sunshine', 'Lisa Ann', 'Listen to Me', 'Living Free', 'Local Gossip', 'Lollyshop', 'London Lord', 'London Walk', 'Looking Beautiful', 'Looks Can Thrill', 'Lord of Letters', 'Lord of Mayfair', 'Lording It', 'Loremaster', 'Lost In Dreams', 'Louisa's Song', 'Love Actually', 'Love Bandit', 'Love Changes', 'Love Chant', 'Love Comes', 'Love Match', 'Love 'N Laughter', 'Love to Flirt', 'Love to Party', 'Lovely Leilani', 'Lover's Lane', 'Loves Edge', 'Lovology', 'Lucidity', 'Lullaby Light', 'Lunar Rainbow', 'Lunch In Madrid', 'Lunchtime Lover', 'Luxuriant Lothario', 'Lysandra', 'Machismo', 'Madame Persia', 'Made In Heaven', 'Made Me Shiver', 'Magharee', 'Magic by Gosh', 'Magic In Me', 'Magic Man', 'Magnetic Isle', 'Make Me Shiver', 'Make Me Smile', 'Make Mine Magic', 'Man About Town', 'Mandarin Morning', 'Mandarin Music', 'Mandolin Wind', 'Mango Daiquiri', 'Mango Entree', 'Mango Rhythm', 'Margin Trader', 'Marilla', 'Master At Arms', 'Mastery', 'Matters of the Heart', 'Mayan Dusk', 'Maybe An Angel','Maybe Magic', 'Mayfair Melody', 'Mayfair Mistress', 'Megarich', 'Memorised', 'Merry Amigo', 'Mighty Cool', 'Milk In My Coffee', 'Mind's Eye', 'Mindful', 'Ming Lord', 'MistyRidge, 'Misty Sunlight', 'Modernistic', 'Moment to Savour', 'Monet's Lady', 'Moomba', 'Moonlit Avenue', 'More Please', 'Morning Mail', 'Moroccan Magic', 'Mossenova', 'Mulberry Dragon', 'Mulberry Magic', 'Music Maestro', 'Music of the Surf', 'Musique', 'My Vagabond', 'Myst', 'Mysterioso', 'Mystic Magic", 'Mystic Rites', 'Mysticano', 'Mystify',

Tall Bearded (N-R): 'Natural Grace', 'Neo Classic', 'Neon At Dusk', 'Neutron Dance', 'Never Been Kissed', 'New Lover', 'Noble Class', 'Noble Contessa', 'Noble Dragon', 'Noble Heritage', 'Noble Poet', 'Nobleman's Fancy', 'Noon Siesta', 'Nothing but Class', 'Nutcracker', 'Obsessed', 'October Dreaming', 'Oh James', 'Oh She Said', 'Olive Windows', 'On Clover', 'On the Boulevarde', 'On the Podium', 'One for Later', 'One Man's Art', 'Only A Dream', 'Only You', 'Opal Veil', 'Opera Call', 'Orange Music', 'Oratorio', 'Orchid Song', 'Orchid Wine', 'Organza', 'Oriental Alabaster', 'Orienteer', 'Out To Lunch', 'Outer Limits', 'Over the Blues', 'Oxford Countess', 'Pacific Gambler', 'Pacific Realm', 'Pagan Dance', 'Pagan Knight', 'Pagan Mirth', 'Paint the Scene', 'Painted Blue', 'Painted Caravans', 'Painted Flutes', 'Painted from Memory', 'Painted Softly', 'Painted Words', 'Palace Gossip', 'Palace Lane', 'Palace Symphony', 'Palace Treasure', 'Pamper Me', 'Paris Kiss', 'Paris Memory', 'Paris Option', 'Pass the Wine', 'Passa Tempo', 'Passiona', 'Passionista', 'Passionately Yours', 'Pastel Beau', 'Pay the Poet', 'Peace Begins', 'Peal of Bells', 'Peking Dancer', 'Pepperjack', 'Perhaps Love', 'Persian Smoke', 'Pharaoh's Spirit', 'Physique', 'Piccadilly Party', 'Piper's Flute', 'Pirate Ahoy', 'Pirate Queen', 'Platinum Class', 'Platinum Passion', 'Pleasure State', 'Plenty Of Jazz', 'Plume D'Or', 'Poetess', 'Poetic Dream', 'Poetic Harmony', 'Poetic Heart', 'Poetic Walk', 'Polar Queen', 'Polkadot Tapestry', 'Polynesian Flame', 'Polynesian Princess', 'Pompeii Lady', 'Pop Music', 'Popstar', 'Poster Girl', 'Power and Design', 'Power of Dreams', 'Powderpuff Girl', 'Power of One', 'Pretty Edgy', 'Pretty Swish', 'Pretty Witch', 'Primaluna', 'Prince of Hearts', 'Proposal', 'Puff the Magic', 'Pure Excitement', 'Pure Romance', 'Purist', 'Quaffable', 'Quantum Light', 'Queen of Elegance', 'Racing Heart', 'Rain Crystal', 'Raise the Curtain', 'Raise Your Glass', 'Ranee's Palace', 'Rarer Than Rubies', 'Realm Of Ruffles', 'Reckless In Denim', 'Red Accent', 'Regal Impact', 'Regal Knave', 'Rembrandt Magic', 'Restart My Heart', 'Revenge', 'Rhapsodic', 'Rhythm and Blues', 'Rhythm of Love', 'Ride the Waves', 'Road Song', 'Rocket Master', 'Rogue Trader', 'Roman Palace', 'Roman Rhythm', 'Roman Song', 'Roman Walk', 'Romancer', 'Romantic Gentleman', 'Romantico', 'Room for Romance', 'Roving Gambler', 'Royal Harlequin', 'Royal Honey', 'Royal Mystique', 'Royal Orders', 'Rubenesque', 'Ruby Haze', 'Ruby Royal', 'Ruby Torch', 'Rules of Love', 'Ruling Lord',

Tall Bearded (S): 'Safari Sunset', 'Saffron Drift', 'Saladancer', 'Salamander Bay', 'Salem Gypsy', 'Salome's Butterfly', 'Samarkand Road', 'Samba Queen', 'Samurai Silk', 'Sapharine', 'Saranesse', 'Sassy Sister', 'Sassy Talk', 'Satin Stitch', 'Scottish Rebel', 'Scottish Reel', 'Sculptress', 'Sea for Miles', 'Secret Agenda', 'Secret Status', 'Secret Weekend', 'Seeking Attention', 'Sentimentalist', 'Serena Louisa', 'Serene Sea', 'Serengeti', 'Set to Music', 'Shade of Elegance', 'Shadows', 'Shadow Vale', 'Shah's Court', 'Shared Secrets', 'She', 'She Can Tango', 'Sheer Madness', 'Sherbet Bomb', 'She's Lovely.' 'She's Sweet', 'Shipboard Romance', 'Shiralee', 'Shiver of Gold', 'Shortbread Creme', 'Show Royale', Show Your Colours', 'Shy Glance', 'Shy Girl', 'Sigh of Colours', 'Silent One', 'Silk and Honey', 'Silk Degrees', 'Silk Romance', 'Silk Run', 'Silk Sari', 'Silky Moment', 'Silver Stitch', 'Sirocco Mist', 'Sky Dancing', 'Sky Echo Too', 'Sky Gambler', 'Smoke and Thunder', 'Smoking Aces', 'Smoky Ruler', 'Smoky Whispers', 'Snaparazzi', 'Snow D'Or', 'Snowlight', 'So', 'Soaring', 'Sofia', 'Softly Waiting', 'Soiree Girl', 'Some Are Angels', 'Somewhat Fancy', 'Songsmith', 'Sostenique', 'Soul Kiss', 'Soul Power', 'Soul Singer', 'Sound of Gold', 'Southern Grace', 'Spice Lord', 'Spring Child', 'Stars Turn Out', 'Started With A Kiss', 'Stay Stylish', 'Sterling Trader', 'Stillness', 'Stop Flirting', 'Stop the Traffic', 'Storm Brewing', 'Storm Trooper', 'Strawberry Spy', 'Street Dancer', 'Street Scene', 'Street Sensation', 'Street Talk', 'Strictly Jazz', 'Style Traveller', 'Stylish Edge', 'Stylist', 'Sudden Bliss', 'Sugar Blush', 'Sugar Bomb', 'Sugar Street', 'Sugar With That', 'Sultan's Daughter', 'Summer Place', 'Sunday Concert', 'Sunrose', 'Sunset Lodge', 'Sunset Plaza', 'Super Dancer', 'Surf Lady', 'Surfie Girl', 'Swain', 'Sweet As Honey', 'Sweet Delight', 'Sweet Geisha', 'Sweet Kisses', 'Sweet Seduction', 'Sweet Svengali', 'Sweet Talking Woman', 'Sweetly Sung', 'Swordsman',

Tall Bearded (T-Z): 'Taffeta Bow', 'Taffeta Princess', 'Taffeta Tantrum', 'Tahitian Affair', 'Taj Rani', 'Taj Regis' , 'Tango Amigo' , 'Tango Bravo', 'Tango Express', 'Tantalizing', 'Taste of Harmony', 'Taste the Magic', 'Tempesto', 'Temple of Time', 'Temple Spirit', 'Tempo Rouge', 'Tend My Heart', 'Ten All 'Round', 'Ten of Hearts', 'Terracotta Bay', 'That Song', 'Think Diamonds', 'Thrillionaire', 'Thundermaker', 'Tiffany Time', 'Timeless Theme', 'Titian Silk', 'Tomorrow's Child', 'Totally Charmed', 'Totally Hot', 'Touch A Cloud', 'Touch of Bronze', 'Touch of Gossip', 'Touch of Mahogany', 'Town Clown', 'Town Crier', 'Town Gossip', 'Tranquil Star', 'Travelling North', 'Treasure Trader', 'Trend Master', 'Tropical Love', 'Truly Kissed', 'Truly Wicked', 'Tuscan Glow', 'Tuscan Villa', 'Twirl the Kilt', 'Twist and Shout', 'Under A Cloud', 'Unspoken Passion', 'Up Dancing', 'Valley of Dreams', 'Vanda Song', 'Vanilla Kisses', 'Venetian Queen', 'Venus Bay' , 'Venus Butterfly', 'Venus Magic', 'Verbena Moon', 'Victory Chant', 'Viking Dancer', 'Village Gossip', 'Vivacity', 'Voodoo Blues', 'Voodoo Spell', 'Waiting for George', 'Warm Touch', 'Wearing Pink', 'Wearing Rubies', 'Wedding Kiss', 'What Magic', 'What Now My Love', 'Whisper Her Name', 'Who's A Toff', 'Who's Your Daddy' , 'Wicked Romeo', 'Wicked Woman', 'Wild Sugar', 'Wild Vision', 'Winsome Dancer', 'Wish', 'Wish Waltz', 'Witching, 'Witch's Wand', 'With Daring', 'With Panache', 'Woman's Love', 'Word Has It', 'Worlds Beyond', 'Woven Sunlight', 'Wych Way', 'Yes', 'Yes Squire', 'You Can Dance', 'You're Gorgeous', 'Zesty Belle', 'Zillionaire', 'Zip to the Moon',

Iris publications

  • 2012: Présentation; Objectifs d'hybridation; Voyage en France; Culture des graines d’iris, étape par étape in IRIS et BULBEUSES n°162, pp. 6-19.
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