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37 'Bright And Shining Star' (Paul Black) 34 'Magic Ring' (Keith Keppel) 33 'You're So Veined' (Richard Tasco)
32 'Gold Dust Woman' (Howard Dash) 26 'Supercharged' (Joseph Ghio) 25 'Howla Pena' (Tom Burseen)
25 'Shattered Dreams' (David Toth) 24 'Arctic Chill' (Keith Keppel) 23 'Moonglint' (Keith Keppel)
23 'Night Whispers' (Thomas Johnson) 22 'Collusion' (Keith Keppel) 22 'Orange Temptation' (Thomas Johnson)
22 'True Colors' (Keith Keppel) 21 'Arizona Cave Painting' (Douglas Kanarowski) 21 'Boundless Beauty' (Richard Tasco)
21 'Chinese Lantern Factory' (Douglas Kanarowski) 21 'Hot Embers' (Howard Dash) 21 'Turkish Tapestry' (Keith Keppel)
20 'Beautiful Edging' (Richard Tasco) 20 'Champion Bloodlines' (Patricia Mcneal) 20 'Fire Fighter' (Hugh Stout)
20 'Outside The Lines' (Roger Duncan) 20 'Wealth' (Keith Keppel) 20 'Wild Streak' (Paul Black)
19 'Blackberry Torte' (Michael Sutton) 19 'Color Capers' (Keith Keppel) 19 'Mind Blowing' (Thomas Johnson)
19 'Painted Sky' (Thomas Johnson) 19 'Paisley Print' (Paul Black) 19 'Powder Keg' (Lynda Miller)
19 'Sea Eagle' (Schreiner) 19 'Share The Love' (Joseph Ghio) 18 'Berry Fusion' (Michael Sutton)
18 'Fantasmagorical' (Paul Black) 18 'Rainbow Road' (Keith Keppel) 18 'Timeless Treasure' (Thomas Johnson)
17 'Gentle Manner' (Keith Keppel) 17 'Thread The Needle' (Joseph Ghio) 16 'Above All The Lights' (Roger Duncan)
16 'Autumn Tease' (Thomas Johnson) 16 'Conniption Fit' (Thomas Johnson) 16 'Easy On The Eyes' (Thomas Johnson)
16 'Fashion Event' (Keith Keppel) 16 'Feel The Power' (Thomas Johnson) 16 'Garden Debutante' (Richard Tasco)
16 'Gibberish' (Thomas Johnson) 16 'Headshot' (Thomas Johnson) 16 'Hold The Line' (Keith Keppel)
16 'I Saw The Light' (Larry Lauer) 16 'Raspberry Pie' (Thomas Johnson) 16 'Scaredy Cat' (Schreiner)
16 'Trending' (Thomas Johnson) 15 'Autumn Jewel' (Paul Black) 15 'Big Badda Boom' (Douglas Kanarowski)
15 'Darktonian' (Barry Blyth) 15 I'm Not Stable (Paul Black) 15 'Musicality' (Joseph Ghio)
15 'Powerhouse' (Joseph Ghio) 15 'She's A Bimbo' (Lynda Miller) 15 'Sheer Panic' (David Toth)
15 'Sunglasses Needed' (Steve Kelly) 15 'Tamale Time' (Keith Keppel) 14 'Aloha Spirit; (Joseph Ghio)
14 'Bond Girl' (Keith Keppel) 14 'Breezin” (Schreiner) 14 'Candy Corn Treats' (Lynda Miller)
14 'Electromagnetic' (Michael Sutton) 14 'Fault Lines' (William Tyson) 14 'Foxy Mama' (Hugh Stout)
14 'Garden Spot' (Lynda Miller) 14 'Heat Of The Moment' (Thomas Johnson) 14 'Hello Romance' (Barry Blyth)
14 'Into The Wild' (Michael Sutton) 14 'Pay It Forward' (Thomas Johnson) 14 'Pinking Of You' (Schreiner)
14 'Poetic Mist' (Thomas Johnson) 14 'Power Struggle' (Keith Keppel) 14 'Seek The Unique' (Paul Black)
14 'Silver Silk' (Howard Dash) 14 'Sugar High' (Keith Keppel) 14 'Sweet City Woman' (Thomas Johnson)
14 'Twilit Snow' (Stephanie Markham) 13 'Addicted To Love' (Larry Lauer) 13 'Awesome Wonder' (Thomas Johnson)
13 'Black Friday' (Schreiner) 13 'Break Tradition' (Thomas Johnson) 13 'Center Of The Universe' (Joseph Ghio)
13 'Dancing On Ice' (Philip W. Remare) 13 'Dippity Do' (Hugh Stout) 13 'Flamingo Fever' (Howard Dash)
13 'Hot Off The Press' (Paul Black) 13 'Jedi Master' (Ginny Spoon) 13 'Musical Chairs' (Keith Keppel)
13 'Now What' (Thomas Johnson) 13 'Royal Passage' (Thomas Johnson) 13 'Ruby Fusion' (Michael Sutton)
13 'Secret Delight' (Richard Tasco) 13 'Slice Of Heaven' (Thomas Johnson) 13 'Three Times A Lady' (Paul Black)
13 'Umakemecry' (Hugh Stout) 13 'Will You Be Mine' (Paul Black) 12 'Above It All' (Michael Sutton)
12 'Boundary Lines' (Michael Sutton) 12 'Bullet Points' (Joseph Ghio) 12 'Coloricious' (Paul Black)
12 'Deschutes' (Schreiner) 12 'Disco Lights' (Thomas Johnson) 12 'Eat A Peach' (Hugh Stout)
12 'Gem Trader' (Barry Blyth) 12 'Hat In The Ring' (Joseph Ghio) 12 'Just The Ticket' (Schreiner)
12 'Legendary' (Michael Sutton) 12 'Lemon Cheesecake' (Michael Sutton) 12 'Let's Party' (Stephanie Markham)
12 'Me And My Shadow' (Paul Black) 12 'Mockingjay' (Ty J. Smith) 12 'Party City' (Thomas Johnson)
12 'Punctuation' (Thomas Johnson) 12 'Simply Fabulous' (Thomas Johnson) 12 'So Far So Good' (Larry Lauer)
12 'Spell Check' (Thomas Johnson) 12 'Star Maker' (Joseph Ghio) 12 'Tanzanian Queen' (Thomas Johnson)
12 'Unfolding Dreams' (Joseph Ghio) 12 'Unrestrained Passion' (Paul Black) 12 'What A Feeling' (Thomas Johnson)
12 'Wild Surprise' (Thomas Johnson) 12 'You're The One' (Thomas Johnson)

---++++ Runners Up:

11 'Artifacto' (Tom Burseen) 11 'Blood Moon' (Schreiner) 11 'Come And Dance' (Paul Black)
11 'Desert Trails' (Keith Keppel) 11 'Good Idea' (Larry Lauer) 11 'Grape Escape' (Hugh Stout)
11 'Treasure Bay' (Thomas Johnson) 11 'Wait A Minute' (Joseph Ghio) 11 'You're A Mess' (Paul Black)
11 'In Full View' (Thomas Johnson) 11 'Looking Cute' (Joseph Ghio) 11 'Ocean's Edge' (Michael Sutton)
11 'Perihelion Pass' (Thomas Johnson) 11 'Photo Shoot' (Thomas Johnson) 11 'Que Sera Sera' (Thomas Johnson)
11 'Ruffles All Round' (Paul Black) 11 'Sea Of Darkness' (Richard Tasco) 11 'Splattermania' (Jim Hedgecock)
11 'Stitches' (Thomas Johnson) 11 'Sunny Glitter' (Schreiner) 11 'Thundering Applause' (Thomas Johnson)

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