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2015 Award Winners Gallery

Below you will find a picture gallery with links to iris that have won 2015 AIS Medals and Awards or were runners up.

The AIS Award of Merits and Honorable Mentions are broken out separately and presented on this page in PDF listings with links to the iris. The High Commendations and Exhibition Certificates listings are available on the main 2015 Awards page.

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All Iris Classes, Originated In US Or Canada (Total Votes Cast = 445)

A printable list, text only is available here

Gypsy Lord

56 ‘Gypsy Lord’ (Keith Keppel) TB

Runners Up:

48 ‘Swans in Flight’ (Robert Hollingworth) Sib catalog 29 ‘Absolute Treasure’ (Richard Tasco) TB catalog 29 ‘Montmartre’ (Keith Keppel) TBMontmartre 27 ‘Bluebeard's Ghost’ (Paul Black) SDB catalog 25 ‘Chief John Jolly’ (Tom Parkhill) TB catalog


Intermediate Bearded Irises (Total Votes Cast = 268)
Man’s Best Friend Man’s Best Friend

100 ‘’Man’s Best Friend’’ (Paul Black)

Runners Up:

82 ‘Star In The Night’ (Paul Black) catalog 44 ‘Calligrapher’ (Marky Smith) catalog 42 'Limonada' (Keith Keppel) catalog


Miniature Tall Bearded Irises (Total Votes Cast = 232)
Hot News

67 ‘’Hot News’’ (Stephanie Markham)

Runners Up:

60 Maui Mango (J. T. Aitken) catalog 55 ‘Persona’ (Keith Keppel) catalog 50 ‘Razzleberry Dressing’ (Stephanie Markham) catalog


Miniature Dwarf Bearded Irises (Total Votes Cast = 131)

45 ‘’Keeno’’ (Thomas Johnson)

Runners Up:

38 ‘Gecko Echo’ (Brad Kasperek) catalog 30 'Applet' (Marky Smith) catalog 18 'Stripling' (Marky Smith) catalog


Arilbred Irises With Less Than 50% But At Least 25% Aril Content (Total Votes Cast = 94)
Prince Of Egypt

72 ‘’Prince Of Egypt’’ (Perry Dyer)

Runners Up:

22 ‘Chain Reaction’ (Richard Tasco) catalog


(Total Votes Cast = 4070)*

58 ‘Center Line’ (Thomas Johnson) catalog 54 ‘Bright Sunshiny Day’ (Thomas Johnson) catalog 50 ‘Engaement Ring’ (Joseph Ghio)catalog 47 ‘Winterberry’ (Donald Spoon) Catalog 44 ‘Easter Candy’ (Keith Keppel)catalog
43 ‘Dragon King’ (Richard Tasco)catalog 41 ‘Tunnel Vision’ (Keith Keppel)catalog 40 ‘Strawberry Frosting’ (Michael Sutton)catalog 38 ‘Jennifer Stout’ (Ron Mullin)catalog 37 ‘Cheap Frills’ (Paul Black)catalog
35 ‘Revision’ (Keith Keppel)catalog 34 ‘Rim Of Fire’ (Michael Sutton)catalog 34 ‘Rum And Coke’ (John Painter)catalog 33 ‘Orangutan Orange’ (Brad Kasperek)catalog 33 ‘Ringtone’ (Keith Keppel)catalog
37 ‘Grand Canyon Sunset’ (Schreiner)catalog 36 ‘Action Packed’ (Paul Black)catalog 36 ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ (J. T. Aitken)catalog 36 ‘Hollywood Lights’ (Thomas Johnson)catalog 36 ‘Rio Rojo’ (Schreiner)catalog

Runners Up:

32 ‘Ghost Writer’ (Keith Keppel)catalog 32 ‘Lest We Forget’ (George Sutton)catalog 32 ‘Mango Parfait’(Donald Spoon)catalog 31 ‘Catwalk Queen’ (Thomas Johnson)catalog 31 ‘Edge Of The World’ (Michael Sutton)catalog
31 ‘Judy Nunn’ (Frederick Kerr)catalog 31 ‘Main Street’ (Larry Lauer)catalog 31 ‘My Generation’ (Larry Lauer)catalog 31 ‘Toronto' (Larry Lauer)catalog 30 ‘Doctor Who’ (George Sutton)catalog
28 ‘Honeykist' (Hugh Stout)catalog 28 Nessun Dorma’ Frederick Kerr)catalog 28 'Penguin Party’ (Thomas Johnson)catalog 28 'Plot Line’(Joseph Ghio)catalog 28 'Splatter Matters’ (John Painter)catalog
30 ‘June Krausse’(Schreiner)catalog 30 ‘Poodle Parade’ (Paul Black)catalog 29 ‘Dance Til Dawn’(Thomas Johnson)catalog 29 ‘Here Comes The Night’ (Schreiner)catalog 29 ‘Magnificent Masterpiece’ (Barbara Nicodemus)catalog
29 ‘Pretty Kitty’(Keith Keppel)catalog 28 ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ (J. T. Aitken)catalog 28 ‘Be Original’(Joseph Ghio)catalog 28 ‘Chianti Classic’ (J. T. Aitken)catalog 28 ‘Chocolatté’ (Lesley Painter)catalog


(Total votes cast = 145)

53 ‘Babylon Prince’(Lowell Baumunk) catalog 47 'Sri Lanka ’(Thomas Johnson) catalog

Runners Up:

27 'Flecks And Specks’ (Paul Black) catalog 18 ‘Parable’ (Thomas Johnson) catalog align="right" alt="catalog" height="130" src="" vspace="4" width="150" /> ]]


(Total votes cast = 6910)

66 ‘Don't Stop Believing’ (Thomas Johnson) no image 54 'Opposites’ (Shirley Trio) no image 53 ‘Cotillion Gown’(Keith Keppel) no image 49 'Coal Seams’ (Schreiner) no image
46 ‘Fine Romance’ (Thomas Johnson) no image 46 'My Lady's Manor’ (Philip W. Remare) no image 44 ‘Yours Truly’ (Joseph Ghio) no image 41 Oil Painting’ (Joseph Ghio) no image
20 'Vermeer’(Lowell Baumunk) no image
41 ‘Care To Dance’ (Schreiner) no image 39 'Men Are From Mars’ (Paul Black) no image 36 ‘Land Down Under’ (Thomas Johnson) no image 35 'Common Thread’(Thomas Johnson) no image
35 ‘Princess Grace’ (Paul Black) no image 34 'Afterlife’ (Marky Smith) no image 34 ‘After The Rain’ (Paul Black) no image 34 'Beauty Contest’(Paul Black) no image
34 ‘I'm All Shook Up’ (Paul Black) no image 33 'Enough Is Enough’ (Paul Black) no image 33 ‘Urban Cowgirl’ (Schreiner) no image 32 'Otherside Of Heaven’ (Joseph Ghio) no image
32 ‘Sings With Frogs’ (Douglas Kanarowski) no image 31 'Edge Of Heaven’ (Thomas Johnson) no image 31 ‘Shouting Match’ (Keith Keppel) no image 30 Girl Gone Wild’ (Thomas Johnson) no image
30 ‘Great Smokey Dawn’ (Schreiner) no image 28 Cher And Cher Alike’ (Paul Black) no image 28 ‘Full Disclosure’ (Thomas Johnson) no image 28 'Mr. Moonlight’ (Schreiner) no image
28 ‘Visigoth’ (Marky Smith) no image 27 'Berry Fulfilling’ (Schreiner) no image 27 ‘Colorado Expressions’ (Robert Van Liere) no image 27 'Downtown Brown’’ (Schreiner) no image
27 ‘Fancy Ideas’ (Keith Keppel) no image 27 'Fred And Ginger’(Paul Black) no image 26 ‘Autumn Explosion’ (Richard Tasco) no image 26 'Flaming Lava’ (J. T. Aitken) no image
26 ‘Sweeter Than Honey’ (Robert Van Liere) no image 25 'Alessandra's Gift’ (Bryan Spoon By Donald Spoon) no image 25 ‘Golden Gaga’ (Lesley Painter) no image 25 'In The News’ (Thomas Johnson) no image
25 ‘Vintage Port’ (Marky Smith) no image 24 'Absolute Star’ (Schreiner) no image 24 ‘Boot Scoot Boogie’ (Schreiner) no image 24 'Global Crossing’ (Robert Van Liere) no image
24 ‘I Pink I Can’ (Schreiner) no image 24 'Polite Applause’ (Joseph Ghio) no image 24 ‘Slew O' Gold’ (Schreiner) no image 24 'Soul Mate’ (Joseph Ghio) no image
24 ‘Who Needs A Prince’ (Schreiner) no image 23 'Arts And Crafts’ (Thomas Johnson) no image 23 ‘Civility’ (Joseph Ghio) no image 23 'Core Values’ (Joseph Ghio) no image
23 ‘Full Of Grace’ (Thomas Johnson) no image 22 Beacon Of Light’ (Thomas Johnson) no image 22 ‘Charismatic’ (George Sutton) no image 22 'Dancing Days’(Keith Keppel) no image
22 ‘Geode’ (Marky Smith) no image 22 'I I Stutter’(Douglas Kanarowski) no image 22 ‘Illusionist’ (Joseph Ghio) no image 22 'Peach Butter’ (Paul Black) no image
22 ‘Power Lines’ (Riley Probst) no image 22 'Ten Carat Diamond’’(Gary D. Slagle II ) no image 22 ‘Tex Mex’ (Tom Burseen) no image 21 'Emblematic’ (Joseph Ghio) no image
21 'Glimmer Of Hope’ (Thomas Johnson) no image 21 'Jazzberry’ (John Painter) no image 21 ‘Mayan Mysteries’ (Robert Van Liere) no image 21 'Putting On The Ritz’’ (Jim Hedgecock) no image
21 'Shake It Up’(Paul Black) no image 21 'Team Player’ (Thomas Johnson) no image 20 ‘All Ashore’ (Paul Black) no image 20 'Autumn In Missouri’ (O. D. Niswonger) no image
20 'Fruited Plain’ (Michael Sutton) no image 21 'Jazz Queen’ (Barbara Nicodemus) no image 20 ‘Lady In Purple’ (Anna & David Cadd) no image 20 'Silken Trim’ (Schreiner) no image
20 'Spirit Rider’ (Schreiner) no image 20 'Subtle Beauty’ (Richard Tasco) no image 20 ‘Swoosh’ (Lynda Miller) no image 20 'Tango To The Moonlight’ (Ben Johnson) no image

Runners Up:

19 ‘Bronze Warrior’ (Frederick Kerr) catalog 19 ‘Butterscotch Peach Parfait’ (Larry Lauer) catalog 19 ‘Celtic Dancer’ (Robert Van Liere) Image 19 ‘Cleared For Takeoff’’ (Schreiner) catalog
19 'Dreaming In Color’ (Lynda Miller) catalog 19 ‘Drunk Skunk’ (Brad Kasperek) catalog 19 ‘Edgefield Glow’ (Schreiner) Image 19 ‘Girly Girl’ (Schreiner) catalog
18 ‘Solar Power’ (Ross BeVier) catalog
19 'Gypsy Kisses’ (Gypsy Kisses’) catalog 19 ‘Storm Rider’ (Richard Tasco) catalog 19 ‘Tickle Me Pink’ (Robert Van Liere) Image 19 ‘Very Very Good’ (Paul Black) catalog
19 'Whale's Tale’ (Schreiner) catalog 18 ‘Bashful Princess’ (Paul Black) catalog 18 ‘Fiddlin' Around’ (Schreiner) Image 18 ‘Girl Trouble’ (Lowell Baumunk) catalog
18 'Mango Queen’ (Frederick Kerr) catalog 18 ‘Muleshoe Money’ (Tom Burseen) catalog 18 ‘Platinum Jubilee’ (Joseph Ghio) Image 18 ‘Satin And Lace’ (Paul Black) catalog


(Total votes cast = 499)

46 ‘My Cher Of Happiness’ (Paul Black) no image 34 'Art Glass’ (Keith Keppel) no image 31 ‘Rustler's Rhapsody’ (Paul Black) no image 28 'Blueberry Treats’ (Lynda Miller) no image

Runners Up:

25 ‘Orange Fluorescence’ (J. T. Aitken) 24 ‘Art Festival’ (J. T. Aitken) 22 ‘Glitzorama’ (Paul Black) 22 ‘Wisecrack’ (Keith Keppel) 21 ‘Dark Wonder’ (Richard Tasco)


(Total votes cast = 615)

49 ‘Leave The Light On’ (Riley Probst) no image 35 'Dog And Pony Show’ (Paul Black) no image 31 ‘Code Of Honor’ (Thomas Johnson) no image 25 'Witty' (Paul Black) no image
24 'Deep Burgundy’ (Michael Sutton) no image 24 'Scrivener' (Marky Smith) no image

Runners Up:

23 ‘Sanskrit’ (Marky Smith) 20 ‘Birds And Bees’ (Paul Black) 20 ‘Gold And Rubies’ (Donald Spoon) 20 ‘Self Indulgence’ (Paul Black) 19 ‘Chilly Willy’ (J. T. Aitken) 19 ‘I'm On Fire’ (Thomas Johnson) 19 ‘What About Me’ (Thomas Johnson)


(Total votes cast = 405)

52 ‘Little White Tiger’ (Jean Witt) no image 35 Pixel Packin' Mama’ (Barbara & David Schmieder) no image 35 ‘Speckled Spring’ (Stephanie Markham) no image

Runners Up:

25 ‘Cotillion Ball’ (Thomas Johnson) 24 ‘Carla Beth’ ("Betty Wyss, Deceased, By Kelly Norris") 23 ‘Huggable You’ (Paul Black) 23 ‘Icing’ (Stephanie Markham) 23 ‘Lilac Wings’ (Paul Black)


(Total votes cast = 1450)

46 ‘Matador's Cape’ (Paul Black) no image 31 'Lovable Pink’ (Paul Black) no image 25 ‘Going In Circles’ (Paul Black) no image
24 ‘Beckoning' (Thomas Johnson) no image 22 'Bad Boys’ (Lynda Miller) no image 22 ‘Ping’ (Thomas Johnson) no image
18 ‘Ray Jones’ (Donald Spoon) no image
22 ‘Worry Wart’ (Paul Black) no image 21 'Bennett's Star’ (J. T. Aitken) no image 20 ‘Abuzz With Charm’ (Carol Coleman) no image
20 ‘Bumpkin' (Marky Smith) no image 20 'Celilo’ (Marky Smith) no image 20 ‘In Cahoots’ (Thomas Johnson) no image
20 ‘Purple Zinger’ ((J. T. Aitken) no image 19 'Bluebeard's Gold’ (Michael Sutton) no image 18 ‘Alberta Peach’ (Donald Spoon) no image
18 ‘Cinnamon Candy’ (J. T. Aitken) no image 18 'Cosmonaut' (Marky Smith) no image 18 ‘Quarter Moon’ (Marky Smith) no image

Runners Up:

17 ‘Star Of India’ (Thomas Johnson) 16 ‘Come And Get It’ (Paul Black) 16 ‘Cookie Monster’ (Donald Spoon) 15 ‘Green Oasis’ (Paul Black) 14 ‘Crack Me Up’ (Paul Black) 14 ‘Love Bites’ (Hugh Stout) 14 ‘Quench’ (Hugh Stout) 14 ‘Short Film’ (Thomas Johnson) 14 ‘Sky Of Blue’ (Paul Black) 13 ‘Burnished’ (Jean Morris) 13 ‘Cara’ (Donald Spoon) 13 ‘Dare’ (Paul Black) 13 ‘Guacamole’ (Jayne Ritchie) 13 ‘Lime Pixie’ (J. T. Aitken) 13 ‘Rain In Spain’ (Paul Black) 13 ‘Red Velvet Elf’ (Bruce Filardi) 13 ‘Satin Accent’ (Keith Keppel) 13 ‘Velvet Elvis’ (Ginny Spoon)


(Total votes cast = 200)

40 ‘Beetlejuice’ (Paul Black) no image 25 'Rivulet' (Keith Keppel) no image

Runners Up:

18 ‘Black Olive’ (Paul Black) 18 ‘Tiny Beacon’ (J. T. Aitken) 16 ‘Lotta Dotta’ (Donald Spoon) 14 ‘Sapphire Jubilee’ (Ginny Spoon) 13 ‘Boink’ (J. T. Aitken) 13 ‘Fancy This’ (Jayne Ritchie)


(Total votes cast = 107)

28 ‘Dubai’ (Thomas Johnson) no image 26 'Eyes On You’ (Paul Black) no image

Runners Up:

15 ‘Alakazam’ (Richard Tasco) 12 ‘Enchanter's Spell’ (Richard Tasco) 11 ‘Pharaoh's Host’ (Walter Moores) 8 ‘Undue Influence’ (Caroline Chacon) 5 ‘Bold Excess’ (Caroline Chacon)


(Total votes cast = 90)

75 ‘Desert Snow’ (Paul Black) no image

Runners Up:

15 ‘Bewildered Blue Butterfly’ (Caroline Chacon)


(Total votes cast = 130)

58 ‘Lakeside Ghost’ (Chad Harris) no image 17 ‘Forest Haimati’ (Anita Moran) no image

Runners Up:

11 [[Spec.Spec Firefly Shuffle Firefly Shuffle (Karen Perkins) 8 SpecWildWhispers (Carol Coleman) 7 ‘Crevice Gem’ (Darrell Probst) 6 ‘Lockport’ (Bernard Mcsparrin) 5 ‘Cleo Chapel Road’ (Darrell Probst)


(Total votes cast = 164)

26 ‘Chocobeards' (Lynn Markham) no image 15 ‘Roy's Baby’ (J. T. Aitken) no image 15 ‘Yarai' (Hiroshi Shimizu By Carol Warner)no image

Runners Up:

12 ‘Roryu’ (Hiroshi Shimizu By Carol Warner) 11 ‘Kurokawa-Noh’ (J. T. Aitken) 9 ‘Takamagahara’ (Hiroshi Shimizu By Carol Warner) 8 ‘Into The Galaxy’ (O. D. Niswonger) 7 ‘Soft Spot’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)


(Total votes cast = 80)

12 ‘Banner For Iona’ (Joyce Prothero) no image 10 ‘Saltspring Sunburst’ (Joyce Prothero) no image 5 ‘Costanoa’ (Joseph Ghio)no image 5 ‘This Is It’ (Lois Belardi By Joseph Ghio)no image

Runners Up:

4 ‘Almost Wild’ (J. T. Aitken) 3 ‘Coin Collector’ (Joseph Ghio) 3 ‘Fresh Eyes’ (Joseph Ghio) 3 ‘High Fire Danger’ (Joseph Ghio) 3 ‘Open Eyes’ (Joseph Ghio) 3 ‘Point Lobos’ (Joseph Ghio) 3 ‘Power Center’ (Joseph Ghio) 3 ‘Saltspring Sprite’ (Joyce Prothero) 3 ‘Stamp Of Approval’ (Joseph Ghio)


(Total votes cast = 282)

20 ‘Seminole Moon’ (Harry Wolford) no image 14 ‘Gulf Coast Beaches’ (Hooker Nichols) no image 14 ‘Start Of Something Big’ (Harry Wolford)no image 13 ‘Earline Sudduth’ (Harry Wolford)no image
12 ‘Kakadu Sunset’ (Heather Pryor)no image 11 ‘David's Symphony’ (Joseph Musacchia)no image 11 ‘Green Eyed Cajun’ (Joseph Musacchia)no image 11 ‘Nancy Tichborne’ (Bernard Pryor)no image

Runners Up:

10 ‘Lucky Dog’ (Patrick O'connor) 8 ‘Dick's Legacy’ (M. D. Faith) 8 ‘Pontchartrain Beach’ (Patrick O'connor) 7 ‘Aunt Rose’ (Joseph Musacchia) 7 ‘Holly Joy Carol’ (Harry Wolford) 6 ‘Bayou Buckskin’ (Jim Hedgecock) 6 ‘Louis Armstrong’ (Patrick O'connor) 6 ‘Mister Sandman’ (Harry Wolford) 6 ‘Paramount Star’ (Bernard Pryor) 6 ‘Secret Rendezvous’ (Heather Pryor)


(Total votes cast = 492)

70 ‘Paprikash’ (Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks) no image 46 ‘Fisherman's Fancy’ (James Copeland) no image 25 ‘Hail To The Chief’ (Robert Hollingworth)no image 24 ‘Lemon Mousse’ (Robert Hollingworth)no image
22 ‘Sweeter Still’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)no image

Runners Up:

20 ‘On Mulberry Street’ (Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks) 19 ‘Colorflash’ (Robert Hollingworth) 18 ‘My Girl Emily’ (Dean Cole) 17 ‘Fancy Me This’ (Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks) 16 ‘Honey Chic’ (Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks)


(Total votes cast = 249)

30 ‘Ibex Ibis’ (Brad Kasperek) no image 28 ‘Ode To A Toad’ (Brad Kasperek) no image 21 ‘Going Wild In Missouri’ (O. D. Niswonger)no image

Runners Up:

20 ‘Steely Don’ (J. T Aitken) 16 ‘Banned In Boston’ (Kevin Vaughn) 13 ‘Cast Of Green’ (J. T. Aitken) 10 ‘Oregon Sunlight’ (Lee Walker) 9 ‘Lemon Tea’ (Jim Hedgecock) 9 ‘Solar Amethyst’ (Lee Walker)


(Total votes cast = 154)

17 ‘Artesian Spring’ (Chad Harris) no image 14 ‘Celestial Emperor’ (Chad Harris) no image 12 ‘Amethyst's Sister’ (Chad Harris)no image 12 ‘Vintner's Pride’ (Bob Bauer/John Coble)no image

Runners Up:

11 ‘Alexisaurus’ (Jill Copeland) 11 ‘Dirigo Editor’ (John White) 11 ‘Dragon Tapestry’ (Chad Harris) 10 ‘Rings A Bell’ (Bob Bauer/John Coble) 7 ‘Silken Charm’ (Bob Bauer/John Coble)
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