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2013 Award Winners Gallery

Below you will find a picture gallery with links to iris that have won 2013 AIS Medals and Awards or were runners up.

The AIS Award of Merits and Honorable Mentions are broken out separately and presented on this page in PDF listings with links to the iris. The High Commendations and Exhibition Certificates listings are available on the main 2013 Awards page.

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THE DYKES MEDAL (Total votes cast = 456)

A printable list, text only is available here on the AIS Website
That All Folks
65 'That's All Folks' (William Maryott by Joseph Ghio)

Runners Up: 62 'Dividing Line'(Charles Bunnell); 58 'Gypsy Lord'; (Keith Keppel) 31 'Chief John Jolly'; (Tom Parkhill) 29 'Bluebeard's Ghost.; (Paul Black) 25 'Kathy Chilton'; (Frederick Kerr)

THE JOHN C. WISTER MEDAL, TB irises (Total votes cast = 1115)
Absolute Treasure Elizabethan Age Ink Patterns
51 'Absolute Treasure'; (Richard Tasco)

38 'Elizabethan Age'; (Lowell Baumunk)

33 'Ink Patterns' (Thomas Johnson)

Runners Up:

31 ‘Ozark Rebounder’, (Barbara Nicodemus); 31 ‘Prague’, (Tom Johnson); 29 ‘Parisian Dawn’, (Keith Keppel); 29 ‘Wild Angel’, (Thomas Johnson); 26 ‘Jazz Band’, (Keith Keppel)

THE KNOWLTON MEDAL, BB irises (Total votes cast = 261)
Bundle Of Love
92 ‘Bundle Of Love’, (Paul Black)

Runners Up: 68 ‘Niche’, (Joseph Ghio); 60 ‘Zingerado’, (Lowell Baumunk); 41 ‘Border Guard’, (Joseph Ghio)

THE HANS AND JACOB SASS MEDAL, IB irises (Total votes cast = 278)
84 ‘Rimaround’ (J. T. Aitken)

Runners Up:

62 Ib.Ib Oblivion, (Marky Smith); 53 ‘Many Mahalos’ (J. T. Aitken); 48 ‘Limonada’, (Keith Keppel); 31 ‘Dragonmaster’, (Marky Smith)

THE WILLIAMSON-WHITE MEDAL, MTB irises (Total votes cast = 251)
Peebee and Jay
77 ‘Peebee And Jay’(Barbara & David Schmieder)

Runners Up: 70 ‘Redrock Princess’, (Jean Witt); 57 ‘Persona’, (Keith Keppel); 47 ‘Petit Louvois’, (Clarence Mahan)

THE COOK-DOUGLAS MEDAL, SDB irises (Total votes cast = 297)
Wish Upon A Star
29 ‘Wish Upon A Star’, (Paul Black)

Runners Up: 25 ‘Canadian Kisses’, (Paul Black); 23 ‘Big Blue Eyes’, (Paul Black); 22 ‘Pussycat Pink’, (Paul Black); 21 ‘Devil Baby’, (Keith Keppel); 21 ‘Spiderman’, (Donald Spoon)

THE CAPARNE-WELCH MEDAL, MDB irises (Total votes cast = 149)
Trimmed Velvet
39 ‘Trimmed Velvet’,(Donald Spoon)

Runners Up:

30 ‘Hobbit’, (Lynda Miller); 26 ‘Applet’, (Marky Smith); 25 ‘Wee Viking’, (A. & D. Willott); 17 ‘Spiderweb’, (Donald Spoon); 12 ‘Ruby Elf’, (A. & D. Willott)

THE CLARENCE G. WHITE MEDAL, AR & AB irises (Total votes cast = 112)
Refiner’s Fire
40 ‘Refiner's Fire’ (Peter McGrath)

Runners Up:

33 ‘Kalifa's Joy’, (Robert Annand); 25 ‘Persian Queen’, (Robert Annand); 14 ‘King Solomon's Mines’, (Elm Jensen)

THE WILLIAM MOHR MEDAL, AB irises (Total votes cast = 133)
Egyptian Queen
47 ‘Egyptian Queen’, (Thomas Johnson)

Runners Up:

39 ‘Prince Of Egypt’, (Perry Dyer); 34 ‘Jallab’, (Keith Keppel); 13 ‘Nefret’, (Marky Smith)

THE FOUNDERS OF SIGNA MEDAL, SPEC irises (Total votes cast = 123)
42 ‘Woolong’, (James Waddick)

Runners Up:

33 ‘Epic Poem’, (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks); 28 ‘Jin Yu’, (Jill Copeland); 20 ‘Caitlin's Smile’, (James Waddick By Kevin Morley)

THE RANDOLPH PERRY MEDAL, SPEC-X irises (Total votes cast = 159)
Roy’s Repeater
45 ‘Roy's Repeater’, (J. T. Aitken)

Runners Up:

37 ‘Wooly Bully’, (Jill Copeland); 33 ‘Celia Welia’, (Jill Copeland); 30 ‘Kinshikou’, (Hiroshi Shimizu By Carol Warner) 14 ‘Everest Blue’ (O. D. Niswonger)

THE SYDNEY B. MITCHELL MEDAL, CA irises (Total votes cast = 33)
Hidden Asset Lines That Rhyme
9 ‘Hidden Asset’, (Duane Meek)

9 ‘Lines That Rhyme’ (Joseph Ghio)

Runners Up:

6 ‘Rodeo Gulch’, (Joseph Ghio); 5 ‘Dot The Eyes’, (Joseph Ghio)

THE MARY SWORDS DEBAILLON MEDAL, LA irises (Total votes cast = 127)
James Faith
34 ‘James Faith’, (M. D. Faith)

Runners Up:

27 ‘Frenchmen Street’, (Patrick O'Connor); 25 ‘Renée Fleming’, (Heather Pryor); 23 ‘Hail Mary’, (Mary Dunn By Joseph Ghio); 18 ‘Frederick Douglass’, (Dorman Haymon)

THE MORGAN-WOOD MEDAL, SIB irises (Total votes cast = 243)
Swans In Flight
81 ‘Swans In Flight’, (Robert Hollingworth)

Runners Up:

40 ‘Uncorked’, (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks); 39 ‘Emily Anne’, (Robert Hollingworth); 28 ‘Charming Billy’, (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks); 28 ‘Kaboom’, (Bob Bauer/John Coble); 27 ‘Haleakala’, (Marky Smith)

THE ERIC NIES MEDAL, SPU irises (Total votes cast = 132)
Missouri Orchid
38 ‘Missouri Orchid’, (O. D. Niswonger)

Runners Up:

34 ‘Golden Ducat’, (Anna & David Cadd); 27 ‘Hocka Hoona’, (Peter Desantis), 17 ‘Doris Irene’, (B. Charles Jenkins); 16 ‘Sunrise Surprise’, (O. D. Niswonger)

THE PAYNE MEDAL, JI irises (Total votes cast = 95)
Bewitching Twilight
26 ‘Bewitching Twilight’, (Chad Harris)

Runners Up:

25 ‘Lady In Pink’, (J. T. Aitken); 25 ‘Pink Puffer’, (Jill Copeland); 19 ‘Beyond Chance’, (Donald Delmez)

WALTHER CUP (Most HM votes in any category)
Judy Judy Judy
81 ‘Judy, Judy, Judy’, (Robert Hollingworth) SIB

Runners Up:

70 ‘Engagement Ring’, (Joseph Ghio) TB; 54 ‘Soleil’, (Marky Smith) IB; 53 ‘Revision’, (Keith Keppel) TB; 52 ‘Dragon King’, (Richard Tasco) TB; 51 ‘Easter Candy’, (Keith Keppel) TB

TB AWARD OF MERIT (Total votes cast = 4577)

75 ‘Brazilian Art’, (Keith Keppel)

69 ‘Tobacco Chew’, (Tom Burseen)

67 ‘Adriatic Waves’, (Keith Keppel)

56 ‘Dracula's Kiss’, (Schreiner)

52 ‘Celtic Woman’, (J. T. Aitken)

51 ‘Sorbonne’,(Keith Keppel)

50 ‘Easy Being Green’, (Richard C. Richards)

48 ‘Camera Ready’, (Richard Tasco)

48 ‘Dancing Star’, (Thomas Johnson)

46 ‘Wizard Of Odds’, (Paul Black)

42 ‘Glitter Gulch’, (Tom Burseen)

42 ‘I Wuv Woses’, (Tom Burseen)

42 ‘Raspberry Swirl’, (Michael Sutton)

41 ‘Adoree’, (Barry Blyth)

40 ‘Sordid Lives’, (Thomas Johnson)

39 ‘Battlestar Atlantis’, (J. T. Aitken)

38 ‘Brilliant Idea’, (Keith Keppel)

38 ‘Stolen Sweets’, (Paul Black)

37 ‘Grapetizer’, (Thomas Johnson)

37 ‘Indian Sunset’, (Larry Lauer)

37 ‘Zesting Lemons’, (Richard Ernst)

36 ‘Blueberry Parfait’, (Schreiner)

36 ‘Casino Cruiser’, (Tom Burseen)

36 ‘Wedding Belle’, (Keith Keppel)

Runners Up:

35 ‘Aztec Art’, (Thomas Johnson); 35 ‘Banana Cream Pie’, (Bruce Filardi); 35 ‘Just A Kiss Away’, (Lowell Baumunk); 35 ‘Monsoon Moon’, (Keith Keppel); 34 ‘Strut Your Stuff’, (Paul Black); 33 ‘Cheap Frills’, (Paul Black); 32 ‘Tuscan Delight’, (George Sutton); 31 ‘Coral Splendor’, (Paul Black); 31 ‘Kickapoo Kangaroo’, (Brad Kasperek); 31 ‘Magic Masquerade’, (Paul Black); 31 ‘Raven Girl’, (Schreiner); 30 ‘Braggin Rights’, (Tom Burseen); 30 ‘Dream Team, (Thomas Johnson); 30 ‘Teenybopper’, (Keith Keppel); 28 ‘Be Original’, (Joseph Ghio); 28 ‘Blowing Kisses’, (Keith Keppel); 28 ‘Cloudscape’, (Paul Black); 28 ‘Flash Of Light’, (Thomas Johnson); 28 ‘Hopeless Romantic’, (Joseph Ghio); 28 ‘Orchid Dove’, (Donald Spoon); 28 ‘Out Of The Dark’ (Paul Black); 28 ‘Volunteer Pride’, (Tom Parkhill)


(Total votes cast = 336)

47 ‘Snazzy’, (Keith Keppel)

42 ‘Bonjour’, (Lowell Baumunk)

Runners Up:

34 ‘Whoopsidaisy’, (Jim Hedgecock); 32 ‘Hoodoo Blues’, (Stephanie Markham); 30 ‘Love Power’, (J. T. Aitken); 29 ‘Special Kay’, (Robert Van Liere); 28 ‘Imbroglio’, (Keith Keppel)


(Total votes cast = 506)

71 ‘Star In The Night’, (Paul Black)

55 ‘Calligrapher’, (Marky Smith)

Runners Up:

46 ‘Cat In The Hat’, (Paul Black); 46 Ib.Ib RedHotChili, (Michael Sutton); 32 ‘Orca’, (Marky Smith); 28 ‘Line Drive’, (Michael Sutton); 25 ‘Intoxicating’, (Paul Black)


(Total votes cast = 412)

62 ‘Maui Mango’, (J. T. Aitken)

46 ‘Hot News’, (Stephanie Markham)

Runners Up:

42 ‘Butterscotch Wine’, (Charles Bunnell); 41 ‘Bach Fugue’, (Lowell Baumunk); 38 ‘Jack's Pick’, (Charles Bunnell); 38 ‘Stitched In Blue’, (Kenneth Fisher); 29 ‘Bit O' Royalty’, (Stephanie Markham); 29 ‘Sari's Dance’, (Ginny Spoon); 29 ‘Sun Spirit’, (Jim & Vicki Craig)


(Total votes cast = 846)

40 ‘Riveting’, (Paul Black)

39 ‘Raspberry Tiger’, (Paul Black)

36 ‘Eye Of Sauron’, (Paul Black)

33 ‘Bright Blue Eyes’, (Michael Sutton)

30 ‘Meow’, (Paul Black)

Runners Up:

29 ‘Giggles And Grins’, (Carol Coleman); 25 ‘Lemon Freeze’, (Keith Keppel); 25 ‘Magnetic Storm’, (Vernon Wood); 24 ‘Tanzanite’, (Marky Smith); 23 ‘Kaching’, (Paul Black); 23 ‘Microwave’, (Marky Smith)

MDB AWARD OF MERIT (Total votes cast = 195)

59 ‘Keeno’, (Thomas Johnson)

52 ‘Gecko Echo’, (Brad Kasperek)

Runners Up:

45 ‘Be Brief’, (Paul Black); 39 ‘Aquadoodle’, (J. T. Aitken)

AR & AB AWARD OF MERIT (Total votes cast = 115)

47 ‘Aztec Prince’, (Richard Tasco)

22 ‘Exotic Treasure’, (Richard Tasco)

Runners Up:

18 ‘Holy Moley Plum’, (Caroline Chacon): 18 ‘Nordic Sky’, ("Howard Shockey, deceased, by Lowell Baumunk"); 10 ‘Go Big Red’, (Sharon McAllister)


No award in 2013. Need more than two candidates.

SPECIES AWARD OF MERIT (Total votes cast = 90)

31 ‘Ruth Wilder’, (Walter Hoover by Randell Bowen)

24 ‘Dick Redfield’, (Dick Redfield by Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)

Runners Up:

22 ‘Sun Moon Lake’, ("B. LeRoy Davidson, deceased, by Carla Lankow"); 13 ‘Wildwood Willie’, (Michael Iler by Will Plotner)

SPECIES CROSS AWARD OF MERIT (Total votes cast = 181)

52 ‘Do The Math’, (Jill Copeland)

41 ‘Who's On First’, (Robert Hollingworth)

Runners Up:

35 ‘Shiryukyo’, (Hiroshi Shimizu by Carol Warner); 29 ‘Tsukiyono’, (Hiroshi Shimizu by Carol Warner); 24 ‘Everest White’, (O. D. Niswonger)

CA AWARD OF MERIT (Total votes cast = 56)

12 ‘Bay Street’, (Joseph Ghio)

7 ‘Egocentric’, (Deborah Cole)

Runners Up:

6 ‘Mandalay Bay’, (Joseph Ghio); 5 ‘Chalk Hill Road’, ("L. W. Beeman, deceased, by Anna & David Cadd"); 5 ‘Lewis Lawyer’, (Adele Lawyer by Terri Hudson); 4 ‘Multiplicity’, (Joseph Ghio); 4 ‘War Zone’, (Joseph Ghio)

LA AWARD OF MERIT (Total votes cast = 286)

25 ‘Rilla Hickerson’, (Farron Campbell by M. & J. Wilhoit)

19 ‘Choctaw Ridge’, (Joseph Musacchia)

19 ‘Seminole Sunrise’, (Harry Wolford)

Runners Up:

18 ‘Edna Grace’, (Heather Pryor); 17 ‘Blue Mountain Mist’, (Bernard Pryor); 16 ‘Cajun Serenade’, (Hooker Nichols); 16 ‘Kentucky Thoroughbred’, (William Bruner); 15 ‘Susan B. Anthony’, (Bernard Pryor)

SIB AWARD OF MERIT (Total votes cast = 402)

36 ‘Sugar Rush’, (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)

34 ‘Berries And Cream’, (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)

Runners Up:

31 ‘Bells And Whistles’, (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks); 31 ‘Currier’, (Robert Hollingworth); 30 ‘Crimson Cloisonne’, (J. T. Aitken); 28 ‘Star Lion’, (Marky Smith); 25 ‘Nothing But The Blues’, (Robert Hollingworth)

SPU AWARD OF MERIT (Total votes cast = 215)

46 ‘Missouri Morning’, (O. D. Niswonger)

26 ‘Honey Mocha Lotta’, (Lee Walker)

Runners Up:

24 ‘California Gold Rush’, (Anna & David Cadd); 22 ‘Missouri Boon’, (O. D. Niswonger by M. & J. Wilhoit); 21 ‘Lemon Chiffon Pie’, (Anna & David Cadd); 18 ‘Chocolate Dreams’, (Anna & David Cadd); 17 ‘Remembering Vic’, (Lee Walker)

JI AWARD OF MERIT (Total votes cast = 179)

37 ‘John's Fancy’, (Jill Copeland)

35 ‘Sugar Dome’, (Bob Bauer/John Coble)

Runners Up:

25 ‘Red Tessa’, (J. T. Aitken); 22 ‘Angelic Choir’, (Chad Harris); 18 Ji.Ji EvelynWhite, (John White); 12 ‘Cascade Rain’, (Chad Harris); 12 ‘Craola Kiss’, (Lee Walker)

TB HONORABLE MENTION (Total votes cast = 7606)

70 ‘Engagement Ring’ (Joseph Ghio)

53 ‘Revision’ (Keith Keppel)

52 ‘Dragon King’ (Richard Tasco)

51 ‘Easter Candy’ (Keith Keppel)

44 ‘Bohemia After Dark’ (Frederick Kerr)

44 ‘Cold Fusion’ (Michael Sutton)

43 ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ (J. T. Aitken)

42 ‘Plot Line’ (Joseph Ghio)

40 ‘Boundless’ (Michael Sutton)

39 ‘Ghost Writer’ (Keith Keppel)

37 ‘Bejeweled’ (Joseph Ghio)

37 ‘Hollywood Lights’ (Thomas Johnson)

37 ‘Ringtone’ (Keith Keppel)

37 ‘Strawberry Sorbet’ (Michael Sutton)

36 ‘Center Line’ (Thomas Johnson)

36 ‘Rum And Coke’ (John Painter)

35 ‘Blue Trill’ (Paul Black)

34 ‘Chocolatté’ (Lesley Painter)

34 ‘Dazzle’ (Joseph Ghio)

34 ‘One Of A Kind’ (Paul Black)

34 ‘Orangelo’ (Michael Sutton)

34 ‘Pretty Kitty’ (Keith Keppel)

33 ‘Action Packed’ (Paul Black)

33 ‘Catwalk Queen’ (Thomas Johnson)

32 ‘Cardinal Rule’ (Joseph Ghio)

32 ‘Edge Of The World’ (Michael Sutton)

32 ‘Fallalery’ (Ben Johnson)

32 ‘Magnificent Masterpiece’ (Barbara Nicodemus)

32 ‘Rim Of Fire’ (Michael Sutton)

32 ‘Splatter Matters’ (John Painter)

32 ‘Wise Woman’ (Marky Smith)

30 ‘Battle Of The Bands’ (Michael Sutton)

30 ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ (J. T. Aitken)

30 ‘Fusion’ (Michael Sutton)

29 ‘Jerico Springs’ (Barbara Nicodemus)

28 ‘Toronto’ (Thomas Johnson)

27 ‘Glacier Melt’ (George Sutton)

27 ‘Kachina Dancer’ (Frederick Kerr)

26 ‘Honeykist’ (Hugh Stout)

26 ‘Iconic’ (Joseph Ghio)

26 ‘I Must Have It’ (Paul Black)

26 ‘Single Malt’ (Lowell Baumunk)

26 ‘Summer Shadow’ (Keith Keppel)

26 ‘Uptown Lady’ (Keith Keppel)

25 ‘Blueberry Fudge’ (Gerald Richardson)

25 ‘Celtic Fire’ (John Bruce)

25 ‘Chianti Classic’ (J. T. Aitken)

25 ‘Flashy Show Girl’ (Paul Black)

25 ‘Magical Moment’ (Paul Black)

25 ‘Marilyn's Skirt’ (Robert Skaggs)

25 ‘Painter's Touch’ (Thomas Johnson)

24 ‘Bombay Eyes’ (Hooker Nichols) 24 ‘Ella Leeuw Van Liere’ (Robert Van Liere) 24 ‘Fantasy Ride’ (Roger Duncan) 24 ‘French Lavender’ (John Painter) 24 ‘Pretty As A Picture’ (Paul Black) 24 ‘Uninhibited’ (Joseph Ghio) 23 ‘Delta Lady’ (Larry Lauer) 23 ‘Desert Sonata’ (Francelle Edwards) 23 ‘Foolish Dreamer’ (Keith Keppel) 23 ‘Glacier Park’ (Michael Sutton) 23 ‘Grand Canyon Sunset’ (Schreiner) 23 ‘Howler’ (Thomas Johnson) 23 ‘Like A Rainbow’ (Larry Lauer) 23 ‘Polestar’ (Hugh Stout) 23 ‘Sheila Van Hook’ (John Van Hook) 23 ‘Vanilla Berry’ (Michael Sutton) 23 ‘Winsome Wendy’ (Tom Burseen) 22 ‘Above The Rim’ (Michael Sutton) 22 ‘Annabelle Rose’ (Schreiner) 22 ‘Best Friend’ (Ronald Mullin By Phil Williams) 22 ‘Dance Til Dawn’ (Thomas Johnson) 22 ‘Magheralin’ (Gerald Richardson) 22 ‘Mambo Italiano’ (Paul Black) 22 ‘Round Of Applause’ (Joseph Ghio) 22 ‘Salzburg Echo’ (Schreiner) 22 ‘Stan Coates’ (Lesley Painter) 22 ‘Stir It Up’ (Thomas Johnson) 21 ‘Australian Rosé’ (Michael Sutton) 21 ‘Orbison’ (Frederick Kerr) 21 ‘Purdue Pete’ (Lynda Miller) 21 ‘Smoky Shadows’ (Richard Tasco)

‘Runners Up’: 20 ‘Adventurous’ (Michael Sutton) 20 ‘Enjoyment’ (Joseph Ghio) 20 ‘Mimosa’ (Michael Sutton) 20 ‘Pink Invasion’ (Thomas Johnson) 20 ‘Rasputin’ (Thomas Johnson) 20 ‘Say You Will’ (Lowell Baumunk) 20 ‘Temple Of Lights’ (Gerald Richardson) 20 ‘Water Of Life’ (Paul Black) 19 ‘All Smiles’ (Michael Sutton) 19 ‘And Kyler Too’ (Tom Burseen) 19 ‘Beth's Blessings’ (Tom Burseen) 19 ‘Bohemian Garnets’ (Frederick Kerr) 19 ‘Bratislavan Prince’ (Anton Mego) 19 ‘Candy Store’ (Paul Black) 19 ‘Dodger Blue’ (Schreiner) 19 ‘Dots And Splashes’ (Michael Sutton) 19 ‘Famous Last Words’ (Joseph Ghio) 19 ‘French Riviera’ (Thomas Johnson) 19 ‘Go West’ (Roger Duncan) 19 ‘Head Games’ (Larry Lauer) 19 ‘Irene's Song’ (Barbara Nicodemus)
19 ‘Johnnie's Opal Angel’ (Vincent Christopherson By Ellen Waite) 19 ‘Midnight Toccata’ (Frederick Kerr) 19 ‘One More Night’ (Roger Duncan) 19 ‘Pale Fire’ (Lowell Baumunk) 19 ‘Spectacle’ (Joseph Ghio) 19 ‘Splurge’ (Joseph Ghio) 19 ‘Tumalo Sunset’ (Schreiner)


(Total votes cast = 371) 34 ‘Always Lovely’ (Paul Black) 34 ‘Sheer Excitement’ (Richard Tasco) 30 ‘Fruit Stripe’ (Michael Sutton)

Runners Up: 28 ‘Banded Gold’ (J. T. Aitken) 24 ‘Banded Rose’ (J. T. Aitken) 22 ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (Frederick Kerr) 21 ‘Border Baby’ (J. T. Aitken) 21 ‘Tina Louise’ (Bryan Spoon)


(Total votes cast = 722) 54 ‘Soleil’ (Marky Smith) 31 ‘Backlit Beauty’ (Richard Tasco) 31 ‘Parting Glances’ (Paul Black) 30 ‘Fanciful Whimsy’ (Paul Black) 30 ‘Firewalker’ (Marky Smith)

Runners Up: 29 ‘Spectator’ (Keith Keppel) 26 ‘Revved Up Rose’ (Paul Black) 25 ‘Scrivener’ (Marky Smith) 25 ‘Starry Starry Sky’ (Nancy Price) 23 ‘Wrights' Flights’ (George Sutton)


(Total votes cast = 395) 40 ‘Dollie And Me’ (Lynda Miller) 31 ‘Ozark Charmer’ (Kenneth Fisher) 30 ‘Fernie Bridge’ (Stephanie Markham) 30 ‘Going Dotty’ (Stephanie Markham)

Runners Up: 22 ‘Freckle's Sister’ (Chuck Chapman) 21 ‘Color By Two's’ (Kenneth Fisher) 21 ‘Fashionably Gold’ (Kenneth Fisher) 20 ‘Icing’ (Stephanie Markham) 19 ‘Autumn Splash’ (Kenneth Fisher)

SDB HONORABLE MENTION (Total votes cast = 1561)

31 ‘Pulsator’ (Thomas Johnson)

26 ‘Black Lightning’ (Chuck Chapman)

25 ‘All Is Bright’ (Paul Black)

24 ‘Capiche’ (Thomas Johnson)

24 ‘Dedicated’ (Paul Black)

24 ‘Golden Apricot’ (Michael Sutton)

23 ‘Here Come The Clowns’ (J. T. Aitken)

23 ‘Purple Joy’ (Donald Spoon)

22 ‘Dark Matter’ (Keith Keppel)

22 ‘Force Field’ (Marky Smith)

22 ‘Outspoken’ (Paul Black)

20 ‘All Ruffled Up’ (Richard Tasco)

20 ‘Anne Lowe’ (Donald Spoon)

20 ‘Jennyanydots’ (Paul Black)

19 ‘Exotic Eyes’ (Donald Spoon)

19 ‘Zippo’ (Ginny Spoon)

18 ‘Birthmark’ (Keith Keppel)

18 ‘Snitch’ (Thomas Johnson)

Runners Up: 17 ‘Lookout Sunshine’ (Chuck Chapman) 16 ‘Anita Moran’ (Donald Spoon) 16 ‘Bad Boys’ (Lynda Miller) 16 ‘Beatnik’ (Paul Black) 16 ‘Cape May’ (Robert Strohman) 16 ‘Film Star’ (Thomas Johnson) 16 ‘Muppet’ (Donald Spoon) 16 ‘Slow Burn’ (Marky Smith) 16 ‘Star Of India’ (Thomas Johnson) 15 ‘Chicklet’ (Thomas Johnson) 15 ‘Clairvoyant’ (Marky Smith) 15 ‘Granny Apple’ (Donald Spoon) 15 ‘Lemon Twist’ (Paul Black) 15 ‘Purple Tiger’ (Paul Black) 14 ‘Giddy’ (Thomas Johnson) 14 ‘Lingo’ (Keith Keppel) 14 ‘Rainlike’ (George Sutton) 14 ‘Twitter’ (Thomas Johnson)

MDB HONORABLE MENTION (Total votes cast = 168)

22 ‘Kayla's Song’ (Donald Spoon)

20 ‘Bete Noire’ (Marky Smith)

20 ‘Miniseries’ (Keith Keppel)

Runners Up: 15 ‘Boink’ (J. T. Aitken) 13 ‘Lotta Dotta’ (Donald Spoon) 12 ‘Jot’ (Lynda Miller) 12 ‘Little Bird’ (Lowell Baumunk) 12 ‘Pretty Pixie’ ("Bennett Jones, deceased, by J. T. Aitken")


(Total votes cast = 98) 9 ‘Fire In The Hole’ (Peter McGrath) 7 ‘Garnettville’ (Sharon McAllister) 6 ‘Troll's Treasure’ (Elm Jensen)

Runners Up: 5 ‘Arabian Sun’ (Peter McGrath) 5 ‘Glittering Garnets’ (Donald Eaves by Elm Jensen) 5 ‘Lu's Child’ (Donald Eaves by Aril Society International) 5 ‘Night Skies Glowing’ (Caroline Chacon) 5 ‘Shave First’ (Sharon McAllister)


(Total votes cast = 150) 36 ‘Sri Lanka’ (Thomas Johnson) 19 ‘Flecks And Specks’ (Paul Black) 19 ‘Parable’ (Thomas Johnson)

Runners Up: 18 ‘Rare Breed’ (Richard Tasco) 17 ‘Hot Buttered Rum’ (Caroline Chacon) 8 ‘Pride Of Alabama’ (Donald Eaves by Aril Society International) 7 ‘Almost Apricot’ (Caroline Ryan-Chacon) 6 ‘Back In Fashion’ (Sharon McAllister)


(Total votes cast = 75) 19 ‘Born To Be Wild’ (J. T. Aitken) 15 ‘Doubly Stylish’ (Barbara & David Schmieder)

Runners Up: 14 ‘Lottie Butterscotch’ (Steve Shepard) 8 ‘Exeter’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) 8 ‘Hidden Mystery’ (Darrell Probst) 6 ‘Sycamore’ (Bernard McSparrin) 1 ‘Antarctica Ice Berg’ (Neal Pohlman) 1 ‘Forest Haimati’ (Anita Moran) 1 ‘Montrose White’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) 1 ‘Pohlman Mystery’ (Neal Pohlman) 1 ‘Zzyzx’ (Richard Richards)


(Total votes cast = 213) 28 ‘Take No Sato’ (Hiroshi Shimizu by Carol Warner) 20 ‘Ryugan’ (Hiroshi Shimizu by Carol Warner) 19 ‘China In Springtime’ (O. D. Niswonger)

Runners Up: 18 ‘Shirabyoshi’ (Hiroshi Shimizu by Carol Warner) 16 ‘Hutch’ (John J. Taylor) 15 ‘Beta Gnu’ (Brad Kasperek) 11 ‘Takamagahara’ (Hiroshi Shimizu by Carol Warner) 11 ‘Yukiyanagi’ (Hiroshi Shimizu by Carol Warner)

CA HONORABLE MENTION (Total votes cast = 76)

11 ‘Pacific Glaze’ (J. T. Aitken)

11 ‘Pacific Tapestry’ (J. T. Aitken)

9 ‘Northwest Sunset’ (Patrick Spence)

Runners Up: 8 ‘Air Waves’ (Joseph Ghio) 5 ‘Da Vinci Code’ (Joseph Ghio) 4 ‘Going Bananas’ (Joseph Ghio) 4 ‘Patchy Fog’ (Joseph Ghio) 3 ‘Civil Code’ (Joseph Ghio) 3 ‘Red Flag Warning’ (Joseph Ghio)

LA HONORABLE MENTION (Total votes cast = 261)

23 OUR FRIEND DICK (Ron Killingsworth)

17 LEMON ZEST (Kevin Vaughn)

11 DARK DUDE (Ron Betzer)

10 BIRTHDAY SUIT (Patrick O'Connor)

10 CADDO LAKE (Ron Killingsworth)

Runners Up: 9 FESTIVAL BANNER (Hooker Nichols) 9 MORGAN'S DIXIE (M. & J. Wilhoit) 9 PARRISH GOSSIP (Hooker Nichols) 8 KATRINA DOG (Patrick O. Connor) 7 MOTHERSHIP (Patrick O'Connor) 7 SECRET RENDEZVOUS (Heather Pryor)

SIB HONORABLE MENTION (Total votes cast = 589)

81 'Judy, Judy, Judy' (Robert Hollingworth)

33 'Encore Performance' (Robert Hollingworth)

33 'Pomegranite Punch' (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)

32 'Tipped In Blue' (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)

24 'Currier's Dream' (Jeff Dunlop)

22 'Believe In Angels' (Calvin Helsley)

22 'New Mown Hay' (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)

Runners Up: 21 CONCORD CRUSH (Bob Bauer/John Coble) 20 YANKEE INGENUITY (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) 19 CINNAMON SUGAR (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) 19 LEMON BLUSH (Robert Hollingworth) 18 BLUEBERRY BRANDY (Bob Bauer/John Coble) 18 DANCE PARTY (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) 18 FIONA (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) 18 MISSION BAY (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)

SPU HONORABLE MENTION (Total votes cast = 227)

26 'Missouri Copper Mine' (Jesse Emmons)

18 'Red War Clouds' (Lee Walker)

17 'Angelic Snowflake' (Anna & David Cadd)

Runners Up: 15 CAST OF GREEN (J. T. Aitken) 14 LEMON TOWER (Lee Walker) 13 AIR AFFAIR (Anna & David Cadd) 13 SKY DANCER (Jim Hedgecock) 11 LILTING LAVENDER (J. T. Aitken) 11 UNDER THE RAINBOW (Anna & David Cadd)

JI HONORABLE MENTION (Total votes cast = 280)

16 ‘Wave Action’ (Bob Bauer/John Coble)

15 ‘Ruffled White Water’ (Jill Copeland)

14 ‘Amethyst Actress’ (Chad Harris)

14 ‘Japanese Plum’ (Chad Harris)

Runners Up: 13 ‘Don And Donna’ (Bob Bauer/John Coble) 13 ‘Victorian Trim’ (Bob Bauer/John Coble) 11 ‘Artesian Spring’ (Chad Harris) 11 ‘My Elisabeth’ ("Currier !McEwen, Deceased, By Sharon Whitney") 9 ‘Blue Star Craola’ (Lee Walker) 9 ‘Oriental Lady’ (Bob Bauer/John Coble) 9 ‘Shores Of Time’ (Bob Bauer/John Coble)


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