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Genus Watsonia

Watsonia Mill., Fig. Pl. Gard. Dict. 2: 184 (1758), nom. cons.

accepted species

Watsonia aletroides Watsonia amabilis Watsonia amatolae Watsonia angusta Watsonia bachmannii Watsonia bella Watsonia borbonica Watsonia borbonica subsp. ardernei Watsonia borbonica subsp. borbonica Watsonia canaliculata Watsonia coccinea Watsonia confusa Watsonia densiflora Watsonia distans Watsonia dubia Watsonia elsiae Watsonia emiliae Watsonia fergusoniae Watsonia fourcadei Watsonia galpinii Watsonia gladioloides Watsonia humilis Watsonia hysterantha Watsonia inclinata Watsonia knysnana Watsonia laccata Watsonia latifolia Watsonia lepida Watsonia × longifolia Watsonia marginata Watsonia marlothii Watsonia meriana Watsonia meriana var. bulbillifera Watsonia meriana var. meriana Watsonia minima Watsonia mtamvunae Watsonia occulta Watsonia paucifolia Watsonia pillansii Watsonia pondoensis Watsonia pulchra Watsonia rogersii Watsonia rourkei Watsonia schlechteri Watsonia spectabilis Watsonia stenosiphon Watsonia stokoei Watsonia strictiflora Watsonia strubeniae Watsonia tabularis Watsonia transvaalensis Watsonia vanderspuyae Watsonia versfeldii ) Watsonia watsonioides Watsonia wilmaniae Watsonia wilmsii Watsonia zeyheri

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