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Genus Tigridia

Tigridia Juss., Gen. Pl.: 57 (1789).
The following are accepted species:

Tigridia albicans Tigridia alpestris Tigridia alpestris subsp. alpestris Tigridia alpestris subsp. obtusa Tigridia amatlanensis Tigridia augusta Tigridia bicolor Tigridia catarinensis Tigridia chiapensis Tigridia chrysantha Tigridia convoluta Tigridia conzattii Tigridia dugesii Tigridia durangensis Tigridia ehrenbergii Tigridia ehrenbergii subsp. ehrenbergii Tigridia ehrenbergii subsp. flaviglandifera Tigridia estelae Tigridia flammea Tigridia galanthoides Tigridia gracielae Tigridia hallbergii Tigridia hallbergii subsp. hallbergii Tigridia hallbergii subsp. lloydii Tigridia hintonii Tigridia huajuapanensis Tigridia huyanae (J.F.Macbr.) Tigridia illecebrosa Tigridia immaculata Tigridia inusitata Tigridia mariaetrinitatis Tigridia martinezii Tigridia matudae Tigridia meleagris Tigridia mexicana Tigridia mexicana subsp. lilacina Tigridia mexicana subsp. mexicana Tigridia mexicana subsp. passiflora Tigridia minuta Tigridia molseediana Tigridia mortonii Tigridia multiflora Tigridia oaxacana Tigridia orthantha Tigridia pavonia Tigridia pearcei Tigridia philippiana Tigridia potosina Tigridia pugana Tigridia pulchella Tigridia purpusii Tigridia purruchucana Tigridia raimondii Tigridia rzedowskiana Tigridia seleriana Tigridia suarezii Tigridia tepoxtlana Tigridia van-houttei Tigridia van-houttei subsp. roldanii Tigridia van-houttei subsp. van-houttei Tigridia venusta Tigridia violacea

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