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Genus Gladiolus

Gladiolus Tourn. ex L., Sp. Pl.: 36 (1753).

accepted species:

Gladiolus abbreviatus Gladiolus abyssinicus Gladiolus actinomorphanthus Gladiolus acuminatus Gladiolus aequinoctialis Gladiolus alatus Gladiolus albens Gladiolus amplifolius Gladiolus anatolicus Gladiolus andringitrae Gladiolus angustus Gladiolus antakiensis Gladiolus antandroyi Gladiolus appendiculatus Gladiolus appendiculatus var. appendiculatus Gladiolus appendiculatus var. longifolius_ Gladiolus aquamontanus Gladiolus arcuatus Gladiolus atropictus Gladiolus atropurpureus Gladiolus atroviolaceus Gladiolus attilae Gladiolus aurantiacus Gladiolus aureus Gladiolus balensis Gladiolus baumii Gladiolus bellus Gladiolus benguellensis Gladiolus bilineatus Gladiolus blommesteinii Gladiolus bojeri(Baker) Gladiolus bonaespei Gladiolus brachyphyllus Gladiolus brevifolius Gladiolus brevitubus Gladiolus buckerveldii Gladiolus bullatus Gladiolus × byzantinus Gladiolus caeruleus Gladiolus calcaratus Gladiolus calcicola Gladiolus canaliculatus Gladiolus candidus Gladiolus cardinalis Gladiolus carinatus Gladiolus carmineus Gladiolus carneus Gladiolus caryophyllaceus Gladiolus cataractarum Gladiolus caucasicus Gladiolus ceresianus Gladiolus chelamontanus Gladiolus chevalierianus

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Articles about Gladiolus:

The Garden p.469, September 17, 1921 Flore des serres et des jardins de l'Europe, 1873, Gladiolus Colvillii Garden And Forest 1897, The Hybrid Gladioli Garden and Forest, 1897, Notes on Gladioli Gladiolus edulis in Botanical Register 1816 The floral magazine; 1871; Glad 'Robert Lodge' Gladiolus Mackinderi Acidanthera Glad Masoniorum Gladiolus Pundibundus Gladiolus Ramosus Gladiolus insignus Gladiolus natalensis in Sweet's British Flower garden

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