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Spuria Registrations By Year 1970 to 1961

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‘Archie Owen’ ‘Eagle’ ‘Ellison’ ‘Fort Ridge’ ‘Gay Garb’ ‘Golden Egret’ ‘Highline Bluebird’ ‘Imperial Bronze’ ‘Marilyn Holloway’ ‘Mood Music’ ‘Red Clover’ ‘Ticehurst’

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‘Desert Seagold’ ‘Exception’ ‘Highline Sunset’ ‘Kyah Gold’ ‘Minneopa’ ‘Norton Sunlight’ ‘Pink Candles’ ‘Purple Poncho’ ‘Redwood Falls’ ‘Ruffled Canary’

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‘Bush Fire’ ‘Capri Girl’ ‘Highline Lavender’ ‘Intensity’ ‘Jacquinot Bay’ ‘Landscape Blue’ ‘One Reason’ ‘Purple Knight’ ‘Saida Charm’ ‘Saida Lake’ ‘Sepik Delta’ ‘Surf Beach’ ‘Warrimoo’

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‘Canary Caprice’ ‘Fairfield’ ‘Fireplace’ ‘Frost’ ‘Imperial Burgundy’ ‘Indian Pueblo’ ‘Media Luz’ ‘Montalvo’ ‘Oroville’ ‘Quiet Cream’ ‘Western Lark’ ‘Woodwind’

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‘Allegory’ ‘Arbitrator’ ‘Blue Spiderweb’ ‘Dark And Handsome’ ‘Good Thunder’ ‘Imperial Beauty’ ‘Imperial Flight’ ‘Imperial Night’ ‘Imperial Ruffles’ ‘Protege’ ‘Suspense’

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‘Baritone’ ‘Blue Earth’ ‘Char-True’ ‘Connoisseur’ ‘Dawn Candle’ ‘Farolito’ ‘Orange Maid’ ‘Port Of Call’ ‘Red Oak’

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‘Anacapa’ ‘Angel Butterfly’ ‘Belise’ ‘Blue Wadi’ ‘Chumasch Chief’ ‘Coal Dust’ ‘First Voyage’ ‘Horned Pharaoh’ ‘Lydia Jane’ ‘Mary Sunshine’ ‘Peg Winter’ ‘Primrose Corsage’ ‘Red Step’ ‘Stability’ ‘Yellow Wings’

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‘Big Golden’ ‘Contradiction’ ‘Elixir’ ‘Essay’ ‘Fluted Opal’ ‘Goldstone’ ‘Moon By Day’ ‘Mt. Palomar’ ‘Neophyte’ ‘Plenty Of Sunshine’ ‘Shift To Red’ ‘Spring Plum’

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'Big Golden' ‘Eveline’ ‘Imperial Song’

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‘Banners Of Blue’ ‘Counterpoint’ ‘Dark Silk’ ‘Fluted Buttercup’ ‘Laced Butterfly’ ‘Mountain Bluebird’ ‘Ruffled Moth’ ‘Victoria Butterfly’

1960 To 1951

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