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Catalogs of Iris Specialists

Catalogs are the proof of introduction and historically set the date of when a plant has been introduced to the market. Prior to 1950 they often provided the most detailed descriptions of Historic Irises and still today offer details that do not appear in the registrations. As available, these references are added to the Iris Library of the Historic Web. So far the following nurseries are represented as copyrights expire or special permission is granted; With your help we can develop this area faster. If you can help contact

(Warning) Some Historic catalogs had a few Irises confused in identity and much effort of the early Iris society was spent on sorting out these errors. Early catalogs are most reliable on the Irises of their own introduction.

There are 6,390 Catalogs embedded in the Encyclopedia

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Online catalogs listed by date (MASTER LIST); Catalogs held but not online 139; Total catalogs in card file =6439

Catalogs before 1871:
Bartram 1807German Iris Prince 1830German Iris Prince 1837catalog Berlin 1851catalog St Petersburg 1851catalog
Vienna 1853catalog Prince 1857Catalog Prince 1860catalog Barr & Sugdon 1862German Iris Barr & Sugdon 1866catalog
Dreers 1867catalog Barr & Sugdon 1868catalog

Catalogs between 1871 to 1880 See more in Decade Gallery

Barr & Sugdon 1872catalog Dreer 1873catalog Hovey 1873catalog Leichtlin’s 1873catalog Thorburns 1873catalog
B K Bliss 1874catalog Hoopes 1876catalog Hovey 1876catalog Krelage 1876Harrison Woolson 1879catalog
Catalogs between 1881 to 1890 See more in Decade Gallery

Dreer 1881catalog Henderson 1881catalog Gillett 1881catalog Hoopes 1881catalog Woolson 1881catalog
Ellwanger & Barry 1882catalog Germantown 1882catalog Sibley 1882catalog Thorburn 1882catalog Woolson 1884catalog
Manning 1885catalog Reading 1886catalog Elliott 1888catalog Elliott 1889catalog Shady Hill 1889catalog
Catalogs between 1891-1900: See more in Decade Gallery

Dreers 1891catalog Thorburn 1891catalog Elliott 1892catalog Henderson 1892catalog Childs 1893catalog
Dreers 1893catalog Reading 1893catalog Childs 1894catalog Childs 1894 Fallcatalog Dreers 1894catalog
Dreers 1899catalog Henderson 1899catalog Childs 1900catalog Dreers 1900catalog Farquhar 1900catalog
Farquhar 1894catalog Henderson 1894catalog Reading 1894catalog Childs 1895catalog Dreers 1895catalog
Elliott 1895catalog Farquhar 1895catalog Henderson 1895catalog Reading 1895catalog Childs 1896catalog
Dreers 1896catalog Henderson 1896catalog Japanese 1896catalog Childs 1897catalog Dreer's 1897catalog
Farquhar 1897catalog Childs 1898catalog Dreer’s 1898catalog Henderson 1898catalog Childs 1899catalog

Catalogs between 1901 and 1910: See more in Decade Gallery

Childs 1901catalog Reading 1901catalog Childs 1902catalog Childs 1903catalog Cottage Gardens 1903Carpenter1925
Child's 1904German Iris Childs 1905catalog Childs 1906catalog Biltmore 1907Biltmore Childs 1907catalog
Reading 1910catalog Rosedale 1910catalog Wild Bros. 1910catalog
Grullemans 1907catalog Lovett 1907catalog Biltmore 1908catalog Childs 1908catalog Ellwanger & Barry 1908catalog
Farquhar’s 1908 Catalogcatalog Lovett 1908catalog Childs 1909catalog Farquhar's 1909German Iris Farr’s 1909catalog
First National 1909German Iris Peterson 1909catalog Peterson 1909catalog Rosedale 1909catalog United State Nusery Co 1909catalog
Wild Bros. 1909catalog Andorra 1910catalog Biltmore 1910catalog Childs 1910catalog D.M. Ferry 1910German Iris
Dreer 1910Dreer Farquhar's 1910German Iris Farrs 1910catalog Mount Desert 1910catalog Peterson 1910catalog
Catalogs between 1911 and 1920: See more in Decade Gallery

Biltmore 1911catalog Bobbink 1911catalog Childs 1911catalog Ellwanger & Barry 1911catalog Farrs 1911catalog
Farrs 1911 Bulbscatalog Gillett 1911catalog Lovetts 1911catalog Peterson 1911catalog Weber 1911catalog
Childs 1920catalog Dreer 1920catalog Farquhar's 1920 Catalog, Irisescatalog Gardenside 1920 Bulbscatalog Purdy 1920catalog
Yokohama 1911catalog Blue Hill 1912catalog Blue Hill complete 1912catalog Childs 1912catalog Dreer 1912catalog
Ellwanger & Barry 1912catalog Farquhar 1912 midsummercatalog Farr 1912catalog Farrs 1912catalog Fryers 1912catalog
Lovetts 1912catalog Yokohama 1912catalog Childs 1913catalog Dreer 1913catalog Ellwanger & Barry 1913catalog
Farr's 1913Farrs1913 Yokohama 1913catalog Beckerts 1914catalog Childs 1914catalog Correvon 1914catalog
Dreer 1914catalog Childs 1915catalog Dean Iris Gardens 1915German Iris Ellwanger & Barry 1915 Bulbscatalog Childs 1916catalog
Carl Purdy 1916catalog Carl Purdy 1917catalog Childs 1917catalog Farr's 1917Farrs1913 Childs 1918catalog
Farr's 1918Farrs1913 Carl Purdy 1919catalog Childs 1919catalog Dreer 1919catalog Fryer's 1919catalog

Catalogs between 1921 and 1930: See more in Decade Gallery

Barnard’s 1921catalog Childs 1921catalog Dreer 1921catalog Fryers 1921catalog Germain 1921catalog
G.G.Whitelegg 1921German Iris Movilla 1921German Iris Childs 1922catalog Dreer 1922catalog Fryers 1922catalog
Horsford 1930catalog Longfield 1930catalog Schreiner's 1930Biltmore Tingle's 1930Biltmore
Longfield 1922Harrison Movilla 1922-1923German Iris Purdy 1922catalog C.H. Hubbard 1923German Iris Childs 1923catalog
Dreers 1923catalog Dreer 1923catalog Longfield 1923Harrison Movilla 1923German Iris Treasure Oak 1923German Iris
Frank W. Campbell 1924BKBliss Childs 1924German Iris Childs 1924catalog Dreer 1924catalog Longfield 1924Harrison
Dean Iris Gardens 1924DeanIris C.H. Hall 1925Harrison Childs 1925catalog Frank W. Campbell 1925Campbell Fryer's 1925Harrison
Longfield 1925catalog Sam Carpenter 1925Carpenter1925 Carl Salbach 1926German Iris Frank W. Campbell 1926Campbell H.S. Jackson 1926Quality
Field's Surplus 1926German Iris Child's 1926German Iris Childs 1926catalog Longfield 1926Harrison Riverby 1926German Iris
American rose And Plant Co. 1926German Iris Shenandoah 1926catalog Weed's 1926German Iris Childs 1927catalog Dunroamin 1927Dunroamin
Indian Springs 1927German Iris Longfield 1927Harrison Perry Plant Co. 1927German Iris Sam Carpenter 1927Carpenter1925 Weed's 1927German Iris
Carl Salbach 1928German Iris Childs 1928catalog Cooley's 1928German Iris Longfield 1928catalog Shenandoah 1928catalog
Tingle's 1928German Iris Campos Altos 1929Campos Carl Salbach 1929German Iris Child's 1929catalog Childs 1929catalog
Gardenside 1929catalog Horsford 1929catalog Longfield 1929Harrison Dykes 1929Biltmore Shenandoah 1929catalog
Tingle 1929Biltmore C.S. Harrison 1930Harrison Carl Salbach 1930Biltmore Childs 1930catalog Gardenside 1930catalog
Catalogs 1931-1940 See more in Decade Gallery

Carl Salbach 1931Biltmore Cooley’s Fall 1931catalog Cooley’s Spring 1931catalog Dykes 1931catalog Tingle's 1931catalog
Carl Salbach 1932catalog Cooley’s 1931catalog Hill Iris 1932Harrison Schreiner's 1932catalog Carl Salbach 1933German Iris
Carl Salbach 1940German Iris Cooley's 1940catalog Flowerfield 1940catalog Milliken’s 1940catalog Tingle's 1940German Iris
Cooley’s 1931catalog Carl Salbach 1934German Iris Cooley’s 1934catalog Longfield 1934Harrison Schreiner's 1934German Iris
Carl Salbach 1935German Iris Cooley’s 1935catalog Schreiner's 1935catalog Carl Salbach 1936catalog Cooley’s 1936catalog
Schreiner's 1936catalog Carl Salbach 1937catalog Longfield 1937Harrison Milliken 1937Millikin Mrs. Pattison 1937Quality
Sass Bros. 1937catalog Schreiner's 1937catalog Tingle's 1937catalog Carl Salbach 1938catalog Cooley’s 1938catalog
Fairmount 1938Ellwanger Mrs. Pattison 1938Quality Tingle's 1938catalog Carl Salbach 1939catalog Cooley’s 1939catalog
Cottage Gardens 1939catalog Flowerfield 1939catalog Gordon Ainsley 1939catalog Tingle's 1939catalog Bedford Gardens 1940?German Iris
Catalogs 1941-1950 See more in Decade Gallery

Armstrong 1941catalog Carl Salbach 1941German Iris Cooley’s 1941catalog Dreer 1941catalog Flowerfield 1941catalog
Flowerfield 1941 autumncatalog Hastings 1941catalog Henderson 1941catalog Lovett 1941catalog Lovett 1941catalog
Milliken 1950catalog Sass 1950catalog Wayside Welcomecatalog Galleries after 1950, click here to continue
Carl Salbach 1942German Iris Cooley’s 1942catalog Cooleys Preview 1942catalog Fairmount 1942German Iris Flowerfield 1942 autumncatalog
Longfield 1942Catalog Carl Salbach 1943German Iris Cooley’s 1943catalog Schreiner's 1943German Iris Carl Salbach 1944German Iris
Longfield 1944Harrison Schreiner's 1944German Iris Carl Salbach 1945German Iris Cooley’s 1945catalog Fairmount 1945German Iris
Milliken 1945German Iris Muhlestein 1945German Iris Carl Salbach 1946German Iris Cooley’s 1946catalog Fairmount 1946German Iris
Muhlestein 1945German Iris Carl Salbach 1947German Iris Cooley’s 1947catalog Fay Gardens 1947German Iris Longfield 1947Harrison
Schreiner's 1947German Iris Muhlestein 1947German Iris Carl Salbach 1948German Iris Cooley’s 1948catalog Fairmount 1948German Iris
Fay 1948catalog Milliken 1948catalog Sass Bros. 1948German Iris Schreiner's 1948catalog Muhlestein 1948catalog
Carl Salbach 1949catalog Cooley’s 1949catalog Fay 1949catalog Milliken 1949catalog Sass Bros. 1949catalog
Avonbank 1950catalog Carl Salbach 1950catalog Fay Gardens 1950catalog Craig’s 1951catalog Cooley’s 1950catalog

Galleries after 1950, click here to continue

About Modern Catalogs:

Catalogs before the 1980s are generally off copyright. We would like to include in this archive catalogs up to the present. Already several major Iris Nurseries (Cooley’s; Schreiner’s; etc.) have granted copyright permission to upload their catalogs. We welcome more nurseries to be included because in the future they will then be included in this archive of Iris history. If your nursery has not been contacted yet, please be advised we would appreciate your help. We started work on this topic area at the beginning of 2014, as a part of the Iris Library under construction, and work has proceeded slowly. We are still searching for catalogs that can be scanned. Individuals interested in helping please contact Bob Pries at

You can Help!

At Inventory Snapshot of Catalogs by Nursery you can see a printable list of what is in the catalog library. Please check any catalogs you run across to see if we have them in the online library. If you can scan them into a pdf please do and send that to Please let us know if you locate sources for missing catalogs.

Catalog Criteria:

The AIS 1939 checklist did not contain descriptions but referred the reader to a host of catalogs that offered each cultivar or to other articles mentioning the cultivar. Obviously catalog from dedicated Iris gardens were very important. But the 1939 checklist also referred one to general nurseries offering the iris. Some of these large catalogs may have had over 120 pages but only one page of irises. We have tried to include all catalogs that provide descriptions of several irises, but sometimes we have passed on every years catalog of a general nursery especially if the offering stayed the same and or contained little information. Presently there are more catalogs missing because we have yet to find and scan them, then catalogs that have been rejected.


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