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2005 Fall Minutes AIS Board of Directors


NOVEMBER 4-6, 2005


The Fall Meeting of the American Iris Society Board of Directors was called to order by President Jeanne Clay Plank at 7 PM on Friday, November 4, 2005. President Plank welcomed all attendees. All Board Members, Committee Chairs, RVPs, and guests in attendance introduced themselves. President Plank announced that as the General Secretary did not receive any additional nominations to the Board of Directors, the four published nominees (Louise Carson, John Ludi, George Sutton and Gary White) were elected by acclamation.

Present during the various sessions were: Officers: President Jeanne Clay Plank, 1st Vice President E. Roy Epperson, 2nd Vice President Judy Keisling, General Secretary Patricia Randall, Treasurer Jill Bonino; Editor Bruce Filardi, Immediate Past President Terry Aitken; Administrative Officers: Registrar/Recorders Mike and Anne Lowe, Membership Secretary Tom Gormley, Publication Sales Director John Ludi, Recording Secretary Pro Tem, Jean Morris; Directors: Louise Carson, Paul Gossett, Donna James, Brad Kasperek, John Ludi, Jim Morris, Joyce Poling, Betty Roberts, Gerry Snyder and Gary White; RVP Representative Carol Goldsberry; Legal Advisor Robert Plank; Committee Chairs: Youth, Cheryl Deaton; Silent Auction, Rita Gormley; Programs, Avery Poling; Insurance, Michelle Snyder; RVPs: Robert Keup (2), Hugh Thurman (7) and Marianne Schumacher (8); Guests: Ron James (2), William Dougherty, John Sautner, Barbara Sautner, W. E. Doehne and JoAnne Metling (8), Shirley Trio, Riley Probst and Robert Pries (14) and William Goldsberry (22).


St. Louis, Missouri, May 9-14, 2005: There being no additions or corrections, Gossett moved, Ludi seconded and motion carried to approve the full minutes as posted on the AIS Website. White moved, Aitken seconded and motion carried to approve the Minute’s Digest for the St. Louis Board Meeting as printed in the October 2005 AIS BULLETIN #339.


President – Jeanne Clay Plank presented her report as follows:
  1. Epperson moved, Gossett seconded and all approved Mike Lowe as Parliamentarian.
  2. Gossett moved, Keisling seconded and all approved Jean Morris as Recording Secretary Pro Tem for the Minneapolis, Minnesota meeting.
  3. President Plank welcomed Bonino and Randall to their new positions as AIS Treasurer and AIS General Secretary, respectively. These changes became official October 1, 2005 upon the retirement of former Treasurer Jay Hudson on September 30, 2005.
  4. The following interim email action was affirmed:
    1. The appointment of Jim & Janet Giles to the Exhibition Chair b. The creation of a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) to advise on all AIS scientific activity. c. The appointment of Gary White as Chairman of SAC



Page 2 d. The division of the Slides Committee into three components under one heading with B. Mull continuing but as Co-Chair handling digital programs only. e. The creation of a Speakers Bureau managed by the Slides Committee f. The appointment of Avery Poling as Co-Chair managing slide programs and the Speakers Bureau.
  1. Bob Pries presented an extensive summary of his compilation of the St. Louis Convention Membership Poll results. Bar charts and graphs were used to illustrate the range of responses to the 32 questions asked on the survey. Bob suggested conclusions that could be drawn from the poll results. (A summary of Bob’s report can be found on page 71 of the October 2005 AIS Bulletin and his Full Report with accompanying graphs can be found on the AIS Website,
  2. President Plank reported low percentage returns for both Affiliate and Region Census Surveys. Regions were particularly disappointing with only 6 surveys returned out of a possible 24 (25%). Affiliate responses were better but still lower than hoped – 61 surveys returned out of a possible 181 (39%).
  3. President Plank announced the resignation of Bill Mull both as AIS Director and Slides Committee Chair. The selection of an appointee to fill Bill’s un-expired term as Director will be considered during Executive Session.

1st Vice President - Epperson deferred his report until later in the meeting.

2nd Vice President - Keisling deferred her report until later in the meeting.

General Secretary - Randall reported changes that have occurred regarding setting up her new office. All bills to be paid should be sent to her at 758 Hood Road SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 and her email for AIS business is until further notice.

Treasurer - Bonino submitted former Treasurer Jay Hudson’s final report. (A financial report as of September 30, 2005 appears in the January ‘06 Bulletin.) Jay advised that difficult financial times would continue to haunt AIS until some additional changes are made to bring our budget in balance. He noted that despite the diligent work by Michelle Snyder, insurance coverage remains the single most serious drain on AIS finances. Changing insurance brokers and returning to our carrier (Hartford) of two years ago, Michelle was able to contract a slight reduction in the premium. He also pointed out that unlike our 2005 broker, our current broker allows the insurance premium to be paid on a monthly basis, which greatly aids our cash flow, but does not remove or lessen our liability. Bonino also presented the Proposed Budget for the 2005 - 2006 fiscal year as prepared by Jay showing an estimated loss of $14,000. This will be discussed later in the meeting.


Page 3



Page 3

Riley Probst, 2005 AIS Convention Chairman and Jim Morris President of the Greater St. Louis Iris Society, presented a check for $2000 to AIS President Plank and Treasurer Bonino. The donation, which represented a portion of the proceeds from the 2005 Convention, was designated to help ease the impact of the AIS insurance premium. By acclamation, the Board expressed it’s sincere gratitude to the 2005 Convention sponsors for this generous contribution. Editor - Filardi distributed his report as follows:
  1. The Bulletin Committee reported on how Bulletin costs could be reduced. Not enough information was available at this meeting for the Board to make an informed decision about either cost reducing printing options or paper options. More extensive information will be gathered and presented to the Board via email as soon as possible.
  2. Printing fewer extra Bulletin copies was discussed to generate some cost reduction. After talking about how many extra Bulletins are needed by various Committees such as Publicity and the Storefront, Bonino moved, Epperson seconded and motion carried to print enough Bulletins each quarter to equal the number of AIS memberships plus 150 extra copies.
  3. A review of the cost of continuing the Surplus Bulletin program brought agreement that it is generating more work and cost than income. Gossett moved, Poling seconded and motion carried that the Surplus Bulletin program be phased out and all future excess Bulletins be sent directly to the Storefront.
  4. Filardi reported his concern about shifting the role of the Bulletin from the repository of all AIS knowledge and history to having the AIS Website perform this function. He commented that special efforts will be made to ensure that all AIS Website information that is not included in the Bulletin is archived in the AIS Library.
  5. Additional work in selling ads is needed to generate added income. Filardi emphasized that the Sutton’s are doing an inestimably valuable role in organizing and revamping the flow of ads in the Bulletin. Total income from advertising as of September 30, 2005 was $13,897 down $112 from the previous year.


Membership Secretary - Membership Secretary T. Gormley reported that while AIS continues to bring in new memberships, it has not been enough to offset losses. Membership is down 91 members from this time last year. The largest number of drops was in the one-year member level. Also, almost 10% of all AIS memberships are Life Memberships, which do not bring in a regular income stream as the other member levels do. Life membership monies have been kept in certificates of deposit and with the significant decrease in interest rates over the last several years, this fund is no longer earning enough to pay for the costs of the life members. Discussion continued regarding all levels of memberships.


Page 4



Page 4

It was agreed by consensus that a Membership Committee should be appointed for the sole purpose of investigating both old and new ways to hold and increase membership.

Bonino suggested a renewal incentive for one-year memberships. After discussion and some modification, the following incentive plan was adopted by consensus to be implemented with the 2005 renewal notices: Annual members will be offered a free rhizome if they renew as a triennial membership. Rhizomes (including shipping to the recipients) will be provided for this plan by the 2006 AIS Convention. (NOTE: Notices did not go out with the December 2005 renewals so an alternative was agreed to by the Board via electronic mail during January, 2006).

Registrar/Recorder - Registrar Mike Lowe reported ever-increasing numbers of registrations, particularly from overseas, and the heavy flow of registrations into the office in November. Half of the year’s work is received in the last month of the registration year, which puts pressure on the registrars and on the publication of the annual R&I. A suggestion was made to add a surcharge of $1 for irises introduced in the last month of the registration year as a way to decrease the number of introductions. Mike felt that adding a surcharge would stimulate non-compliance with the AIS registration system. Various surcharge fee schedules were discussed but no motions were made. Board agreed to give Mike and Anne another year to “test the waters” and see how the volume and timing of registrations come in.

Aitken moved, Epperson seconded and motion carried that 1,200 copies of the 2005 R & I be printed. Lowe commented that with the increased registrations, the annual R&I is increasing in size There are more pages each year and individual iris descriptions are getting longer. The current saddle stitch binding is available only up to a certain number of pages, unless point size of type is reduced. No specific changes were made with the 2005 issue. In addition, Snyder moved, Bonino seconded and motion carried to grant all officially sanctioned foreign associate registrars free access to

Publications/Sales Directors - Storefront Director, John Ludi reported on stock inventory, postal increases and reprint needs. The Basic Iris Culture pamphlet needs reprinting. John only has 728 copies on hand. Ludi moved, Epperson seconded and all approved that “damaged materials” from the AIS Storefront may be offered for sale at the 2006 National Convention at a 50% discount. Also, the Board approved by consensus that the remaining AIS polo shirts go to the 2006 Silent Auction.


The Board discussed the need for a better system for archiving Board Meeting sessions. One idea is to transfer past Board minutes from audio tapes onto CDs. This format will make them easier to search and will take up less storage space. Mike Lowe commented that a form of indexing




Page 5


Page 5

would be mandatory to make the information easily accessible once transferred. Currently, past audio tapes are in the possession of the General Secretary. No action taken.

Board discussed a letter from Kitty Loberg suggesting that the AIS initiate a Photo Contest. Kitty’s written proposal was handed out and discussion continued later in the meeting under



Operations Manual - Chair Epperson reported that sections on Silent Auction, the new Scientific Advisory Committee, and Speaker’s Bureau will be added to the manual. Final edition of approximately 150 pages will be put into the Storefront on CD and also on the AIS Website. By consensus, the Board agreed that hard copies are not needed. One hard copy and a CD copy will be kept in the AIS Library.

Honorary Awards - The Board reconvened following Executive Session. Normal session opened with the announcement of Honorary Awards recipients. The Distinguished Service Medal was awarded to Terry Aitken, Nancy & Irv Pocklington and Shirley Pope. The Hybridizer Medal was awarded to Brad Kasperek and Marky Smith. The Bee Warburton Medal was awarded to the Italian Iris Society, with individual personalized medals to be awarded to Dr. Margaret Cameron Longo, Prof. Sergio Orsi and Valeria Romoli.

President Plank requested Board approval for the appointment of Bob Pries (18) to serve the remaining two years of Bill Mull’s un-expired Director term. Roberts moved, Epperson seconded and motion carried.


Affiliates - Chair Kasperek proposed raising affiliate fees as a way to help cover AIS costs for affiliates such as show medals and the cost of the affiliate copies of the Bulletin. Much discussion followed concerning whether all affiliates should pay the fee, not just those who do not meet the minimum AIS membership requirements. Other Board members brought up the fact that not all clubs are strictly iris clubs; some are combined iris-daylily clubs. After a lengthy and thought filled discussion on a proposal to raise affiliate fees, Epperson moved, Gossett seconded and motion carried that the affiliate process remain at status quo. (No fee changes for affiliation).

In her resignation as Chair of the Affiliates Contest, Nancy Pocklington recommended not continuing the activity. Since there were no volunteers to continue the program, Epperson moved, White seconded and motion carried to discontinue the Affiliate Contest.


Page 6


Page 6

Awards - Chair Epperson summarized his written report. There were 536 timely Ballots returned (an 86% return) and 6 fully accredited judges who did not vote a timely Ballot for two consecutive years. No action taken.

Calendars - Aitken distributed copies of the new 2006 AIS Calendars to those attending the meeting. A discussion on ways to use and distribute the calendars produced many ideas that may be incorporated in the near future. Aitken presented cost information from a Hong Kong printer (the same one who did the 2006 and previous issues) for next year’s AIS calendar at $2.05 per copy for 3,500 copies. A larger, 12 x 12 size calendar would cost $2.35 per copy. The current smaller size is more popular with AIS Clubs and members, but the larger size is more popular in the wholesale market with the general public. This hopefully could bring in more members and interest in the AIS. Aitken moved, Snyder seconded and motion carried to authorize the printing of 3,500 copies of the 2007 AIS Calendars from the same vendor and at the same price and size as 2006. Kasperek suggested we add more AIS scheduled data on the calendar, such as affiliate fee deadline, convention dates, etc., and Poling recommended that we add a tear-off member application on the bigger 12 x 12 calendar, if we do one. Aitken agreed that both of these suggestions could be implemented.

Epperson expressed his and the Board’s appreciation and led a round of applause for Terry for taking on the responsibility of the AIS calendar upon the death of Olive Rice-Waters.

Convention Liaison - Chair Gossett reported that a site for the 2010 AIS Convention was needed. Because Spring Convention hosts are getting harder and harder to find, the Board examined several suggestions offering new approaches to spring conventions. These suggestions included alternating the National Convention with Section conventions and having fewer gardens at the National Convention (and therefore fewer days of expense). Suggestions showing real promise will be worked out in greater detail and will be presented at the Spring Board Meeting in Portland.

Although Fall Meetings are not as difficult to arrange, the Board is interested in taking a more active hand with the location of Fall Meetings. The object would be to simplify travel by scheduling the meetings in hub cities and by rotating between the various parts of the country – East, Midwest and West. Any future invitations from local clubs to host the Fall Board Meeting after 2008 will be deferred for now.

Donations - Chair James reported that out of total donations of $12,130, $8,800 has been received so far toward defraying insurance costs. These monies include the $2,000 received earlier in the meeting from the 2005 St. Louis Convention. Regarding memorial donations, Donna noted that names and addresses of next of kin are often missing or illegible. She asked that a key for identifying restricted fund codes be added to the Bulletin as an aid to provide a better understanding of donation categories.




Page 7


Page 7

Electronic Services/Webmaster - Chair Jones sent his report in advance. He recommended that the 1999 Checklist be made available for free electronic download effective immediately. Snyder moved, Gossett seconded and motion failed. Discussion elicited that there are still over 1,800 copies of the 1999 hard cover of the Checklist in inventory at the Storefront. The Board would like to see this number reduced below 1,000 before releasing this information free over the Internet. Bob Pries suggested the addition of a “hit” button on the AIS website that would allow prospective members to join “instantaneously.” Tom Gormley and John Jones were asked to investigate details and to use AIS Discuss to present their findings.

Exhibition - Chair Epperson reported he will be continuing in this position through December 31st, but on January 1, 2006, the new Exhibition Chairs will be Jim and Janet Giles (15). During 2005, 176 shows were accredited, 2 were canceled and 4 are still unreported. Epperson also reported one 2005 Show is still in dispute. He was informed of a serious breach of rules in the entering and judging of this show. By consensus, the AIS Board agreed that the Exhibition Chair has the authority to deny medals and withdraw accreditation to a specific show because of documented evidence that AIS regulations were not followed. Epperson also moved, Gossett seconded and motion carried that the Board not award the 2005 Nelson Cup (cultivar with most Best of Show awards for the year) as there was a 5-way tie. Epperson moved, Keisling seconded and motion carried to raise the price of Exhibition entry tags (pk of 200) from $11 to $12. Epperson also moved, White seconded and motion carried that a shipping and handling fee of $5 be uniformly required of all exhibition supply orders regardless of $$ amount of the order.

Foundation Liaison - No report.

Historical Resources - No written report. Chair A. Lowe gave a brief verbal report. No action taken.

Insurance - Chair M. Snyder has placed AIS with a new broker who specializes in handling horticultural groups. New policy is with Hartford and provides better coverage and a slightly smaller premium. Fidelity (employee dishonesty) coverage is now included. There will be no additional charge for proof of insurance certificates.


Page 8


Judges - Chair Keisling reported that the Judge Report process went much smoother this year due to a new form that could be filled in and sent by email. Chair Keisling submitted a list of AIS Judges for approval. Last minute changes were inserted. Epperson moved, Gossett seconded and motion carried to approve the list of Judges submitted for advancement or reinstatement for 2006 as amended. Epperson made the recommendation that the AIS make Richard Cayeux from France an AIS judge. After much discussion about Mr. Cayeux’s exemplary qualifications, the Board agreed that the AIS should approach Mr. Cayeux first and ask him is he wants to be an AIS judge.

Judges Handbook - The 2006 Edition of the Judges’ Handbook (a revision loose leaf packet) will be ready for sale at the 2006 Convention. Chair Epperson recommended the following modifications:
  1. Judges Training Handbook Chapter 1, pg. 8
    1. The courses and tutoring sessions must total 5 hours during each three-year period [two (2) hours must be in-garden training] and each judge must attend at least one judge’s training school during the three-year period. b. Judges Training Handbook Chapter 1, pg. 9:
Active Master Judges who are required to earn credit totaling three (3) hours during each three-year period, [One (1) hour must be in-garden training]

Epperson moved, Kasperek seconded and motion carried to approve the above two modifications.

Kasperek asked to review the new Novelties section. Epperson agreed.

Jim Morris asked that new information regarding SPEC and SPEC-X irises discussed at the November 2004 Board Meeting be inserted in Chapter 22 and routed to the Board for approval as previously agreed. Epperson said this would be done via email prior to publication.

The 6th Edition Maroon cover will be retained. The 2006 revision will be 3 hole punched and packaged in shrink-wrap. A distinguishing feature will be employed to separate the new edition from old editions.

Library - The Library contract has been renewed with the City of Silverton for 5 years at $1 per year. The US Agricultural Library in Beltsville, Maryland has expressed renewed interest in housing




Page 9


Page 9

the AIS Library, but no details are yet available to discuss. Several Board members expressed enthusiasm for this idea and others were concerned that the Maryland facility would not keep the AIS materials in a separate accessible area.

Chair McNames in his written report gratefully thanked the Board for his new computer.

Policy - Chair Roberts discussed her written report. She received a question from HIPS as to whether it can add articles from the AIS Bulletin to their online archives. After discussion with AIS Legal Advisor R. Plank, Filardi, Jones, and Mike Lowe, it was agreed that no one had a problem with AIS Bulletin articles being put online as long as the author and the AIS were credited.

Programs - Chair Avery Poling has assumed all duties of the Slides/Programs Committee as a result of the resignation of Bill Mull. The Committee’s new designation will be AIS Programs and will cover AIS Slide programs, AIS Digital Programs and the AIS Speaker’s Bureau. Avery is seeking volunteers to serve as committee members to help with the program ideas, correction of errors in labeling slides, help with identification of irises in current slides, and other duties. Avery is also compiling a list of people interested in providing programs for AIS clubs and regions and hopes to have the Bureau up and running sometime in 2006. Public Relations - Chair Joyce Poling reported that she has researched the cost of ads in garden magazines and with one exception found them much too expensive for AIS’ budget. The publication Greenprints is reasonable and we will have a small ad in the next 4 quarter publications. Copies of the AIS “Invitation to Join” will also be sent along with each rented AIS slide program.

Publications - Chair Mark sent her written report which President Plank read . No further work has been done on publishing the Eric Nies Chronicles. Robins - With the resignation of Libby Cross, Susan Boyce will serve as Chairman of both E-Robins and Paper Robins.

RVP Counselor - Counselor Carson reported an unusual problem in Region 24 where a successor could not be found for an RVP finishing up a three-year term. Epperson moved, Randall seconded and motion carried that Janice Tate be appointed as RVP Pro Tem for Region 24 for 2006 with the restriction that she will not be eligible for another consecutive term and that the leadership of Region 24 be so notified.

Epperson moved, Kasperek seconded and motion carried to approve the remaining RVPs for 2006.





Page 10

First Year RVPs: Region 4: Jerry Coates Region 7: Hugh Thurman Region 10: Joe Musacchia Region 13: Terry Aitken Region 15: Jane Parks Second Year RVPs: Region 1: David Nitka Region 2: Robert Keup Region 3: Jason Leader Region 5: Carolyn Hawkins Region 12: Leon Robertson Region 16: Chris Hollinshead Region 17: Dana Brown Region 19: Vince Lewonski Region 20: Steve Blecher Region 21: Gary White Region 23: Pegi Naranjo Third Year RVPs: Region 6: Judy Hollingworth Region 8: Marianne Schumacher Region 9: Ernie Henson Region 11: Ann Violette Region 14: Betty Coyle Region 18: Rita Gormley Region 22: Carol Goldsberry

RVP Representative - Representative Goldsberry had no report.

Scientific Advisory Group - Chair White reported much activity over the summer in organizing the committee composed of 11 individuals with scientific experience. These members are Anna Cadd, Dennis Hager, George Hildenbrandt, Bob Hollingworth, Anna Mae Miller, Kelly Norris, Will Plotner, Bob Pries, Bill Shear, and James Waddick. The group formulated a Mission Statement and chose 5 focal areas for initial consideration.


Page 11


Page 11

Jim Morris moved, Roberts seconded and motion carried to approve the Policy Statement on Iris Conservation, recommended by the Scientific Advisory Committee as follows:

Iris Conservation Policy

American Iris Society is dedicated to education, research, and conservation by promoting the understanding, preservation, cultivation, hybridization, selection, propagation, and appreciation of the genus Iris. The AIS recognizes that there has been a rapid loss of plant species due to habitat loss, competition from invasive species, and overzealous plant collection. To preserve Iris species,

the Society will inform its membership and the public of potential threats to rare or endangered Iris species. It will express its concerns about specific threats to relevant organizations and agencies, and offer assistance to mitigate threatening situations. AIS will seek opportunities to collaborate with other organizations to determine and report the status of rare Iris species.

 AIS encourages efforts to protect wild habitats as the sources for genetic variations and naturally thriving plants, for generations to come. We endeavor to collaborate with those organizations and individuals around the world that seek to identify and preserve important Iris habitats. We support field and media education as effective means of instilling respect for natural habitats and awareness of rare Iris species.

 AIS supports the practice of knowledgeable individuals collecting seeds, cuttings, or divisions of wild irises for the purposes of growing, studying, selecting, hybridizing, and ultimately propagating and distributing to other growers. We strongly encourage collectors to be aware that rare plants merit special consideration and should not be disturbed or propagules taken, unless there is sufficient local stock to successfully perpetuate the population. In many cases this means minimal or no collecting.

 AIS encourages appropriate horticultural practices that result in effective containment of potential threats, whether they are pathogens or invasive organisms that could be introduced with an iris, or an iris itself, which could become invasive and disruptive if released into a particular foreign ecosystem.

Historically, unrestrained collection of wild plants has reduced many plant populations, occasionally to the extent of disappearance or even species extinction. Similarly, casual horticultural practices have resulted in plants, including irises, becoming garden escapes and threatening habitat for vulnerable native species. Given the challenges of human population pressure and ease of global trafficking in plants, commercial growers and gardeners must become more aware of, and responsible for their actions.

The Board received the first report from the Scientific Advisory Group with much enthusiasm.





Section Liaison - Chair Jim Morris reported that his new column “Section Happenings” appeared in the October ’05 issue. The column will be carried as a regular feature of the AIS Bulletin. Jim asked for help in obtaining new ideas for his column and welcomed new ideas.

Silent Auction - Chair Rita Gormley reported that the 2005 Silent Auction did not bring in as much as the previous year but still made $5,739. She thanked all donors for their support and mentioned that Bennett Jones will be donating some very nice items from his collection to the Portland Auction. Surplus Bulletins - As previously discussed and approved, President Plank will contact Chair Violette to let her know that this Committee will be slowly phased out as the current stock of surplus bulletins are sold.

Symposium - Chair Gerry Snyder is working on an electronic tabulating system for the symposium. By consensus, the Board agreed that the tabulation of the symposium each year should remain with the RVPs.

Youth - Chair Deaton reported 323 youth members and 7 operating Classroom Iris Projects (CIP). Cheryl thanked the Greater St. Louis Iris Society for their generous donation of rhizomes from the convention gardens to all youth members and to the local societies who helped defray the cost of packaging and shipping.

Cheryl is working on a Youth flyer with John Jones to give out at shows. It would be in a tri-fold format and briefly describe what opportunities there are for Youth in the AIS.

She also announced that the 2006 Clarke Cosgrove Youth Award winner would be provided with a free hotel room courtesy of the Portland Convention.


Photography Contest - The Board returned to discussing the photo contest proposed by Kitty Loberg. Epperson moved, Poling seconded and motion carried that the Board authorize in principle an annual photo contest chaired by Kitty Loberg (as an Ad Hoc Committee) who will work out the details, and report back to the Board electronically


Upon receiving no additional nominations from the floor, nominations were closed and the following slate of officers was elected by acclamation:



President - Jeanne Clay Plank

1ST VP - E. Roy Epperson

2nd VP - Judy Keisling

Secretary - Patricia Randall

Treasurer- Jill Bonino

Editor - Bruce Filardi


Snyder moved, Epperson seconded and all approved the following Administrative Officers to continue to serve for the next year:

Registrar/Recorder - Mike and Anne Lowe

Membership Secretary - Tom Gormley

Publications/Sales - John and Kay Ludi


Gossett moved, Poling seconded and motion carried to appoint the following Committee Chairs for the next year:

Affiliates - Brad Kasperek

Awards - E. Roy Epperson

Calendars - Terry Aitken, Pro Tem

Convention Liaison - Paul Gossett

Donations Secretary - Donna James

Electronic Services - John Jones

Exhibitions - Jim and Janet Giles

Foundation Liaison - Roger Mazur

Historical Resources - Anne Lowe

Honorary Awards - Terry Aitken

Insurance - Michelle Snyder

Judges - Judy Keisling

Judges Handbook - E. Roy Epperson

Library - Keith McNames

New Historical Iris Chronicles - Clarence Mahan

Policy - Betty Roberts

Programs - Avery Poling

Public Relations - Joyce Poling

Publications - Maureen Mark




Robins - Susan Boyce

RVP Counselor - Louise Carson

Scientific Advisory Committee - Gary White

Section Liaison - Jim Morris

Silent Auction - Rita Gormley

Symposium - Gerry Snyder

Youth - Cheryl Deaton

BUDGET FOR 2005-2006:

Treasurer Bonino returned to a line-by-line discussion of the Proposed Budget for the fiscal year 2005-2006. Reductions were accomplished, but a balanced budget could not be reached under present circumstances.

Much discussion was spent on how to cut Bulletin costs without cutting quality or number of issues, but Board agreed that there was not sufficient information available to decide whether to print the Bulletin overseas or with lighter paper. Further details on these issues will be discussed at the Spring Meeting. Bruce and Terry will gather needed information. A steady vigilance must be maintained toward finding cost cuts as well as increasing income and memberships. Epperson moved, Kasperek seconded and motion carried (with one abstention) that the proposed budget showing a $9,210 loss for the 2005-2006 fiscal year be accepted in principle.


Spring Meeting 2006 in Portland, OR. will be held at the Red Lion on the River, 909 N. Hayden Island Drive, Portland, OR 97217, 1-800-733-5466. Convention Chair: John Ludi, 503-668-9230, email:

John Ludi described the convention’s optional tours and special features.

President Plank thanked the hosts of this meeting, Bill Dougherty, Barbara Sautner and The Iris Society of Minnesota for the gracious hospitality they provided.

ADJOURNED: Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

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