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Tom Craig 1949 Catalog--Contents below, photocopy attached showing original format.

1949 Tom Craig.pdf: Catalog courtesy of the HIPS Archives

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WE WERE PLEASED with your response to our list last season and wish to thank you for your patronage and many letters complimenting us on the way we filled your orders. They will be even more generously filled this year for we have greatly expanded our planting both in extent and number of varieties. Daylilies have been added while we omitted some bulbs for which demand was light. These can still be bought on inquiry.

We welcome wholesale customers and can offer attractive prices on large lots.

We are prepared for mail orders only, having no salesmen or sales yard. Order blanks enclosed.


After many years of breeding iris, our seed beds in the last three years have been yielding improvements and breaks in new lines that we are sure every breeder and hobbiest will be eager to have. These will be released as soon as it is possible to do so. Stocks of most of these are still very small.

Oncocyclus Hybrids

HEIGHO--An extremely vigorous and prolific hybrid with fine clean foliage and tall wiry stems 45" high, ideally branched 5-7 buds. The immense globe like flowers are of very heavy substance and both standards and falls are unusually broad and full. They are smoothly colored clear Bradley violet with a hint of a signal patch at the tip of the dull orange gold beard. Another remarkable feature of this fine iris is the extent of its flowering period, for it starts flowering very early and continues flowering when only the late iris are its companions. It is probably my best introduction to date. Bred from Purissima x Capitola. $35.00 net

HURRICANE--Immense broad flaring flower of toughest texture, incredibly floriferous. Flower color variable, usually a near self of pale powder blue, but sometimes suffused and flecked in an exotic manner with a warmer darker blue. This superbly formed iris is rated by many iris society judges as my best iris. l slightly prefer its sister seedlings Heigho and Peg Dabagh. (No. 6172 H.C., A.l.S. 1948) $25.00 net

ANATOLIA--30" well branched stem with 5 buds that open into medium sized flowers of good full form and substance. Color applied with much pattern in the oncocyclus manner but also slightly suggesting its plicata parents. Light red-violet to lavender in effect and slightly bicolor due to delicate all over veining and stipping on the falls and suggestion of a signal at the tip of the beard. It is the most onco-like derivative of Wm. Mohr now in commerce, and a flower that appeals particularly to those who like patterned flowers, as I do. Bred from (Tiffany x L.A.) x Capitola. $15.00 net

BLUE OX--A very large smooth lavender blue flower of leather like substance. lt is the remarkable substance of the flower and the lush massive quality of the plant that recommend it for introduction, for in color and pattern one would not guess that there was a trace of oncocyclus in it. It suggests the older blue iris like El Capitan, but in the qualities a breeder wants like placement, carriage and all that makes a fine iris, it suggested great possibilities. The few seedlings flowered from it confirm this. No Pollen, easily seeded to Eupogons and Onco-hybrids. Stock small and the plant is untested in cold climates and probably tender. Acropolis x C. G. White oncobred. $15.00 net

Eupogon iris

PEACH PARFAIT--Stem 36", well branched, 7-10 arched and flaring flowers of clear light warm pink. The beard is a similar but slightly darker color, buds pink. The form and substance is the best l have seen in a pink iris and the color though pale is excellent and smoothly applied. Today its first two seedlings flowered and they carried the fine form and substance of Peach Parfait, as well as the color. Stock very limited. $25.00 net

SAVAGE--Broad flaring flower of very heavy substance. Arched standards, slightly open. Blended bronze-red and suffused and blazed Magenta. 34". Flowers here in fall as well as in spring. (C.M., A.l.S. 1947) $15.00 net

ROSIRED--Fine plant 38" high, bearing large full flowers with domed standards and arched falls. Deep hollyhock red self. Midseason to late. Unlike most red iris it is a strong grower in this garden. Pedigree-The Red Douglas x E. B. Williamson. $10.00 net

MOON GODDESS--A large pale wistaria of broad perfect ruffled form and texture. At the tip of the pale cream beard is a small white accent and the color around it is a little deeper than in the rest of the flower. Stems 3' perfectly branched. Plant performance faultless here. This flower is not particularly novel but it seems iust right and more pleasing than can be easily described, for it is fine as a single bloom and very fine in the garden particularly as a color companion for the newer pink iris. (Adv. Guard x Mitchell 2~21) x blue seedling. $20.00 net

RICH RAIMENT--Fine formed flaring flower' on a 36 in. stem. Garden effect a rich red brown. A rich and heavy colored plicata with an all over "fancy" pattern. Good and different. Pedigree--Mitchell seedl. ((((King Tutx (Br. Beacon x Sacramento)) x 2-21))) x Salbach 161-37a)))) x (M. L. Aureau x (Tiffany x L. A.)) $15.00 net

WEIRDIE--A sister seedling to Rich Raiment but entirely different in color being a delicately washed and striated blending of buffy colors. Novel and good. $10.00 net

JOSEPH'S MANTLE--Vigorous, Floriferous, and prolific. lmmense flowers flaring and somewhat ruffled, Golden buff lightly washed and striated red brown, with red brown stippling forming an almost solid 0.25" margin to the falls. Frequent bloomer, usually flowering early and then again with the late iris and, in our garden, always flowering again in mid-winter. Pedigree (China Maid x Tiffany) x Mitchell Seedl. ((((Seduction x (((Mitch 1-118 x ((sherbert x Yellow blend) x (Alcazar x Esplendido))) x (Br. Beacon x S.F.))) $15.00 net

BURGUNDY SPLASH--Plant 26"-30" Well branched stem bearing 7 buds. Large well formed flower; standards subdued burgundy, falls with creamy yellow ground heavily stippled richer more intense burgundy in a 1" border. Orange beard. Late. Pedigree-Tiffany x ((M. L Aureau x (Tiffany x L.A.)) No. 7354 H.C., A.l.S. 1948 $15.00 net

GHOSTIE--A medium sized strangely beautiful striated flower in cool colors. Pedigree-M. L. Aureau x Tiffany. $5.00 net


LOVELACE (Mitchell '48)--A crisp flaring slightly ruffled plicata of exquisite form; Standards stippled pink. Falls warm white completely edged by pink stipples. 36 in. $15.00

FAIRYFOAM (Mitchell '48)--A big ruffled warm white; stem 3 ft. or taller. Flowers early, continues long. $7.50

WAYFARER (Mitchell '48)--A plicata. Larger more frilled derivative of Advance Guard. Light and lavender in effect. $5.00

SILVER CHARM (Craig '48)--Medium sized rounded flaring flower in pale cool grey, garden effect, pleasant light blue. Oncocyclus hybrid. (Purissima x Ib-Mac) $4.00

PEG DABAGH (Craig '48)--A large early Wm. Mohr derivative borne on 45-50 in. stems. The color clear blue violet. A rapid increaser. (Purissima x Capitola) $25.00

REGAL ROBE (Craig '48)--Flaring flower of heavy substance, contrasted light violet and blue violet and blue purple. Smooth haft. (Acropolis x Destiny) $6.00

BLUE VIOLET (Craig '48)--Massive broad flaring flower in deep rich blue. (San Diego x Sierra Blue) $10.00

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