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History of Bearded Irises (this topic will be under construction for awhile, Years highlighted in Yellow are most complete for now)

To follow the natural history of Iris discovery, click on the appropriate decade….... related links Historic Irises; Historic Iris Preservation Society

Before 1750; 1751-1775; 1776-1800; 1801-1820; 1821-1830; 1831-1840; 1841-1850; 1921-1930; 1931-1940; 1941-1950; 1951-1960; 1961-1970; 1971-1980; 1981-1990; 1991-2000; 2001-2010; 2011-2020, 2021-2030

History of Beardless Irises

Before 1750; 1751-1775; 1776-1800; 1801-1820; 1821-1830; 1831-1840; 1841-1850; 1851-1860; 1861-1870; 1871-1880; 1881-1890; 1891-1900; 1901-1910; 1911-1920; 1921-1930; 1931-1940; 1941-1950

Chronological disparities;

Note on Classification: Classifications have changed definition through time. Earliest classification was based on bloom time, Dwarfs being the earliest, Intermediates between, and Tall-bearded towards the end of the bearded bloom season. Modern classification uses the same terms but is based on height differences. Even these have not been consistent but changed through time. Early Dwarfs included the modern MDB and SDB class and perhaps larger median Iris that bloomed very early. Early Miscellaneous bearded generally referred to the Modern AR and AB classes and those are how they are presented in these timelines using genetic background for the determination of the class. Early Intermediates are now sometimes placed in TBs and vice-versa. Individual cultivars usually have cross-referencing note as to changes in how they are classed over time.

Note on Names: You may notice names like 'Enchantress By Parker'. These have been renamed by adding the author's name because later registrars registered new irises using the same name believing the older Iris to have disappeared from cultivation. For example the newer accepted name 'Enchantress' replaced the older 'Enchantress' and to distinguish the two By Parker was added.

For More Information on Historic Irises visit the HIPS website at


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