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Books Available Online

Bulbous Irises by Foster 1892 The Book Of The Iris 1904 Les Iris dans Le Jardins by Henri Correvon & Masse 1907 Irises by Dykes 1909
Dykes 1914 Les Iris Cultives 1922 Handbook Of Garden Irises 1924 Tall Bearde irises by Stager 1922
Garden Irises 1926 Garden Irises, 1959 Irises for the Home Gardener 1961 The World Of Irises, 1978
Iris Culture For Amateurs 1937 Irises Their Culture And Selection 1948 The Iris and Its Culture 1950 Half Century of Iris 1954
The Tall Bearded Iris 1956 The Iris 1959 Irises 1961 IrisCultureAndHybridizing, 1961
The Iris Book by Molly Price 1966 Irises by Harry Randall 1969 Japanese Irises by Motjiro and Shuichi
The Iris 1981 Iris by Kohlein 1981 (1987)
The Louisiana Iris 1988 The Iris The Rainbow Flower 1989 Iris Laevigata 1990 The Japanese Iris 1990
Iris of China 1992 The Siberian Iris 1996 The Gardener’s Iris book 1998 Growing Irises 1992
AGuideToSpeciesIrises 1997 A Gardener’s Guide To Growing Irises 1997 1997, Iris, Flower Of The Rainbow by Graeme Grosvenor Magic Of Irises 1998
The Louisiana Iris: Second Edition 2000 Iris 2002 Irises 2005 Iris by T. James Jr. 2003
Breeding Red Irises 2005 Classic Irises, 2006 The Iris Family by Goldblatt & Manning 2008 Dream Gardener 2008
A Guide to Bearded Irises 2012 Iridaceae Present In Italy 2014 Beardless Irises 2015

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(The card file is a search of all items in the Library, Since every item has a wiki page in the History web starting in Info and followed by the date of publication the list is generated by a search of Info####. Note all items being added to the library should start with this preface of the page name)

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