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Border Beaded Iris 2020 to 2011

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‘Accalmie’ ‘Adolescence’ ‘Autumn Peach’ ‘Barbapapa’ ‘Barbotine’ ‘Black Label’ ‘Cloud’s Edge’ ‘Frilled To Death’ ‘Fun House’ ‘Gay Romance’ ‘Methuselah’ ‘Next Up’ ‘Pin Striped Suit’ ‘Poise And Charm’ ‘Rocky Mountain Low’ ‘Shadows On The Wind’ ‘Tightrope’ ‘Wildcat Cha Cha’ ‘Zlatá Lagúna’ ‘Écume Des Jours’

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‘Act Two’ ‘After Nara’ ‘Bee Bee King’ ‘Brise-Lame’ ‘Buttercream Pie’ ‘Caramel Chocolate Sundae’ ‘Catisphere’ ‘Crême De Jour’ ‘Delectable Treat’ ‘Freehand’ ‘Giulchatay’ ‘Journey Through Time’ ‘Lolly Lion’ ‘Love Street’ ‘Lusciousocity’ ‘Merry Mulberry’ ‘Minnesota Violets’ ‘Mystic Siren’ ‘Mystical Journey’ ‘Na Vyhlídce’ ‘Ombre Sull’ombra’ ‘Pora Yunosti’ ‘Rich Delight’ ‘Roseberry Ridge’ ‘Salaï’ ‘Skazki Venskogo Lesa’ ‘Smiling Bright’ ‘Solar Sunrise’ ‘Whose Line Is It’ ‘Winter Romance’

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‘Adorink’ ‘Amical’ ‘Aurinko’ ‘Beau Fixe’ ‘Bonnie Lake’ ‘Calico In Pink’ ‘Carla Gatti’ ‘Chabada’ ‘Clandestine Destiny’ ‘Coin Flip’ ‘Color Surge’ ‘Dark Harmony’ ‘Dazzle Jazz’ ‘Garden Butterflies’ ‘Here’s Looking At You’ ‘Hi Love’ ‘Ikurriña’ ‘Kelt’ ‘Kiss The Frog’ ‘Lacy Dove’ ‘Little Bertha’ ‘Marilyn’s Razzleberry’ ‘Midas Gold’ ‘Muzykant’ ‘My Precious’ ‘Nitescent’ ‘Out Loud’ ‘Pink Returns’ ‘Prince Will’ ‘Renessanse’ ‘Revisit The Blues’ ‘Shokoladnitsa’ ‘Tagline’ ‘Tropical Dove’ ‘Tzar-Goroh’ ‘Valdarno’

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‘Acidulé’ ‘Afraid Of The Dark’ ‘Astrid De Mezzo’ ‘Baby Ribbon Pink’ ‘Be Perfect’ ‘Beep Beep Love’ ‘Campo Di Marte’ ‘Caramel Dip’ ‘Ciel Limpide’ ‘Costume Jewelry’ ‘Fais Palpiter Mon Cœur’ ‘Frosty Spirit’ ‘Gravity’ ‘Haffokohn’ ‘Harvest Home’ ‘Jusant’ ‘Keep Going’ ‘Kénavo’ ‘Little Ripper’ ‘Louise Michel’ ‘Make Your Move’ ‘Papaya’ ‘Perquisite’ ‘Pomponette’ ‘Schoolmaster’ ‘Sorbet Swirl’ ‘Stylish Choice’ ‘Subtle Nutmeg’ ‘Sweet Camille’ ‘Tropical Smoothie’ ‘Yop La Boum’

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‘Abi Tout Doux’ ‘Aimer D’Amour’ ‘Alassio’ ‘Albicocca’ ‘Alma Petit Lutin’ ‘Aussie Gold’ ‘Azenor’ ‘Boondoggle’ ‘Broken Border’ ‘Clearly Pink’ ‘Code Black’ ‘Dear Shirley’ ‘Deutrobil’ ‘Fire Sky’ ‘Girl In Paris’ ‘Gladness And Joy’ ‘Heather’s Gift’ ‘Joy Comes’ ‘Kiss Curls’ ‘Kraton’ ‘La Fenice’ ‘Mariya Morevna’ ‘Middle Ground’ ‘My Inspiration’ ‘Na Sopkakh Manchzhurii’ ‘Nauti Buoy’ ‘Pitoune’ ‘Richmond Tryst’ ‘Ridgecrest’ ‘Rome’ ‘School’s Out’ ‘Sicilian Orange’ ‘Tirrey Davenant’ ‘Trusty Blue’ ‘Vozdushny Korabl’ ‘Watch Me Shine’ ‘World Wings’

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‘Aligoté’ ‘All Is True’ ‘Almost Famous’ ‘Cool Echo’ ‘Fair Play’ ‘Flowerful Peach’ ‘Nouveau Monde’ ‘Parlez-Moi D’Amour’ ‘Rai Thunder’ ‘Red Border’ ‘Saetta’ ‘Sugarmouse’ ‘Tenterden’ ‘Trovatello’ ‘Unexpected Result’ ‘Venus Blush’ ‘Whet Your Appetite’ ‘Zolotyye Peski’

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‘Barkan’ ‘Border Velvet’ ‘Buoyant Spirit’ ‘Chiddingstone’ ‘Dapple Dawn’ ‘Early Harvest’ ‘First In Line’ ‘For Wolfgang’ ‘Korsary’ ‘Little Rosie’ ‘Mandrake’ ‘Picaro’ ‘Robin’s Little Sister’ ‘Sonechko’ ‘Truant’

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‘Absolute Cute’ ‘Angel Di’ ‘Blueberry Treats’ ‘Border Skirmish’ ‘Brassy Stones’ ‘Cosmic Delight’ ‘Dragon Kiss’ ‘Evening Wonder’ ‘Fragile Design’ ‘Glitzorama’ ‘Grace And Charm’ ‘Hi Buddy’ ‘Infatuate’ ‘Love In The Air’ ‘Lusahim’ ‘Marius’ ‘Monkberry Moon Delight’ ‘Mushroom Delight’ ‘My Cher Of Happiness’ ‘Penshurst Blue’ ‘Pozdrav Ze Zbuzan’ ‘Rustler’s Rhapsody’ ‘Same Dream Twice’ ‘Sandy Shore’ ‘Sea Of Memories’ ‘Shout To The World’ ‘Spadla Lavina’ ‘Spring Fog’ ‘Timely Kiss’ ‘Utro Magadana’

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‘Art Festival’ ‘Art Glass’ ‘Benedictine’ ‘Caramel Surprise’ ‘Chaps’ ‘Cherry Coffee’ ‘Dark Wonder’ ‘Desert Legacy’ ‘Doktor Dzhaz’ ‘Eramosa Blue Bonnet’ ‘Fantasy Dream’ ‘Fashion Leader’ ‘From Within’ ‘Grapenut’ ‘Heaven For Bees’ ‘Invicta Celebration’ ‘Liege Lord’ ‘Ocelot’z Lot’ ‘Pass The Pepper’ ‘Penshurst Yellow’ ‘Sahariana’ ‘Sing Praises’ ‘Wikers’ ‘Wisecrack’

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‘Banded Rose’ ‘Beverly Ann’ ‘Blueberry Trail’ ‘Boy Genius’ ‘Carol Ellen Ramsey’ ‘Come Back Kid’ ‘Dianne’s Dawn’ ‘Dover Castle’ ‘Enlightened’ ‘Flo’ ‘Glimpse’ ‘Love Comes Softly’ ‘Lusty Liza’ ‘Mything Tooth’ ‘Orange Fluorescence’ ‘Sheer Excitement’ ‘Skripka Stradivari’ ‘Stegosaurus’ ‘Teatr Kukol’ ‘Tootsie Roll’ ‘Vasilkovoye Detstvo’ ‘What’s New Pussycat’ ‘Wild’ ‘Wings Of The Wind’

Image galleries for other years and classifications
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